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Information for England visiting fans in October

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Visiting fans stand (without roof) viewed from the opposite corner (click to enlarge)

How is the A.LeCoq Arena looking like?
The A.LeCoq Arena (aka 'Lilleküla Stadium' during the UEFA fixtures - the stadium is named after a popular beer brand, not allowed during UEFA competition) is developed on two floors: all B sectors are on the first floor, the C ones are on the upper floor.

The A sectors (visible in the map below - click to enlarge) are made of removable stands which are added only to expand the venue capacity to over 10,000 (standard capacity is 9,600). 

All sectors except the visiting fans one, were available for sale online (if made available) and it has been quite common through the years to have fans mixed there (click picture to enlarge stadium map). At the same time, the Estonian FA, in an official press release on their website, has claimed the right to prevent the access of visiting fans to sectors where the Estonian fans are usually lodged adding that they reserve the right to void the tickets on the basis of international rules.

If you have bought a ticket to the 'Lilleküla Stadium' not through the English FA (the allocated amount went sold out) please check which part of the venue were you assigned to from the map below.

Glossary EST-ENG:

Trepp - Gate (access to it through stairs)
Sektor - Sector
Läänetribüün - West Stand
Idatribüün - East Stand
Põhjatribüün - North Stand (it's the only stand of the stadium without roof)
Lõunatribüün - South Stand
Külaliste sissepääs - Gate for visiting fans (tickets allocated via the English FA, only in the North Stand)



How to reach the A.LeCoq Arena on the day of the game

The A.LeCoq Arena is reachable from the Tallinn city center with buses (nr.5 - 'Männiku' bound and 18 - 'Laagri' bound) and with trams (nr. 3 and 4, both 'Tondi' bound). 
The stop is 'Tallinn Väike' for all the above-mentioned means of transport.

Once at the stop, there is a 10-15 minutes walk from there to the stadium.

Reaching the stadium by taxi is cheap (about 3€ for a ride from the very city center).

If you have rented a car, we suggest not to drive to the venue as access to the parking lot is barred on the day of the game (unless you have parking permit released by the Estonian FA) and also parking in the stadium's surrounding is not permitted by signalization.

You can find a quick guide to Tallinn here. (NB!!! Some suggestions apply only to Spring/Summer as in October temperatures might drop around 10'C during the day).