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Gibraltar vs. Estonia, new call-ups due to injuries

Angelo PalmeriComment

From the original call-ups list have been erased also Aleksander Dmitrjev (still without a club and with a chance to go back to Belarus) due to a stress factor in his foot, and Martin Vunk. Dmitrijev will be out for a month whereas Vunk, recently signed by Nõmme Kalju, will not be available due to some back problems. He will be out for 10-14 days only, however it means he will also miss his debut at Kalju on Saturday against FC Infonet.

Pehrsson has added new names to the original list, most of them come from the domestic league (Premium Liiga):

Ken Kallaste, nicknamed at his club 'Raudmees', Iron Man (

Ken Kallaste, nicknamed at his club 'Raudmees', Iron Man (

- Ken Kallaste, left full back at Kalju FC and son of legendary Risto Kallaste.
- two players from Levadia: midfielder Ilja Antonov and left full-back Maksim Podholjuzin (info about their performances in Estonian Supercup here, Podholjuzin can play well also on the right full-back position).
- Siim Luts, left flanker at Allsvenskan club Norrkoping IFK.


He has not replaced the strikers (Zenjov and Anier) with any other in the same role. The squad will travel only with three names in front: Rimo Hunt, Tarmo Kink and Henrik Ojamaa suggesting that Pehrsson might really opt for a 4-5-1 formation.

Meanwhile the Swedish coach will reach Gibraltar tomorrow to watch the game against the Far Oer. The rest of the team will join him next week as most of the teammembers will travel from their European locations.

Players in bold not travelling at the last minute



Mihkel Aksalu (07.11.1984) – SJK (FIN) 11/0
Sergei Pareiko (31.01.1977) – FC Volga Novgorod (RUS) 53/0



Enar Jääger (18.11.1984) – Lierse SK (BEL) 100/0
Gert Kams (25.05.1985) – SJK (FIN) 31/2
Ragnar Klavan (30.10.1985) – FC Augsburg (GER) 90/2
Karol Mets (16.05.1993) – FC Flora Tallinn 1/0
Igor Morozov (27.05.1989) – Debrecen VSC (HUN) 22/0
Mikk Reintam (22.05.1990) – Nõmme Kalju FC 10/0
Taijo Teniste (31.01.1988) – Sogndal Fotball (NOR) 27/0
Ken Kallaste (31.08.1988) – Nõmme Kalju FC 2/0
Maksim Podholjuzin (13.11.1992) FC Levadia Tallinn 0/0



Ilja Antonov (05.12.1992) – FC Levadia Tallinn 1/0
Dmitri Kruglov (24.05.1984) – Tallinna FC Levadia 90/2
Sergei Mošnikov (07.01.1988) – FC Kaisar Kõzõlorda (KAZ) 19/0
Sander Puri (07.05.1988) – York City (ENG) 54/3
Konstantin Vassiljev (16.08.1984) – FK Amkar Perm (RUS) 67/17
Siim Luts (12.03.1989) – Norrköping IFK 12/0



Rimo Hunt (05.11.1985) – FC Kaisar Kyzylorda (KAZ) 4/0
Tarmo Kink (06.10.1985) – Kaposvar Rakoczi 80/6
Henrik Ojamaa (20.05.1991) – Legia Warszawa (POL) 16/0