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Viljandi Tulevik

Angelo PalmeriComment

07.05.2015 – Viljandi are the authentic suprise package of start of season. Against all odds, they managed to collect 8 points, same as Tammeka and one more than Narva Trans. A big contribution and merit goes to Joonas Tamm, Estonian striker returning from abroad who netted already 6 goals (half of the tally) for his home town club. His name stands out together with the likes of Vjtseslav Zahovaiko (Paide LM) and Ingemar Teever (Levadia).
The hattrick scored in Paide might have a follow by the lake during the weekend when the Lakesiders will take on the Hearts on replay game for the start of the second round.
Tanel Lang is just one card away from suspension.

11.03.2015 – The 0-3 loss in Tallinn was overall an honorable debut for Lillevere band taking on the white-green powerhouse. The home factor against Sillamäe Kalev might help Viljandi to resist further.  The last game (2010) was a 3-2 win for the Lakesiders even though Sillamäe have been better in the past 6 games (5 wins). 

New signing Sander Kapper is our for ligaments injury until the end of April.