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Clos Gomez (SPA) will officiate Lithuania-Estonia

Angelo PalmeriComment
Gomez about to abandon the game Granada-Real Madrid after home team player is hit by a bottle (

Gomez about to abandon the game Granada-Real Madrid after home team player is hit by a bottle (

Carlos Clos Gomez will be the match director of the European Qualifier that will be held in Vilnius on Thursday.

The 42-year-old referee has had his international debut in 2009 (U-19, Scotland-Slovakia 2-1) and he is UEFA class-2 match director.

Born in Zaragoza on the 30th of June 1972, he has been few times at the center of the media attention for some questionable performances both at domestic and international level.

Jim Gannon, Motherwell FC coach in 2009, heavily criticized his performance in the 3-1 defeat in Airdrie against Steaua Buchuresti for the Europa League qualifying round.

"I don't think he knew what he was doing," Gannon told BBC Scotland. "He wasn't in control for long periods of the game. I don't think he could wait to get us off the touchline" added the then-coach of the Steelers regarding Clos Gomes sending him off during the game. Gannon’s post-match commentary was corroborated by his chairman, John Boyle ‘’We had a few unfortunate bad refereeing decisions in the game.’’

The most recent episodes date back to 2014-15 La Liga fixtures.

In a Valencia-Espanyol of mid-September, his performance did not convince Juan Andujar Oliver, former referee and pundit for Radio Marca, the radio channel of the homonymous popular Spanish football paper.

‘‘Carlos Clos Gomez and his assistants were not too successful in the of the match’’ wrote Marca. ‘’According to Juan Andujar Oliver, Clos Gomez committed at least three major errors. The first, to disallow Sergio Garcia goal for offside; the second not to send off Álvaro for tackling an opponent very hard, and the third to assign a penalty point for a foul committed outside the area.’’

However, it is nothing compared to what happened in Real Madrid-Elche when Clos Gomez completely misjudged a penalty situation in the box and allowed a penalty to Real Madrid for Marcelo blatantly diving in the box (check vine video at the bottom).

Marca wrote: ‘’ The only lump error committed by Clos Gomez was the penalty for an alleged foul on on Marcelo by Mosquera that did not exist. The Brazilian simply fell over inside the box and risked what could be his second yellow. Minutes earlier, Marcelo had been booked for pulling down Rodrigues when the Cape Verde player was one step away from entering the box. The foul was outside, although some Elche players demanded a penalty and Clos Gómez was right to book Marcelo.’’

In 2010 Jose Mourinho prepared a list of '13 mistakes' committed by Clos Gomez that he showed on tv and was later on transcripted by Canal+ and reprised by Marca itself (check here). 

Hopefully things will go smoother on the 9th at the LFF Stadionas with no party having regrets at the match direction.