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A fresher look for Estonian FA

Angelo PalmeriComment

Presented the new logo and the animal new symbol of the national team: a hedgehog, or 'siil' in Estonian.

It was inspired to the Kalevipoeg saga where the hedgehog is mentioned several time and he is a good counsellor of the hero, Kalevipoeg.

Here is a description of the hero meeting the hedgehog (canto XII) and helping him according to the study by a Finnish literature society member, W.F.Kirby

The Kalevide sat down to rest after the battle, and called to his dear brother, who had aided him, to show himself. But his friend answered that he could not venture out into the open, for he was only a poor naked little hedgehog. So the hero called to him to come, and he would clothe him. The hedgehog crept out of his warm nest, naked and shivering, and the hero cut a piece from the lining of his own coat, and gave it to the hedgehog, who joyfully wrapped himself in the warm covering. But the piece was not large enough to cover him entirely, and his legs and belly remained naked as before.

Estonian FA Chairman, Mr. Aivar Pohlak, presenting the new logo of the FA and the hedgehog (click to enlarge)

Presented also the new jersey for the Euro 2016 qualification campaign.

Hedgehog logo will be behind the shirt, below the neck collar, another newness of the new Nike kit.

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Initially, recounted the Estonian FA chairman, Aivar Pohlak, it was thought to place the hedghog logo in the middle of the traditional EFA logo. However, it was later on decided to have the hedgehog logo separately.