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Maksim Gruznov in a picture by The shot was taken several months ago when Gruznov was spot by the Estonian portal giving trainings to kids still in his lifeban regime.

Maksim Gruznov in a picture by The shot was taken several months ago when Gruznov was spot by the Estonian portal giving trainings to kids still in his lifeban regime.

29.05.2015 – The change of coach was partially beneficial since, after beating Viljandi Tulevik home, Narva Trans lost away to Paide Linnameeskond (their first seasonal win!).
The new coaching duo that replaced Aleksei Yagudin is formed by Nikolai Toshchev (silver medal at the futsal championship with Sillamäe Dina in winter) and the Premium Liiga all-time top-scorer, Maxim Gruznov. The latter can enjoy a 5-year probation time after the Estonian FA decided to commute his lifetime suspension into a milder sentence. According to several rumours we received, the reason behind this choice has been Gruznov collaborating with the FA trying to figure out the people working with and behind Gruznov.
Another player involved in matchfixing has also returned to football, Vitali Gussev. The former Levadia and Narva Trans scored with abroad spell in Romania, has joined forces with Esiliiga tableleaders, Kiviõli FC Orbis.

According to Narva Trans' president, Nikolai Burdakov, Yagudin will take a 'holiday' hinting at the fact he might return during autumn. 

Dacosta at the team presentation back in March, his spell lasted very little (

Dacosta at the team presentation back in March, his spell lasted very little (

07.05.2015 – Just 74' minutes, this is the whole experience for Ivorian full-back Dacosta (full name Dacosta Akes Goore) whose only game dates back to the 20th of March when Narva Trans took home FC Infonet in a goalless draw. The Ivorian player had already been away from the club for issues connected with his papers to stay in Estonia. However, it is now confirmed that Dacosta has decided not to continue his Estonian adventure. Sources close to the club assure that they had done everything possible to make the player stay in Estonia, hinting at the fact that the issues with the documents were solved. Own choice for the 31-year-old Ivorian with a past in Russian Premier League. 

07.05.2015 – Narva Trans marketing efforts to bring more audience to the games seem to be paying off. According to data released by the Estonian FA, Narva Trans are the fifth club for increased attendance compared to last season, +43% as they have in front Tammeka (+71%), Viljandi (+175%) and the surprising Pärnu Linnameeskond (+227%).
On the sport point of views, results have been alternate. After a good start, Narva have lost three of the last 5 games and the only win collected was the one on opening game against Pärnu. Expectations were high from the club's side, however the team has collected only one point more than last season and the initial interesting game picture has slightly vanished. The game against Nõmme Kalju (1-4 loss) saw the Eastern Estonia club losing the plot after levelling. Roman Nesterovsky and Vladislavs Zils will both miss the replay against Kalju due to suspensions collected for red cards in Hiiu Stadium.

29.04.2015 – Club's president, Nikolai Burdakov, is not happy at all with the referee (Andrei Karhu) of the Eastern Estonia derby against Sillamäe (1-2 loss). 'Apparently, the level of the referee was lower than the one of the teams,' declared without any diplomatic filter the club's chairman to Põhjarännik . The video of the penalty episode (see below - Darius Miceika allegedly pulled down Volodymir Kilikevych) does not clarify much, however, according to Rumori sources, the same Miceika has admitted off the record that he touched Kilikevych.

Moviola.We received this video of last weekend's JK Narva Trans vs. FC Kalev Sillamäe 1-2.On 38' minutes (0-2 for Sillamäe), a Kilikevich foray seems to be stopped illegally by Miceika in the box.The ref (Mr. Andrei Karhu) opted for a yellow card to Kilikevich for simulation.We honestly did not manage to understand whether Miceika's foot touches Kilikevich's one or simply stumbles on the artificial turf.What is your opinion? Penalty?

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13.04.2015 – After losing to Flora and Tammeka, Narva Trans will try to rise their heads against Paide Linnameekond at home. Vitali Andrejev is suspended due to a red card collected on Saturday. Pavel Avdeev is one card away from suspension.

06.04.2015 – The last second defeat against FC Flora came after a tireless game during which Trans stayed put and focused on blocking each and every space to Norbert Hurt's XI. 'It was really said ending,' said Tanel Tamberg in the post-match interviews 'they didn't have any clear chance until 92' when Tukiainen bagged the goal and the three points.' The Estonian midfielder complained about a penalty not assigned to Narva on the 71' minutes (see video below).

Pavel Avdeev has already collected three yellow cards and will risk suspension in Tartu when Narva Trans will travel to Souther Estonia to clash with Tammeka during the weekend.

The Moviola CaseIn the after match of JK Narva Trans vs. FC Flora (0-1) Trans' player, Tanel Tamberg, complained at a...

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The way Levadia let Śmiśko know he was not longer needed at the club has not left the Ukrainian shot stopper happy (

The way Levadia let Śmiśko know he was not longer needed at the club has not left the Ukrainian shot stopper happy (

27.03.2015 – In an interview with Põhjarannik , Roman Śmiśko did not send a love letter back to Levadia.

'I say it straight: Levadia did not behave in the best possible way with me,' debuted the 32-years-old shot stopper talking to the Eastern Estonia outlet.

'Kristal confirmed me in January start that Levadia needed me also for season 2015,' explained the Ukrainian goalkeeper 'a bit later, they made it clear that actually they don't need me any longer and I am not enough good as example for the team younger goalkeepers. I don't know who they were thinking about.' Śmiśko is sure that the plan to bring in Aleksei Shirokov and later on sign Sergei Pareiko, were already made earlier. 'They could have talked to me in Autumn,' added the Narva goalkeeper 'so I could have had another option.'

Śmiśko deemed this a lack of touch from his former club considering that he's been living in Estonia already for three years and and daughter started to go to school already here. 'It was a little shock,' confirmed the Ukrainian giant who did not hide it was uncomfortable option the one to move with the family in the middle of the Winter. Narva came to rescue although. 'The plan was to stay in Estonia till Summer and then move, but Trans made an offer.' Śmiśko confessed that he came to Estonia three years ago after an invitation from Trans' president, Nikolai Burdakov. However, Levadia snatched Śmiśko on the very last moment. 'I apologized with him and then our relations went back to normal.' Śmiśko confirmed that he see a good potential in Narva Trans, an impression he already has last season after the final matchday when Levadia won 8-1 and was crowned Champions in Narva.
Śmiśko also spoke about new signing, Dacosta, Ivorian left back. 'You can see he's been missing game practice due to injury therefore he needs more training time,' spoke Śmiśko remarking that his addition was positive for the team internal competition.

26.03.2015 – In an interview with 'Jalka' (Estonia's only football magazine) for April issue, former Narva Trans goalkeeper Sergei Lepmets revealed that he wishes to return back to Premium Liiga. 'I think that my career is not interrupted,' told Sergei to the magazine 'we had a child and I took a time-out.'
Lepmets is not playing in Estonian II.Liiga (4th tier) with Türi Ganvix. Last season he left Narva Trans and moved to Finland to FC Hämeelinna. 
He chose this Ganvix as Türi is close to his present-day living place, Paide. Is there maybe a future for him waiting at Paide Linnameeskond? 

Meanwhile the club is launching an initiative to bring ice-hockey audience to watch football.
On the 29th of March Narva PSK (local hockey club) will clash against Kalev-Välk Tartu for the second final. The first 100 people buying a ticket to the hockey game, they will get a free ticket to Narva Trans vs. FC Flora on the 4th of April at 7pm.

Hamburg's Imtech Arena 

Hamburg's Imtech Arena 

23.03.2015 – Artjom Skinjov first games in 2015 Premium Liiga have been quite impressive compared to last one. However, what Eastern Estonia media 'Põhjarännik' pulled out is a real surprise: Skinjov is at Hamburger SV to show his skills. 'It's a simple trip to get acquainted (with the boy -edit),' added club's president Nikolai Burdakov. Skinjov is 19-year-old and scored a goal on debut game against Pärnu Linnameeskond (5-2 FT score). 'It's a good chance for him to get additional motivation to become a good footballer,' added Burdakov who stressed how the club is interested in his development rather than in a transfer fee as a football agent would be. Burdakov revealed that there have been contacts also with Werder Bremen and he didn't exclude that there might be a chance for Skinjov himself or other youngsters to travel to there for a trial. 

Roman Smishko speaks at the club's presentation with the clubs jerseys in the background (Narva Trans Facebook page)

Roman Smishko speaks at the club's presentation with the clubs jerseys in the background (Narva Trans Facebook page)

20.03.2015 – Narva Trans presented the team officially during the week. With 4 points collected and a proper striker brought in during the transfer window (Vitaljs Zils, already 3 goals in two games), Narva are looking to prove critics wrong. If FC Infonet are evaluated as a title competitor, the Eastern Estonia club will try to nick points also against the visiting opposition. 
Dacosta is part of the team and might already debut as a substitute during the game. The other Ivorian, Irie, is still out for injury.

13.03.2015 – Pavel Avdeev (picture in the tweet), who missed matchday 1 due to suspension, will be back on the pitch against Levadia. The Russian centreback was Narva's hardware lastseason with 30 appearances (including one cup game) and a total of 2547 minutes under his belt (

12.03.2015 – Dacosta is officially a Narva Trans player! The player is fully registered with the team and will hold his first training session with the squad tomorrow. He is ready for pick against Levadia on Saturday. Simply known as Dacosta, Akes Goore Da Costa is a 30-year-old Ivorian left back who has represented his country at U-20 level. He is a free agent and last season was at Alania Vladikavkaz. 

11.03.2015 – The debut against Pärnu Linnameekond was a blast with the Automotives already leading 5-0 in first half. Travelling to Tallinn to take on Narva will be a tougher test for Jagudin’s squad.
It will be a special game for former Levadia Roman Smishko and Aleksei Jahhimovitś who both joined Trans during the winter. 5 losses and 1 draw is the bitter tally in the last six games (