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Estonia vs. Azerbaijan 2-1, le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment

Last home game of the season for ‘Eesti koondis’, in front on 2400 people circa, the Rüütli squad managed to pull a nice with a great comeback in the second half after they suffered a goal due to a defensive mistake.
The Azers did not impress much and could really count on Artjunin unlucky mistake on debut to score the only possible goal. Estonia was really impressive in the first fifteen minutes of the game when they produce few chances. As usual, they slowed down and sat back in defence using the counterattack weapon (Ojamaa and Anier). The goal were scored by Zenjov (a nice drive bent in the box from cornered position) and Lindpere (who came on the pitch with an unusual nr.2 and scored with a header on a corner kick taken by Ken Kallaste).


Le Pagelle

Pareiko 7
Cannot do anything on the goal. Artjunin makes the mistake and he tries to slide tackle however Aliyev is quicker than him. 2-3 saves on the Azers best chances (mainly shots from distance) keep Estonia standing on their feet. Like a older brother, he goes to relieve a broken Artjunin. Ahkasalu takes the blanket off his legs when it seems that he got injured, but no one injures ‘Sergeipareiko!’

Kams 6
The news is that no terrible mistakes come from his side and covered quite decenlty on the left side where the Azers were working mostly in first half. He doesn’t push too much to support Ojamaa as Kallaste is running the distance on the other side <- Teniste 6 same as Kams, does his own work without committing memorable mistakes, that all we can ask him.

Reintam 5
He does not give the impression of holding the defence confidently and he’s not clean when wiping. We remember a good move to cover Artjunin. He wants to play at an higher level than JJK (Finland), however it is more an issue whether an higher level would fit him.

Artjunin 6
Right, he did the mistake that allowed Azers to score, so what? Do we want to psychologically kill a 23-years-old who emerged as the best defender of Premium Liiga? Except this mistake, he was more clean than a ‘veteran’ like Reintam, less shaky and tried to play the ball on the floor with vertical passes rather than with long useless balls. His teammates helped not to make this evening a nightmare by having a great comeback. Let him grow.

Kallaste 6
He really wants this game. As in Kalju, runs the distance of the left flank however he receives the ball very seldom as they prefer to look for Ojamaa on the right side. Potentially, with Kruglov, this is the best left flank train of the Premium Liiga. However Dima was tired last night. Cuts the corner kick in for Lindpere’s header. It was only the second cap and after one year. He could be a regular.

Ojamaa 6,5
In the first half he is the nightmare of Azers’ left side: with his dribbling, pace and stamina they Caucasians go crazy. In second half he disappears a bit and replaces him with Mośnikov <- Mosnikov 6 He is not Ojamaa obviously however does a good job in holding the line when Azers try go through, no frills in turnovers.

Dimitrijev 6,5
The usual workdog disturbing the Azers’ midfielders and breaking their build-up. Comes off for Lindpere when the gas sign in red. <- Lindpere 6,5 Figure out if he would come back to play in Estonia if he were not to find a contract abroad after his US experience (he expressed the wish to leave for somewhere he could play more), he could be what Kruglov was for Levadia. Flora are you listening?

Vassiliejev 7
Kostja is very willing to put his mark on the game, this time lasts for 90 minutes and is the one pushing his side for the comeback. He honours the captain armband.

Kruglov 5
He is visibly tired, commits mistakes not worth his reputation. Mentally he is thinking to get a contract abroad before the end of the year. <- Luts s.v just 12 minutes

Anier 6
He does a lot of work in coming back to take the ball when he’d rather fancy through balls to run deep and exploit his speed the Azer defence cannot catch up with. As a consequence, he is very tired in the last 10-15 meters for the finish. <- Hunt s.v. second game in the national team, just 12 minutes however would have a good ball to make it 3-1: he tries a complicated control on a fast through ball from the left on a slippery and grassless portion of the box, could have just tried to tap it in.

Zenjov 7
What a goal, sheer class. This time lets Anier do the dirtier job and enjoy the pure striker role as deserved. Wasted at Karpaty Lviv. <- Kink 6 Tarmo is given a good 25 minutes and shows his usual repertoire of accelerations and on-the-run attempts, however it is quite clear he is not a sub for Ojamaa in the 4-4-2

Tarmo Rüütli 6,5
He is intelligent in not replacing Artjunin in second half just to give the debut to Mets as well: he understood it would have killed the boy. Brings in a fresher Lindpere and game changes definitely in favour of Estonia when they had already pulled level. Works with the shadow of Magnus Pehrsson (former Djurgarden IF – Sweden – coach) watching from the VIP area. His future will be clarified on the 21st of November for the sake of the Estonian national team future. The impression is the squad is on his side by hearing Vassilijev captaincy’s words: we trust Tarmo. Will the change of coach create conflicts?