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Sillamäe Kalev

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Sliding doors at Sillamäe. Striker Kabaev shakes hands with coach Frantsev. The latter leaves while the former might return. (Tiina Kõrtsini / Õhtuleht)

Sliding doors at Sillamäe. Striker Kabaev shakes hands with coach Frantsev. The latter leaves while the former might return. (Tiina Kõrtsini / Õhtuleht)

29.05.2015 – It took 22 days and the defeat in the direct clash against Levadia on Tuesday (match report here) to push Sillamäe chairman to sack Sergei Frantsev. The 56-year-old Russian coach leaves Eastern Estonia after 37 games and an average of 2,08 points per game (source: 25 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses. His greatest feat was to bring Sillamäe to an historical second preliminary after beating FC Honka. They then lost to FC Krasnodar, Russian Premier League powerhouse, with a 0-9 on aggregate. Meanwhile, he also secured Sillamäe the silver medal at the expenses of FC Flora and a consecutive run in the Europa League (first time).

The team has been entrusted to 39-year-old Deniss Ugarov, a Dinamo Moscow assistant coach in the past. During his playing career, he played in UEFA Cup against Bologna FC (ITA) and Grasshoppers Zurich (SWI) when he was a Zenit St.Petersburg player.

Meanwhile, former Sillamäe striker and Premium Liiga 2014 topscorer, Evgeni Kabaev, has returned from Indonesia. After being offered a lower salary (the Indonesian Premier League was suspended by the local government) he decided to leave Persija Jakarta. 'I just came to Estonia on holidays,' said Martin Vunk to Õ on the same decision following Persija's 'offer'. Although he confirmed that several Estonian clubs have already talked to him about his intentions. Whether he will get back to Sillamäe or not, it will be clear during the Estonian transfer window (it opens on the 22nd of June).

Aleksandr Starodubtsev is observing the situation very closely... (

Aleksandr Starodubtsev is observing the situation very closely... (

07.05.2015 – Tense hours in Sillamäe as the chairman, Aleksandr Starodubchev, has summoned the whole squad and coaching staff for today. 'We can't see the hoped-for results,' commented the chairman to Põ adding that the club has put a lot of trust in the current squad. However, Sillamäe have just a mere two points less compared to last season after the first ring and are the second best striking force of the league (23 goals, one less than last season with Evgeni Kabaev). However, the president is not impressed. 'He scored mostly against weaker side,' said the club's nr.1 regarding to team's topscorer Kvasov. The president confirmed that Lithuanian Darius Miceika will nurse a knee injury until the end of the season (November) there the club is already searching for new options on the transfer market (window will open in June during the break) with special attentions to players from Czech Republic and Holland.
Evgeni Kabaev. The president confirmed they keep in contact with the Premium Liiga 2014 topscorer. As previously highlighted, the Indonesian Super League has been suspended and Kabaev's club is paying only half of the salary. Starodubtsev is still unsure about his return.

Igor Dudarev will not travel to Tartu as he is suspended.

Sergei Frantsev (left) with 2014 Premium Liiga topscorer, Evgeni Kabaev (Tiina Kõrtsini / Õhtuleht)

Sergei Frantsev (left) with 2014 Premium Liiga topscorer, Evgeni Kabaev (Tiina Kõrtsini / Õhtuleht)

29.04.2015 – Sergei Frantsev has admitted that he is not pleased with the season start of his team. In words released to Põhjarannik, he said that the new foreigners have not well integrated with the rest of the team yet and haven't brought the expected extra power. Notwithstanding the defence has not changed, he cannot explain himself the goals conceded (Sillamäe have conceded 11, the worst defence of the top 5). Although second best striking line after Kalju (19 vs. 21) Frantsev said he is not happy with the finishing part either. 
Some weeks ago, the club's president has hinted at the possibility that Jevgeni Kabaev might return to Estonia if the Indonesian Premier League will not start (it was stopped by the Indonesian goverment generating a conflict with FIFA).

28.03.2015 – The club has announced via Facebook that they will play a friendly game against HJK Helsinki in Sportland Arena on Tuesday the 31st of March at 3pm.

20.03.2015 – Sergei Frantsev will have a chance to test his side against a more probing opposition as Flora. It is not a definitive test, however it will help understand where the Longshoremen are compared to a team that has changed very little during the transfer window. The precedents give Sillamäe a bit of relief since they won 2 out of the last 6 and drew 1. The last win away to Flora dates back to the 9th of November 2013: 0-3 (

11.03.2015 – Sillamäe Kalev will take on Viljandi Tulevik. The last game dates back to 2010 when Viljandi won 3-2. It was the only win in the 6 precedents between the two clubs (

Narva Trans

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Maksim Gruznov in a picture by The shot was taken several months ago when Gruznov was spot by the Estonian portal giving trainings to kids still in his lifeban regime.

Maksim Gruznov in a picture by The shot was taken several months ago when Gruznov was spot by the Estonian portal giving trainings to kids still in his lifeban regime.

29.05.2015 – The change of coach was partially beneficial since, after beating Viljandi Tulevik home, Narva Trans lost away to Paide Linnameeskond (their first seasonal win!).
The new coaching duo that replaced Aleksei Yagudin is formed by Nikolai Toshchev (silver medal at the futsal championship with Sillamäe Dina in winter) and the Premium Liiga all-time top-scorer, Maxim Gruznov. The latter can enjoy a 5-year probation time after the Estonian FA decided to commute his lifetime suspension into a milder sentence. According to several rumours we received, the reason behind this choice has been Gruznov collaborating with the FA trying to figure out the people working with and behind Gruznov.
Another player involved in matchfixing has also returned to football, Vitali Gussev. The former Levadia and Narva Trans scored with abroad spell in Romania, has joined forces with Esiliiga tableleaders, Kiviõli FC Orbis.

According to Narva Trans' president, Nikolai Burdakov, Yagudin will take a 'holiday' hinting at the fact he might return during autumn. 

Dacosta at the team presentation back in March, his spell lasted very little (

Dacosta at the team presentation back in March, his spell lasted very little (

07.05.2015 – Just 74' minutes, this is the whole experience for Ivorian full-back Dacosta (full name Dacosta Akes Goore) whose only game dates back to the 20th of March when Narva Trans took home FC Infonet in a goalless draw. The Ivorian player had already been away from the club for issues connected with his papers to stay in Estonia. However, it is now confirmed that Dacosta has decided not to continue his Estonian adventure. Sources close to the club assure that they had done everything possible to make the player stay in Estonia, hinting at the fact that the issues with the documents were solved. Own choice for the 31-year-old Ivorian with a past in Russian Premier League. 

07.05.2015 – Narva Trans marketing efforts to bring more audience to the games seem to be paying off. According to data released by the Estonian FA, Narva Trans are the fifth club for increased attendance compared to last season, +43% as they have in front Tammeka (+71%), Viljandi (+175%) and the surprising Pärnu Linnameeskond (+227%).
On the sport point of views, results have been alternate. After a good start, Narva have lost three of the last 5 games and the only win collected was the one on opening game against Pärnu. Expectations were high from the club's side, however the team has collected only one point more than last season and the initial interesting game picture has slightly vanished. The game against Nõmme Kalju (1-4 loss) saw the Eastern Estonia club losing the plot after levelling. Roman Nesterovsky and Vladislavs Zils will both miss the replay against Kalju due to suspensions collected for red cards in Hiiu Stadium.

29.04.2015 – Club's president, Nikolai Burdakov, is not happy at all with the referee (Andrei Karhu) of the Eastern Estonia derby against Sillamäe (1-2 loss). 'Apparently, the level of the referee was lower than the one of the teams,' declared without any diplomatic filter the club's chairman to Põhjarännik . The video of the penalty episode (see below - Darius Miceika allegedly pulled down Volodymir Kilikevych) does not clarify much, however, according to Rumori sources, the same Miceika has admitted off the record that he touched Kilikevych.

Moviola.We received this video of last weekend's JK Narva Trans vs. FC Kalev Sillamäe 1-2.On 38' minutes (0-2 for Sillamäe), a Kilikevich foray seems to be stopped illegally by Miceika in the box.The ref (Mr. Andrei Karhu) opted for a yellow card to Kilikevich for simulation.We honestly did not manage to understand whether Miceika's foot touches Kilikevich's one or simply stumbles on the artificial turf.What is your opinion? Penalty?

Posted by Rumori di Spogliatoio on Tuesday, 28 April 2015

13.04.2015 – After losing to Flora and Tammeka, Narva Trans will try to rise their heads against Paide Linnameekond at home. Vitali Andrejev is suspended due to a red card collected on Saturday. Pavel Avdeev is one card away from suspension.

06.04.2015 – The last second defeat against FC Flora came after a tireless game during which Trans stayed put and focused on blocking each and every space to Norbert Hurt's XI. 'It was really said ending,' said Tanel Tamberg in the post-match interviews 'they didn't have any clear chance until 92' when Tukiainen bagged the goal and the three points.' The Estonian midfielder complained about a penalty not assigned to Narva on the 71' minutes (see video below).

Pavel Avdeev has already collected three yellow cards and will risk suspension in Tartu when Narva Trans will travel to Souther Estonia to clash with Tammeka during the weekend.

The Moviola CaseIn the after match of JK Narva Trans vs. FC Flora (0-1) Trans' player, Tanel Tamberg, complained at a...

Posted by Rumori di Spogliatoio on Sunday, 5 April 2015
The way Levadia let Śmiśko know he was not longer needed at the club has not left the Ukrainian shot stopper happy (

The way Levadia let Śmiśko know he was not longer needed at the club has not left the Ukrainian shot stopper happy (

27.03.2015 – In an interview with Põhjarannik , Roman Śmiśko did not send a love letter back to Levadia.

'I say it straight: Levadia did not behave in the best possible way with me,' debuted the 32-years-old shot stopper talking to the Eastern Estonia outlet.

'Kristal confirmed me in January start that Levadia needed me also for season 2015,' explained the Ukrainian goalkeeper 'a bit later, they made it clear that actually they don't need me any longer and I am not enough good as example for the team younger goalkeepers. I don't know who they were thinking about.' Śmiśko is sure that the plan to bring in Aleksei Shirokov and later on sign Sergei Pareiko, were already made earlier. 'They could have talked to me in Autumn,' added the Narva goalkeeper 'so I could have had another option.'

Śmiśko deemed this a lack of touch from his former club considering that he's been living in Estonia already for three years and and daughter started to go to school already here. 'It was a little shock,' confirmed the Ukrainian giant who did not hide it was uncomfortable option the one to move with the family in the middle of the Winter. Narva came to rescue although. 'The plan was to stay in Estonia till Summer and then move, but Trans made an offer.' Śmiśko confessed that he came to Estonia three years ago after an invitation from Trans' president, Nikolai Burdakov. However, Levadia snatched Śmiśko on the very last moment. 'I apologized with him and then our relations went back to normal.' Śmiśko confirmed that he see a good potential in Narva Trans, an impression he already has last season after the final matchday when Levadia won 8-1 and was crowned Champions in Narva.
Śmiśko also spoke about new signing, Dacosta, Ivorian left back. 'You can see he's been missing game practice due to injury therefore he needs more training time,' spoke Śmiśko remarking that his addition was positive for the team internal competition.

26.03.2015 – In an interview with 'Jalka' (Estonia's only football magazine) for April issue, former Narva Trans goalkeeper Sergei Lepmets revealed that he wishes to return back to Premium Liiga. 'I think that my career is not interrupted,' told Sergei to the magazine 'we had a child and I took a time-out.'
Lepmets is not playing in Estonian II.Liiga (4th tier) with Türi Ganvix. Last season he left Narva Trans and moved to Finland to FC Hämeelinna. 
He chose this Ganvix as Türi is close to his present-day living place, Paide. Is there maybe a future for him waiting at Paide Linnameeskond? 

Meanwhile the club is launching an initiative to bring ice-hockey audience to watch football.
On the 29th of March Narva PSK (local hockey club) will clash against Kalev-Välk Tartu for the second final. The first 100 people buying a ticket to the hockey game, they will get a free ticket to Narva Trans vs. FC Flora on the 4th of April at 7pm.

Hamburg's Imtech Arena 

Hamburg's Imtech Arena 

23.03.2015 – Artjom Skinjov first games in 2015 Premium Liiga have been quite impressive compared to last one. However, what Eastern Estonia media 'Põhjarännik' pulled out is a real surprise: Skinjov is at Hamburger SV to show his skills. 'It's a simple trip to get acquainted (with the boy -edit),' added club's president Nikolai Burdakov. Skinjov is 19-year-old and scored a goal on debut game against Pärnu Linnameeskond (5-2 FT score). 'It's a good chance for him to get additional motivation to become a good footballer,' added Burdakov who stressed how the club is interested in his development rather than in a transfer fee as a football agent would be. Burdakov revealed that there have been contacts also with Werder Bremen and he didn't exclude that there might be a chance for Skinjov himself or other youngsters to travel to there for a trial. 

Roman Smishko speaks at the club's presentation with the clubs jerseys in the background (Narva Trans Facebook page)

Roman Smishko speaks at the club's presentation with the clubs jerseys in the background (Narva Trans Facebook page)

20.03.2015 – Narva Trans presented the team officially during the week. With 4 points collected and a proper striker brought in during the transfer window (Vitaljs Zils, already 3 goals in two games), Narva are looking to prove critics wrong. If FC Infonet are evaluated as a title competitor, the Eastern Estonia club will try to nick points also against the visiting opposition. 
Dacosta is part of the team and might already debut as a substitute during the game. The other Ivorian, Irie, is still out for injury.

13.03.2015 – Pavel Avdeev (picture in the tweet), who missed matchday 1 due to suspension, will be back on the pitch against Levadia. The Russian centreback was Narva's hardware lastseason with 30 appearances (including one cup game) and a total of 2547 minutes under his belt (

12.03.2015 – Dacosta is officially a Narva Trans player! The player is fully registered with the team and will hold his first training session with the squad tomorrow. He is ready for pick against Levadia on Saturday. Simply known as Dacosta, Akes Goore Da Costa is a 30-year-old Ivorian left back who has represented his country at U-20 level. He is a free agent and last season was at Alania Vladikavkaz. 

11.03.2015 – The debut against Pärnu Linnameekond was a blast with the Automotives already leading 5-0 in first half. Travelling to Tallinn to take on Narva will be a tougher test for Jagudin’s squad.
It will be a special game for former Levadia Roman Smishko and Aleksei Jahhimovitś who both joined Trans during the winter. 5 losses and 1 draw is the bitter tally in the last six games (

FC Flora

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Nikita Baranov (

Nikita Baranov (

29.05.2015 – Nikita Baranov will continue at FC Flora.

This is the official piece of news surfaced on the club's website today.

In the past days, revealed that the player had chosen to leave the club.
A decision confirmed by coach Norbert Hurt. According to the words released by the gaffer, the player wanted to try a different 'life's choice' and leave his 'comfort zone' at the club he has been serving for more than 5 years. This week was the decisive one to discuss the situation between the player and the club.

'I'm glad that we have found a solution and also that Nikita understood what is important,' declared FC Flora CEO, Jaak Prints.

However, according to exclusive leaks collected by Rumori, it was a matter of money the reason of Baranov's discontent. With the risk to lose the 22-year-old defender in the aftermath of Enar Jääger's injury (6 weeks) and with the only Madis Vihmann and Janar Õunap left as central defenders, the club decided to meet Baranov's monetary request and increase the salary envelope of the once full-back adapted to centreback.
Flora's Premium Liiga competitors were already all ears and ready to slot the Flora's number 22 home.
With the Europa League at the gates (the draw will be on the 22nd of June) FC Flora have basically re-invested on their defender to secure his services for the upcoming challenge and avoid risks by fielding their younger prospects only.


07.05.2015 – An all-Flora cup final is a real possibility since both first team and double managed to reach the semifinals and will play the single tie at home (A.LeCoq Arena and Sportland Arena). However, club's chairman, Aivar Pohlak is not enthused at the idea, said in a long chat with . He confirmed that future rules of the Estonian Cup will exclude double teams from the competition in order to avoid similar cases. If the first team will go on a fierce derby with Kalju, FC Flora double will take on Paide Linnameeskond after eliminating a 4th tier side with a 5-3 win.

29.04.2015 – In a dramatic showdown at A.LeCoq Arena, FC Flora managed to beat Sillamäe Kalev 2-1 and make it to the semi-finals of the 2014-15 Estonian Cup. Both goals were scored by Finnish striker Sakari Tukiainen who joined the club during the winter transfer window. His opener (12') was levelled 10 minutes later by Sillamäe Sidorenkov great feat on set-piece. There were only five minutes to time when Tukiainen bagged the winner and gifted Flora with the semifinal spot. Flora fans have tailored a special chant for their 'bomber' (already 6 goals this season) based on the famous Finnish tune 'Lapsesuuden sankarille' (see video)

Rauno Alliku (FC Flora)

Rauno Alliku (FC Flora)

13.04.2015 – In an interview to Õhtuleht, Rauno Alliku revealed that he was twice on trial in Norway. 'I could play there regularly,' admitted the 25-year-old from Pärnu in speaking about where abroad he could go playing. Alliku has collected 6 caps with the national team with the last being the 1-1 draw against Iceland. In March 2014 he could have added the 2-0 win at Gibraltar if his ID-card and passport weren't expired: 'I realized that I didn't have any document! I had to call Janno (Kivisild, assistant coach -edit) and tell him that I had to quit the travel for that time.'

Enar Jääger spoke to FCF Magazine about his period in Italy (Serie B at Ascoli. 'I played five games there and then the coach who wanted me was fired, a classical situation in Serie B. There they change coaches like socks, and also players. During preseason there were a lot of them, then just before the first game, 10-15 players were sent away. This is normal there, another type of football.' Jääger spoke also about his chance to play in the US and what a great impression Norwegian football left on him. 

26.03.2015 –  FC Flora will hold a friendly game with RoPS (FIN) in Tallinn tomorrow. The game will be in Sportland Arena at 2pm. Flora will not field Estonian international and U-21 players: Enar Jääger, Gert Kams, Rauno Alliku (A team), Richard Aland, Kevin Aloe, Madis Vihmann, German Ślein, Joseph Saliste, Mihkel Ainsalu, Maksim Gussev and Rauno Sappinen (U-21)

In a long interview with FCF Magazine, FC Flora match program (nr 1/2015) appeared for the game against Viljandi Tulevik, Gert Kams revealed he had already a contract with FC Flora before the last Veikkausliiga game with SJK (FIN). 'SJK knew that, also the coach was aware, everything was clear,' revealed the right back now in Switzerland for the Euopean Qualifiers game. Kams added that it was long-time pondered decision and not an emotional one. 'I thought that I wanted to be back home and this home is Flora.'

Nikita Baranov, a right-back who started this season as central defender, spoke also to FCF Magazine (nr.2/2015, game against Sillamäe) revealing that he was close to move to Levadia during his youth when he was a FC Puuma player. 'After a trial with Levadia, the club wanted to take me, however FC Puuma president was against.' With the help of FC Flora president, Aivar Pohlak, Baranov was bought by Valga Warriors coached back then by Zaur Tsilingarashvili (present-day Kalju's assistant coach). He later on jumped to Flora when Zaur became the FC Flora double team coach.

20.03.2015 – 'Frantsev is a very good coach and last season managed to make Sillamäe play very well,' said coach Hurt ahead of the clash at Sportland Aren tomorrow. Flora had to give up the second place in Sillamäe on the last matchday of 2014 when they lost 3-2 to Frantsev side. It was obviously another Sillamäe: Volodin, Kabaev, Mashichev and Lavrentjev have all left. Meanwhile Brent Lepistu (see picture below) was seen back at the training camp from his military duty.

Taaskohtumine :-)

Una foto pubblicata da FC Flora Tallinn (@fcflora) in data:

16.03.2015 – 'We're Flora and we must be other teams' fright,' told Irakli Logua to Flora TV. He's certainly FC Infonet's fright since he scored three goals 8 games against the Beastie Boys since they have been promoted to Premium Liiga (2013).

11.03.2015 – FC Flora will take on their boogeyman, FC Infonet: in the last 6 clashes, Infonet have won 2 and Flora 3, with the 3-2 win in May by the scruff of the neck thanks to a late goal by Maksim Gussev (

Albert Prosa will be sidelined by a knee injury until Mary. Karl-Erik Luigend returns from suspension and shall get his place back in front of the defence.

Nõmme Kalju

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07.05.2015 - Nõmme Kalju are approaching the Levadia's record set in 2009. If they will manage to go past Narva Trans and FC Infonet (both ties away) they will receive Levadia (!) on the 23rd of May with the chance to establish a new all-time record in Premium Liiga with 10 clubs.

Meanwhile, Kalju will take on FC Flora again on the Estonian Cup semifinal set for the 13th of May at the A.LeCoq Arena at 19:00. 

Sergei Terehhov was elected Best Premium Liiga coach for April.

Artjom Dmitrjev is one game away from suspension.

A vintage Sergei Terehhov (

A vintage Sergei Terehhov (

29.04.2015 - 'The responsibility that comes with the coaching job is a source of stress,' told Sergei Terehhov to Õ, revealing that, even in such short time, he has got used to his new job and every day, week and month, he learns something new. 'This job is full of responsibility, as a player you can wait the next training without having an headache - you do only what you are told to.'
Apparently Terehhov has overcome the difficulties very well since Nõmme Kalju are on 8-win streak since start of season and have Levadia's 2009 record (11 win) in the target. Before continuining the successful start in Premium Liiga, Nõmme Kalju have a cup quarter-finals game against former Premium Liiga club Lokomotiv Jõhvi. The latters have given up to Esiliiga status and are now in II.Liiga where they lead the table of East-South group. Terehhov will probably opt for a bit of rotation however the semifinal token should not be in doubt.

21.04.2015 - Seven out of seven, Nõmme Kalju's season has started with an impressive series of win that have launched the Tallinn's club at the head of the Premium Liiga table. The upcoming game against FC Infonet for week 8 might consolidate Kalju's leadership. Shall Terehhov&Co. hit 8 wins out of 8, the Levadia's record (11 wins in a row at the start) would be at hand in the double confrontation with Narva Trans (week 9 and 10) and the second tie against FC Infonet (week 11). During the impressive series, Nõmme Kalju have also got rid of FC Flora (2-0) of Sillamäe (3-2) and last weekend of FC Levadia (2-0, highlights below) with all games played away.

15.04.2015 - The tiny win against Pärnu Linnameeskond (1-0 thanks to a penalty transformed by Ats Purje) has helped Kalju to rise their record of best start of a season.
6 wins in a row had happened only two times before in the history of Premium Liiga/Meistriliiga with 10 teams.
The record belongs to Levadia who set that both in 2006 and 2009. In each situation, they turned Champions at the end of the season. Levadia went on to win also the 7th game.
On Sunday Nõmme Kalju are set to 'travel' to Kadriorg for the derby against Levadia.
The all-time record in 10-club Premium Liiga belongs to Levadia 2009 hitting 11 wins in a row until their run was stopped by Sillamäe (1-1 in Eastern Estonia).

All the best starts since Premium Liiga is made up of 10 clubs

All the best starts since Premium Liiga is made up of 10 clubs

The moment when Voskoboinikov injured himself on Sillamäe's artificial pitch (ERR screenshot)

The moment when Voskoboinikov injured himself on Sillamäe's artificial pitch (ERR screenshot)

14.04.2015 – The Nõmme Kalju official website informed with a press release on Sunday that Vladimir Voskoboinikov will nurse injury for 2-3 months. The doctor have diagnosed a collateral ligaments injury.

09.04.2015 – In an interview to the club's YouTube channel, Kalju's coach Sergei Terehhov said that entity of Vladimir Voskoboinikov injury is not yet known. He also admitted that both Ats Purje and Hidetoshi Wakui are suffering from smaller injuries and their presence on Saturday in the derby game against Flora is not certain.

06.04.2015 – The win at Sillamäe (3-2) marks the Kalju's magic start of season. 4 wins out of 4 games, it never happened in Kalju's history in Premium Liiga.
The closest they got has been 3 out of 4 (and not in a row) several times during the past 7 seasons since they were promoted (2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013).
Last season it would have also been a 3 out of 4, however the first win against FC Infonet was scrapped off for a bureaucratic blunder.

Vosko's hard landing in Sillamäe (screenshot from ETV)

Vosko's hard landing in Sillamäe (screenshot from ETV)

However, this small achievement reached in Eastern Estonia, might cost Kalju a lot in terms of injuries. Vladimir Voskoboinikov left the pitch at the end of first half after what looked like a knee sprain.
Ats Purje was knocked hard by Andrei Sidorenkov and left before the full-time whistle. The club has not released an official medical bulletting, however, of the two, only Purje seems able to recover before the derby against Flora on Saturday. A lenghty break shall be expected for 'Vosko' who had scored two goals in the first three games.

In the overall balance of the Derby, Flora have won 13 out 28 clashes with Kalju bringing home only 8. In the past two seasons Kalju have had the upper hand winning twice and drawing another one.

'Jalka's April issue is out.

'Jalka's April issue is out.

27.03.2015 – In a short interview to magazine 'Jalka', club's president, Kuno Tehva, spoke regarding the so-called 'Superclub'. Mentioned once by Sergei Pareiko as the chance for an Estonian club to attract internationals back to Estonia and try to manage to break through in the European Cups, the theme was debated on the pages of the April issue (already out and available for 2,20€ at all newsagents of the country).

Being the owner of one of the top-clubs in Estonia, Kuno was asked which, in his opinion, could become a superclub. 'The superclub is Flora,' replied Tehva 'Levadia tried also to complete the team, however things didn't work. Sander Puri went to Ireland, Tarmo Kink to Scotland.'
You can read more on the Superclub topic in Jalka's article by Siim Kera (pages from 21 to 23) with further words from Ott Järvela (Õhtuleht sport editor-in-chief), Veiko Soo (Premium Liiga development manager) and Ingemar Teever (Levadia's striker).

Andre Järva has been entertaining himself with football bios during the winter preseason: Mart Poom, Neymar and our Andrea Pirlo (Twitter)

Andre Järva has been entertaining himself with football bios during the winter preseason: Mart Poom, Neymar and our Andrea Pirlo (Twitter)

26.03.2015 – In an interview appeared on three days ago, Kalju's talent Andre Järva spoke about his heart problems he suffered from during last season and preventing him from playing football. 'This problem was diagnosed already 6 years ago,' told Järva to the Estonian portal, he is not 18 'they already prohibited me to play football, however, after further checks, they allowed again.' Upon joining Kalju, loads test suggested he could not continue playing. Andre did not surrender, and after visiting another doctor, he finally got the green light. 'He said that I suffer from a disease since birth which has three stages, the one I have it's the least dangerous.'
Andre has not yet collected any appearance in Premium Liiga, where he is mostly a sub (he has collected 44 minutes with the double team). 'Playing time depends exclusively upon me and coach too,' confessed the young striker.'

Meanwhile, Kalju fans have voted Ats Purje as player of the month for March (below)

Nõmme Kalju fännid on otsustanud! Märtsikuu parim mängija on Ats Purje!Loe rohkem fännide tegemiste kohta:

Posted by NÕMME KALJU - TOETAME NÕMMET on Monday, 23 March 2015

23.03.2015 – According to Ken Kallaste words during a press conference ahead of the national team trip to Switzerland, Joel Lindpere is dealing also with else at Nõmme Kalju. 'As far as I know,' said Ken to 'he is filling the role of sport director,' left vacant by Terehhov taking on the coaching role.
Ken scored a brace against Viljandi Tulevik in a flamboyant 6-2 win on Saturday (match report here). Paradoxically, Lindpere first matter to deal with might be Kallaste's transfer to IFK if the interest from Norrköping will be revived after the international break. There's time until the 31st of March for IFK to make up its mind. According to Rumori sources, there's also a Norwegian option on the table. Everything should be clear before the end of the month, otherwise Kallaste will continue at Kalju at least until the Summer.

The club announces Lindpere debut in an attempt to catch audience for the game against newly promoted Viljandi

The club announces Lindpere debut in an attempt to catch audience for the game against newly promoted Viljandi

20.03.2015 – The 21st of March 2015 can be the date when Joel Lindpere will be making his debut with Nõmme Kalju jersey. The experienced attacking midfielder is after a call-up to travel to Switzerland with Perhsson&Co. (read more here) but teammate Vladimir Voskoboinikov might be his serious competitor for a place ticket.
Reginald has recovered from his injuries and could be in the starting XI in place of Artjom Dmitrjev.

13.03.2015 – Joel Lindpere is now officially registered as Nõmme Kalju player. The international clearance (he was previously at Banik Ostrava, CZE) came on time before Kalju's trip to Paide. Lindpere chose nr.20 and might debut in the Premium Liiga week 2 game.

11.03.2015 – In the last 6 games, Paide have managed to hold Nõmme Kalju only once when the drew in injury time on the 19th of August 2014 (5 wins for Kalju in the other confrontations). A draw that cost Kalju precious points in the title race. (

Karl Mööl is still sidelined by injury and will be back at the end of the month.

FC Levadia

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Is it worth to soil a stadium just for a football rivalry? This is what some Levadia 'fans' left behind themselves...

Posted by Rumori di Spogliatoio on Sunday, 3 May 2015

07.05.2015 - The away win in A.LeCoq Arena was a breath of air for Marko Kristal and his job: it gave a chance for Levadia's season to re-kick off and helped to keep the unbeaten streak against FC Flora in Premium Liiga. The upcoming replay in Kadriorg sounds like a confirmation of what seen in Lilleküla stadium in the second half. 

However, the derby will go to the archive also for the unruly behaviour of the Levadia's ultras who soiled the stadium and its surroundings and burnt a flag of the Flora's ultras group, 'Viies Sektor' (Fifth Sector). They are now new to these kind of feats during big fixtures against the city rivals. Last year, they burnt a rainbow flag as an act of protest against the approval of the Cohabitation Act in Estonia. If that episode went unnoticed in the Estonian language media, the latest events haven't. First they broke into Nõmme Kalju's sector during the derby on the 18th of April (2-0 for Kalju in Kadriorg) and stole a banner they later tried to burn and now the ugly display during last weekend. The episodes have not gone unnoticed to the Estonian FA either. 'We wait for the report by the match inspector,' commented Mihkel Uiboleht, Estonian FA press officer, to Õ confirming a proceeding will be opened on the base of that.
Meanwhile increased security shall be expected at the derby replay in Kadriorg in order to avoid either FC Flora fans answering back and/or Levadia fans trying to provoke the formers.

On the sport point of view, Levadia announced they have hired a Catalonian youth coach, Gabriel Garcia Xtart (26) with UEFA Pro licence. 

Juuso Laitinen will serve his first suspension in the replay derby against FC Flora.

Marko Kristal at his lowest since he leads Levadia (RdS)

Marko Kristal at his lowest since he leads Levadia (RdS)

29.04.2015 - In the past season, Marko Kristal's job at the helm of the Estonian Champions has never been so in danger as it's now. With 13 points in 8 games and a 11-point gap from Nõmme Kalju, Levadia are about to take on Flora on a double derby: 2nd of May in A.LeCoq Arena, 7 days later in Kadriorg Stadium. It is probably too early to speak about possible candidates to replace the 42-year-old skipper. 'I have come out from more difficult situations,' told confidently the coach to the Estonian press in the past weeks. The impression is that club's president, Viktor Levada, might take a decision after the two derbies if not in between, shall the result on the 2nd of May disappoint him.

Transfer news: with the defence showing several issues, it is not a mystery that Levadia are already looking forward to repair the situation with the Summer transfer window. Last week, Marko Kristal confirmed to portal Soccernet that they are working on the option to bring back Artjom Artjiunin from FC Brasov (Romania). The player himself confirmed to the same portal that he will leave FC Brasov in June and look for another option, either abroad or in Estonia, where the most logical step seems to be to return in green. FC Brasov have salaries payment issues and the club's president has made clear that in case of relegation, the sums will not be paid.
However, Levadia are also looking elsewhere to strenghten the squad. According to Rumori sources, Levadia have explored the possibility to bring three young players from Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, the Ukrainian club in the Europa League semifinals that clashed with Nõmme Kalju in 2013. The players are not regular in the Myron Markevich's XI and Levadia would wish to employ them for the Champions League preliminaries especially. It would be a loan from Dnipro, however the main issue might be the lenght of the stay since the Ukrainian players will have to stay in Estonia until the end of the 2015 season, whereas Dnipro would prefer to re-collect them after the Summer for 2015-16 season.
Marko Kristal confirmed to ERR Sport interest towards former Volga Nizhni Novgorod striker, Aleksei Sapogov. Kristal confirmed in the past days that the 27-year-old centre forward might join Levadia on trial, however he could not confirm when since it depends from him (the player is currently without a club and last time he played in Spartaks Jurmala, Latvia). He scored a goal with Russia U-23 in a 4-1 win against Turkey in 2012 (see video below).

21.04.2015 - The 0-2 loss in the derby to Nõmme Kalju has started to put a bit of pressure on Levadia's coach, Marko Kristal. Additionally, he has to make go without Andreas Raudsepp for a couple of months since the Estonian international will be nursing injury until the Midsummer break and should be recovered just before the Champions League preliminaries.
A perilous trip to Pärnu awaits the Greens who will be missing also Ilja Antonov for suspension compelling Kristal to invent a new midfield line. Juuso Laitinen is one card away from his first suspension. Ivan Pecha is not available yet.

Jere Aallikko with his new club's jersey in Norway (Notodden FK)

Jere Aallikko with his new club's jersey in Norway (Notodden FK)

08.04.2015 - A lenghty interview with Juuso Laitinen appeared on the FC Levadia Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the other Finn, Jere Aallikko, left FC Levadia to play in Norwergian third league at Notodden FK.

Laitinen revealed that he started playing football because of his father.

Before switching exclusively to the beautiful game, he had been practicing ice-hockey alongside. 'I was better in that sport, but loved football too much. My dad started coaching youth when I was 6 and I just jumped into the practice with kids who were one year older.

His dad's friend is now his agent and he was the one who helped Juuso on his way to Estonia. An adventure that was born in the local sporthall of his city. 'The caretaker there said to me as a joke that I should go and try to get a place in Estonia. My agent called Argo (Arbeiter, former international and Levadia double team coach -edit) and arranged a try-out for me after I asked him to get to Estonia.'

Due to a blunder, Juuso's last name was mispelt on his presentation's jersey (RdS)

Due to a blunder, Juuso's last name was mispelt on his presentation's jersey (RdS)

Juuso admitted Finnish football is not much different from Estonian one and revealed that, when needed, he resorts to 'dirty tricks' as a defender.

'When I was younger I used to be the dirtiest player on the field, but that belonged to the time when I was playing in the defensive midfielder role. I have become older and smarter with dirty tricks, most of them happen when the referee doesn't pay attention but they are not big things. I can say that I play hard but fair.'

Laitinen added that his best quality is physical strenght, being fast and a never-give-up attitude. 'Heading is also my main strenght, but it's hard to believe because I am not so tall. Overall, I don't have real weaknesses.'

07.04.2015 - The second win in a row this season and Igemar Teever's brace against Paide were brushed off by Levadia's lack of concentration in second half which brought Paide back into the game (hightlights below). 'We made our lives complicated,' said plainly Marko Kristal at the end of the game. Ingemar Teever rejoiced at the goals scored: 'last season I had many chances, but then they beat us (0-1 on matchday 1 -edit),' the Estonian striker admitted that the international game has helped the team working together.

26.03.2015 - Levadia will host Latvian club, FB Gulbene, for a friendly tomorrow afternoon.
The game will take place at the Maarjamäe training complex on the artificial pitch. The entrance is free of charge and kick-off it's fixed for 13:45.
Estonian internationals will be missing from the XI: Dmitri Kruglov, Artur Pikk, Ilja Antonov and Andreas Raudsepp are in Switzerland.

In an anticipation of an exclusive interview with Igor Subbotin that will appear tomorrow on Rumori's 'Home and away' section, the Mlada Boleslav player spoke about his former club's difficult start however he is very optimist for the future and he trusts Marko Kristal: '
I think Marko can do this, he can turn this team again into the Estonian Champions, he is a very good coach.'

20.03.2015 - FC Levadia have presented their new club card in association with Lyoness, an international loyalty program. 

Meanwhile Levadia are still looking for the first three points of the season. The home game against Tammeka seems the best chance since the Steelers 6 wins out of the last 6 precedents with a comfortable 15-0 on aggregate (

Marko Kristal said openly he was not happy with the defence. The choice is not wide, however he might opt to give Ivan Pecha a rest and give a start to veteran Taavi Rähn.

Sergei Pareiko back in Levadia's clothes (Jana Pipar/Levadia Facebook Page)

Sergei Pareiko back in Levadia's clothes (Jana Pipar/Levadia Facebook Page)

12.03.2015 - With his re-debut in Premium Liiga on Saturday (FC Levadia-Narva Trans 1-1) Sergei Pareiko is the all-time oldest player being fielded at the club (38 years old). The international shot stopper told that there is not clause in his contract to get in free in case an offer from abroad will come in future. 'We have a verbal agreement with Viktor Levada (Levadia's presidente -edit) if an offer come, then we will agree on that.'

12.03.2015 - In a long interview with, Premium Liiga 2014 topscorer, Evgeni Kabaev (now in Indonesia) has revealed that Levadia's owner, Viktor Levada, called personally to convince him to move to Levadia.

Meanwhile, green light for Sergei Pareiko. Paperwork from Russia arrived and the Estonian international is a Levadia player at all effects. He is ready to (re)debut in Premium Liiga against Narva Trans on Saturday.

11.03.2015 – FC Levadia will take on Narva Trans on Saturday. 5 wins and 1 draw in the 6 previous games with Levadia scoring an overwhelming amount of goals (20) against a mere 2.

On Friday the 13th, Levadia’s press officer Indrek Petersoo will present ‘Eesti Jalgpall’ a guide to all the Premium Liiga clubs and also Esiliiga (second flight). The event will take place in Old Town cafe, 'Sinilind'.

Viljandi Tulevik

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07.05.2015 – Viljandi are the authentic suprise package of start of season. Against all odds, they managed to collect 8 points, same as Tammeka and one more than Narva Trans. A big contribution and merit goes to Joonas Tamm, Estonian striker returning from abroad who netted already 6 goals (half of the tally) for his home town club. His name stands out together with the likes of Vjtseslav Zahovaiko (Paide LM) and Ingemar Teever (Levadia).
The hattrick scored in Paide might have a follow by the lake during the weekend when the Lakesiders will take on the Hearts on replay game for the start of the second round.
Tanel Lang is just one card away from suspension.

11.03.2015 – The 0-3 loss in Tallinn was overall an honorable debut for Lillevere band taking on the white-green powerhouse. The home factor against Sillamäe Kalev might help Viljandi to resist further.  The last game (2010) was a 3-2 win for the Lakesiders even though Sillamäe have been better in the past 6 games (5 wins). 

New signing Sander Kapper is our for ligaments injury until the end of April.

Pärnu Linnameeskond

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Pärnu Linnameeskond (1999 - as Pärnu Linnameeskond since 2011) Facebook 2015 Squad Articles on Rumori

Pärnu Linnameeskond (1999 - as Pärnu Linnameeskond since 2011)
2015 Squad
Articles on Rumori

07.05.2015 – +227% is Pärnu LM's record of increased audience so far compared to last season (although the club was playing in Esiliiga where average attendance was 89 people in 2014).
Pärnu LM will be FC Infonet first ever opponent at their real home ground on Friday. Joosep Sarapuu is just one game away from suspension.

13.04.2015 – Pärnu secong loss in a row (the third of the season) was a white wash since Sillamäe took a walk in the park by securing the three points with a 6-1 win, the first tennis-like result in Premium Liiga this season.
Kaarel Kaarlimäe will miss out the game against Nõmme Kalju for suspension.
Robert Kirss, on loan from Kalju, might miss the game for an agreement existing between the two clubs.
Taavi Laurits goal against Tammeka (below) was voted as best March goal by the Premium Liiga fans and followers

20.03.2015 – The enthusing win against Tammeka last week gave Pärnu an additional boost. The hero of the day, Taavi Laurits, hit the headlines with his personal story. 'I did only 10 trainings (before the start of the season -edit)' confessed the Pärnu striker who stood up from the bench and gifted Pärnu three points with a hattrick (see video below). Laurits is serving in the Estonian army and could train only few times with Pärnu and also with Kalev Tallinn to keep shape. 
He told Eesti Päevaleht that he doesn't dream of a professional career any longer since a serious injury broke his dream and pushed Levadia to interrupt the relation with him.

16.03.2015 – Dream debut for Taavi Laurits in Premium Liiga. The 23-year-old striker came from the bench to score a hattrick that gave Pärnu the first three points of the season against a direct rival for the relegation zone. The last time Laurits scored in Premium Liiga was in in 2012 (21st of July) when he scored a brace against FC Kuressaare for FC Viljandi's 6-0 win. Video of Laurits' goals below.

11.03.2015 – The 5-2 suffered in Narva was a slap in the face for the newly promoted. Considering that Narva finished 7th last season and Tammeka 6th , the upcoming home debut will have to be taken as a test to understand whether Pärnu can compete with the clubs that managed to escape relegation last season.

Tomorrow the club will present the season 2015 in shopping center Pärnu Keskus at the local Sportland shop (4pm).

Tammeka Tartu

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07.05.2015 – 'Let's do it!' the Tammeka way. The Tartu club launched the popular clean-up campaign applied to the Sepa Stadium in Tartu. The old pitch will be, one day, Tammeka's training complex if the city government will approve the project presented some months ago. Meanwhile, Tiirik & Co (photo from Tammeka Facebook page) have cleaned the area on the same day when all over Estonia people gathered to clean neighbourhoods.

Tammeka's start of season has been three points better than last season and wih an improved goal difference (-9 vs. -16). The distance with the top5 is already dug as FC Infonet are 7 points away. The Souther Estonia rivals, Viljandi Tulevik, have risen as the best competitors with the same amount of points but a better goal difference (-7).

Martin Hurt and Martin Jõgi are both one card away from suspension.

29.04.2015 – Nice photogallery of the 'Livonia Derby', Tammeka vs. Viljandi by Imre Pühvel. The derby ended 1-1 after Tammeka worked their back into the game following Joonas Tamm opener for Viljandi. Tammeka's goal was Geir-Kristjan Suurpere third goal of the season. So far, the 26-year-old right winger has been one of the most positive youngsters of the Premium Liiga. 'I thought it was going to be more difficult and I am not physically ready,' said Suurpere to Õ in a post-match interview, the player also comes from an injury 'however, it seems I am ready even though it's necessary to work hard.' Suurpere thinks that, although Tammeka are a young side, their enthusiasm and will is stronger than others. 
Tammeka are also benefiting for the coaching staff off-the-pitch work and definitily from a better season preparation compared to last season when they took on the Premium Liiga with basically almost no preparation at all.
They have 8 points, three more than last season and are leading the relegation part of the table with one point ahead of Narva Trans.

Goldtime esitleb: Tammeka - Tulevik.Foto: Imre Pühvel

Posted by Tartu Jalgpallikool Tammeka on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

13.04.2015 – Indrek Koser was particulary glad of his XI's performance against Narva Trans. 'We prepared well and we knew which were Narva's strenghts,' told the Tammeka gaffer to the club's website however he is aware against Flora tomorrow evening will be another game. 'We must be realistic, it will be a harder game and we will have to give more.'
Kristian Tiirik goal against Narva has already been mentioned by several as already the best of the season.

Tiirik's goal against Narva

08.04.2015 – Former Tammeka coach, Uwe Erkenbrecher, received the sack at VfR Neumünster following a permanent lack of results (12 home games without winning including a 1-1 against Hannover II 10 days ago). Uwe lasted at Neumünster for a bit more than a year. He brought with him former Tammeka player Siim Tenno and Reio Laabus. Erkenbrecher was already set to leave the club at the end of season (read here). The team has been given to 47-year-old caretaker Thomas Müller for the remaining 7 games of the season.

06.04.2015 – The waiting time is over. As announced at the end of March, Tammeka will be able to receive Narva Trans for their first home game on Saturday the 11th of March. Maintenance of the pitch has started (see tweet below).
Tammeka could rejoice the first point of the season thanks to the scoredraw (2-2) in Tallinn against FC Infonet. In the last six precedents, Tammeka have won only once against the Eastern Estonia club and both times during the past season when they took 7 points out of 12. Last win of Narva Trans in Tartu dates back to the 21st of September 2013 (1-2).
Kristjan Tirik is still missing out on injury.


26.03.2015 – The expectation for Tammeka's first home ground game is growing. Due to pitch conditions (in Tartu there is no artificial ground respondent to Premium Liiga standards) the Graduates had to play the first 2015 games away. So far, they are the only team having played 3 away games out of 3. However, April is behind the corner as Premium Liiga will resume on the 4th of April after the international break. However, when exactly Tammeka could return to their dear Tamme Stadium? Tammeka website offers three options: 11th of April (Narva Trans), 14th of April (Flora) and 24th of April (Viljandi Tulevik) as the three games planned to held in Tartu in April. 
The green light for using the pitch at Tamme will come from SA Tartu Sport, the company controlling the stadium maintenance. If the latter will go according to the plans, SA Tartu Sport thinks the 11th of April as realistic. Another factor will be the weather, forecast for next weeks as windy and with temperatures above zero.

Meanwhile in France, there was no glory for Andre Paju and Tauno Tekko who took on France U-21 with Estonia U-21 for a friendly game. The Estonia U-21 lost 0-6 in Valenciennes. Andre Paju was employed for 19 minutes after replacing Martin Mägi, whereas Tauno Tekko made it to the pitch for the last four minutes of the game in place of FC Flora's German Ślein.

20.03.2015 – Pärnu incredible comeback matched with Tammeka's passive attitude. Koser's XI was leading 2-1 twenty minutes before the end until they lost completely the plot and made several defensive mistakes.
The delusion was so high in their ranks that players decided unanimously not to assign the MOTM prize (a wrist watch provided by the shirt sponsor) as none of them was satisfied with the performance and the final result.

16.03.2015 – Tammeka saw their chance to bad the first three points of the season blowing in Pärnu as the hosts came back from 2-1 thanks to a hattrick by Taavi Laurits who came from the banch. Highlight of the game below.

11.03.2015 – Pärnu means ‘success’ for Tammeka since in the last 6 games (all from 2006 and 2008) Tammeka has won 4 and drawn 2 ( Said that, Tammeka will travel to the west coast of Estonia hoping to continue the good streak stopped in September 2008.

Paide Linnameeskond

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07.05.2015 – This is Paide LM's worst start in Premium Liiga since first season in the top-flight (2009). Previous bad record was in 2010 when they collected 4 points in 9 game. This time the points are 2 and Paide LM have not managed to collect a win yet.

16.03.2015 – Vjatseslav 'Slava' Zahovaiko told to that moving to Paide was a 'logical step' in his career. 'I had to take into consideration everything,' told the former Sillamäe striker 'age, health, knowledge and experience. It's not easy to play (with first team -edit) and be the coach of the double team. However I am ready for this challenge and the first impressions are only positive.'
Zahovaiko has not yet managed to score his first goal. A good chance against Kalju went amiss since the Paide-born failed a penalty (Paide Linnameeskond-Nõmme Kalju 0-3)

11.03.2015 – The debut in Sillamäe was a rude awakening: 4-1 and former Sillamäe Zahovaiko did not hit the back of the net against his former team. The game against Nõmme Kalju might not spare further joys considering that in the past 6 games they only managed to grab one point (
Sander Sinilaid will miss out on suspension due to the red card collected in Sillamäe.

FC Infonet

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07.05.2015 – During the week Rumori had the chance to test the FC Infonet new turf for you and can confirm that the quality is high. Soft and new, the laid artificial carpet has gained some centimeters over the athtletics track that was running along one of the touchlines. Also the stands have been renovated and are in phase of completion.
In order to take into consideration the attendance best comfort, the club is providing the stand with a roof to protect against rain at least.
The first and real home debut for FC Infonet after 2 years is set at 19:00 EST against Pärnu Linnemeeskond. Official opening party will be held one week later in the game against Nõmme Kalju in order to exploit an increased attendance.
Alexander Semakhin is one card away from suspension.

29.04.2015 – FC Infonet home turf is ready! As the below picture shows, the team has already taken several trainings on the new artificial turf in the Lasnamäe Athletics Complex location that has been Infonet's training base for several years (more pictures here). The ground will also serve as home stadium with the debut fixed on the 8th of May against Pärnu Linnameeskond.

Photo: Aleksandr Pushtov / FC Infonet

Photo: Aleksandr Pushtov / FC Infonet

13.04.2015 – And it finally came! FC Infonet's first win of the season happened in the last minutes of a dramatic confrontation with Paide Linnameeskond. Juri Jevdokimov and Tanel Melts fixed the full-time result on 4-2 for Pushtov's side.
FC Infonet are taking on Viljandi Tulevik tomorrow in Tallinn. The game was moved from 21:00 to 19:00 due to coincidence with Champions League games Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid and Juventus vs. Monaco.

Kassim Aidara is one yellow card away from suspension whereas Vladimir Avilov might get his place back into the XI as Pushtov might opt for rotation.

Ermal Hajdari scored his first 'Estonian' goal in the 2-2 draw against Tammeka, here is portrayed with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the time of the reality show he took part in Sweden - see below for more info about his participation (Gazeta Ekspress)

Ermal Hajdari scored his first 'Estonian' goal in the 2-2 draw against Tammeka, here is portrayed with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the time of the reality show he took part in Sweden - see below for more info about his participation (Gazeta Ekspress)

06.04.2015 – In a long interview appeared last week on Rumori with FC Infonet owner, Andrei Leshkin, the patron returned on the jersey affaire. 'I think it was the 4th official fault in this situation,' said straight the president 'He could have told the coach that Mashichev can put on a different jersey with any number.' He then reminded about last season's game against Narva Trans when the visiting team wore trainings bibs since they travelled just with one dark kit, as Infonet's home jerseys. When the topic was brought over the 'psychological pressure' exerted from bigger clubs onto refs in bigger countries, the patron admitted there is something similar happening in Estonia.

FC Infonet are still looking for their first win in Premium Liiga. A situation similar to 2013, when they were newly promoted. After 4 games, FC Infonet had collected the same amount of points (3) coming from 3 draws. The only loss was against Sillamäe Kalev.
The negative streak ended only on week 6 when they won 2-0 against Kalev Tallinn. Coach Pushtov hopes to bring it to an end earlier in Paide on Saturday afternoon. 

20.03.2015 – The jersey affaire is behind the back and FC Infonet have to start putting points under the belt and before the international break. Looking at Narva's shocking result in Tallinn last week (1-1 draw against Levadia) it will not be an easy task for Pushtov's XI. The FC Infonet coach might go for a bit of rotation up front giving a start to Swedish Hajdari in place of Latvian Kozlovs who deluded against Flora. FC Infonet have to still understand who could be the firing gun replacing last season's hitman, Manucho.

This is how Mashichev jersey looked at the start of second half of FC Infonet-FC Flora (ETV2 screenshot from ERR Sport)

This is how Mashichev jersey looked at the start of second half of FC Infonet-FC Flora (ETV2 screenshot from ERR Sport)

16.03.2015 – Nikolay Mashichev and his jersey affaire spurred a lot of controversies during the weekend. As reported from FC Infonet-FC Flora game , the right flanker was compelled to leave the pitch due to some problems with his jersey name and number. Namely, the prints on the back of his shirt came off in second half. FC Infonet tried to fix using tape, however the temporary solution did not work long and they were compelled to replace the brilliant attacking midfielder (that far his side's best man) with Evgeni Harin. FC Infonet's coach, Aleksandr Pushtov commented as follows to 'The referee (Andrei Karhu -edit) did not allow Mashichev to continue. He told him that without a number, he cannot go on playing. We did not have a second jersey and therefore we had to sub him. It is clear that we wouldn't have made that change.' Right decision by the match official or pedantic handling? With some precedents set up in English Premier League, it seems the referee went for a strict interpretation. Referees chief, Uno Tutk, defended Karhu's deciesion and put the blame on Infonet's behaviour. 'There were many options,' told the officials boss to 'the club lacked of creativity,' concluded Mr.Tutk hinting at the club not really looking for an alternative solution and that everything happened according to the rules.



12.03.2015 – As we apprehend from Swedish, Ermal Hajdari had come second in Swedish reality show on TV4 'Proffdrömmen' (Professional dream), a reality show aimed at discovering football talents. 'I will do everything to chase my dream,' told the 1992-born to Fotbollskanalen. Ermal participated into the show in the Spring of 2013 and the winner of the contest (Tobias Sandström) was offered a professional contract at Elfsborg. Even if runner-up, Nike Academy approached Ermal to offer him a place at their talents academy. Nike Academy is a talent academy for U20 players looking for a new club. The players train and play matches in a world class facility - St George's Park, which is the training ground for the English national team. 
During the seven months Haidari was there, he performed well in friendlies against mostly League One and League Two teams, but also against the U21 teams from the Premier League. He scored 22 goals in 16 matches. Ermal aim was to play in Sweden, however no offer came and it seems because of Swedish approach to the Nike Academy, explains Ermal saying that not 'so many clubs take it seriously.
In the interview Hajdari confirms he has signed a one-year deal and his plan is to move on after getting enough experience in the Estonian Premium Liiga. 'I might not stay here for three or four years.'

Emal Hajdari is ready for being picked by coach Aleksandr Pushtov

Emal Hajdari is ready for being picked by coach Aleksandr Pushtov

11.03.2015 – FC Infonet are ready to debut home against FC Flora. Even though the first game will not really be at home since the Devils will move to Lasnamäe Athletics complex only in May. As of now they will keep using Sportland Arena, the artificial grass pitch in front of A.LeCoq Arena, FC Flora stadium.
There is a lot of expectation for this game against the white-greens since Infonet has created a lot of troubles in the past to the city rivals (two wins out of the 6 last games –

Lavrentjev earned his place through a convincing performance against Levadia and shall again be chosen instead of Igonent between the sticks.

Ermal Hajdari (Swedish player of Albanian origins) has finally been registered with the club once the transfer was cleared internationally.