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Tammeka Tartu

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07.05.2015 – 'Let's do it!' the Tammeka way. The Tartu club launched the popular clean-up campaign applied to the Sepa Stadium in Tartu. The old pitch will be, one day, Tammeka's training complex if the city government will approve the project presented some months ago. Meanwhile, Tiirik & Co (photo from Tammeka Facebook page) have cleaned the area on the same day when all over Estonia people gathered to clean neighbourhoods.

Tammeka's start of season has been three points better than last season and wih an improved goal difference (-9 vs. -16). The distance with the top5 is already dug as FC Infonet are 7 points away. The Souther Estonia rivals, Viljandi Tulevik, have risen as the best competitors with the same amount of points but a better goal difference (-7).

Martin Hurt and Martin Jõgi are both one card away from suspension.

29.04.2015 – Nice photogallery of the 'Livonia Derby', Tammeka vs. Viljandi by Imre Pühvel. The derby ended 1-1 after Tammeka worked their back into the game following Joonas Tamm opener for Viljandi. Tammeka's goal was Geir-Kristjan Suurpere third goal of the season. So far, the 26-year-old right winger has been one of the most positive youngsters of the Premium Liiga. 'I thought it was going to be more difficult and I am not physically ready,' said Suurpere to Õ in a post-match interview, the player also comes from an injury 'however, it seems I am ready even though it's necessary to work hard.' Suurpere thinks that, although Tammeka are a young side, their enthusiasm and will is stronger than others. 
Tammeka are also benefiting for the coaching staff off-the-pitch work and definitily from a better season preparation compared to last season when they took on the Premium Liiga with basically almost no preparation at all.
They have 8 points, three more than last season and are leading the relegation part of the table with one point ahead of Narva Trans.

Goldtime esitleb: Tammeka - Tulevik.Foto: Imre Pühvel

Posted by Tartu Jalgpallikool Tammeka on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

13.04.2015 – Indrek Koser was particulary glad of his XI's performance against Narva Trans. 'We prepared well and we knew which were Narva's strenghts,' told the Tammeka gaffer to the club's website however he is aware against Flora tomorrow evening will be another game. 'We must be realistic, it will be a harder game and we will have to give more.'
Kristian Tiirik goal against Narva has already been mentioned by several as already the best of the season.

Tiirik's goal against Narva

08.04.2015 – Former Tammeka coach, Uwe Erkenbrecher, received the sack at VfR Neumünster following a permanent lack of results (12 home games without winning including a 1-1 against Hannover II 10 days ago). Uwe lasted at Neumünster for a bit more than a year. He brought with him former Tammeka player Siim Tenno and Reio Laabus. Erkenbrecher was already set to leave the club at the end of season (read here). The team has been given to 47-year-old caretaker Thomas Müller for the remaining 7 games of the season.

06.04.2015 – The waiting time is over. As announced at the end of March, Tammeka will be able to receive Narva Trans for their first home game on Saturday the 11th of March. Maintenance of the pitch has started (see tweet below).
Tammeka could rejoice the first point of the season thanks to the scoredraw (2-2) in Tallinn against FC Infonet. In the last six precedents, Tammeka have won only once against the Eastern Estonia club and both times during the past season when they took 7 points out of 12. Last win of Narva Trans in Tartu dates back to the 21st of September 2013 (1-2).
Kristjan Tirik is still missing out on injury.


26.03.2015 – The expectation for Tammeka's first home ground game is growing. Due to pitch conditions (in Tartu there is no artificial ground respondent to Premium Liiga standards) the Graduates had to play the first 2015 games away. So far, they are the only team having played 3 away games out of 3. However, April is behind the corner as Premium Liiga will resume on the 4th of April after the international break. However, when exactly Tammeka could return to their dear Tamme Stadium? Tammeka website offers three options: 11th of April (Narva Trans), 14th of April (Flora) and 24th of April (Viljandi Tulevik) as the three games planned to held in Tartu in April. 
The green light for using the pitch at Tamme will come from SA Tartu Sport, the company controlling the stadium maintenance. If the latter will go according to the plans, SA Tartu Sport thinks the 11th of April as realistic. Another factor will be the weather, forecast for next weeks as windy and with temperatures above zero.

Meanwhile in France, there was no glory for Andre Paju and Tauno Tekko who took on France U-21 with Estonia U-21 for a friendly game. The Estonia U-21 lost 0-6 in Valenciennes. Andre Paju was employed for 19 minutes after replacing Martin Mägi, whereas Tauno Tekko made it to the pitch for the last four minutes of the game in place of FC Flora's German Ślein.

20.03.2015 – Pärnu incredible comeback matched with Tammeka's passive attitude. Koser's XI was leading 2-1 twenty minutes before the end until they lost completely the plot and made several defensive mistakes.
The delusion was so high in their ranks that players decided unanimously not to assign the MOTM prize (a wrist watch provided by the shirt sponsor) as none of them was satisfied with the performance and the final result.

16.03.2015 – Tammeka saw their chance to bad the first three points of the season blowing in Pärnu as the hosts came back from 2-1 thanks to a hattrick by Taavi Laurits who came from the banch. Highlight of the game below.

11.03.2015 – Pärnu means ‘success’ for Tammeka since in the last 6 games (all from 2006 and 2008) Tammeka has won 4 and drawn 2 ( Said that, Tammeka will travel to the west coast of Estonia hoping to continue the good streak stopped in September 2008.