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Estonia vs. England 0-1, players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment

He shut up all the mouths that criticized him after the game against Lithuania when an half-mistake gifted Lithuania the three points. The core fans are with him as the Estonian ‘curva sud’ encourages him first after kick-off. If he had saved Rooney’s free kick, it would have been the perfect night. He almost got there. He was outstanding in denying Rooney his 44th goal with the national team. Criticism sent back to the senders with interests, as he would say in his perfect Italian ‘tutte stronzate’ (all bullshit –edit)

He is indeed the most capped active international (109 games yesterday) however the lack of game practice comes out in full swing as Enar suffers when Baines comes his way in first half. He must find a club as soon as possible, however hard mission ahead.

Safe performance, the Debrecen centre back did not risk anything and was clean and precise in his duty. One night better than the captain.

It’s a shame to give a bad rating to a player that always puts his heart on the field and has become the real symbol of this national team. However, the two yellow cards (especially the second) were quite legitimate. In the first situation, he slows down Wellbeck. In the second one, he obstructs Delph blatantly while the English nr.8 is going quickly through the defence. Estonian press got at the Croatian referee, however we have seen worse refereeing in the domestic league with media going absolutely lenient with it. Strahonja is not the new Kassai and Klavan could have been more careful with a yellow card already on his shoulders. The remained of the game was very good with Ragnar also offering few ball-on-foot initiatives from the defense a-la’ Cannavaro. Will miss San Marino meaning but he will get into the ‘100th cap Club’ in Oslo (12th of November).

Second cap for Private Artur (he return to army barracks soon after the game) and against the English national team. Not bad for someone who debuted against Tadjikistan. Next weekend he will get another special permission for the ultimate derby Flora-Levadia worth the title.

METS 6,5
Great performance by Karol. The eyes of Fulham’s scout on him last month have galvanized the young defender/defensive midfielder who first offered a dignified performance against Lallana&Co. and then guided the defence until the end of the game without Klavan. The goal, after all, it came from a set-piece.

A sufficient performance but not remarkable things from the Levadia’s midfield engine. He was more concerned in helping Jääger against Baines and in folding to tackle Wellbeck.

As Pehrsson said, it was important for Kostja to play. He did play and that’s it. As his banner was removed from the south-east stand corner, so he was in the interval and replaced by Lindpere -> (46’) LINDPERE 6 Nothing special from him however he was able to be more sharpe than Vassiljev and it was something as he earned Estonia several set-pieces in the English half, a rarity last night.

Defensive game for the Kalju midfielder. Very accurate in trying to block Wilshere however he was not always successful. A sufficient rating as he was tactically disciplined in keeping the lines tight during all the game. The finishing part was once and again poor those few times he had a chance to have a go at the English goal -> (86’) KRUGLOV s.v. expected to start, he did only 8 minutes.

The one that played in Vilnius must have been is twin brother. A different Zenjov last night: better running, more inspired forays and a lot of conscious work to help the defensive part. If he scores on the kick-off as England loses a ball, there would have been a lot of nails being eaten in Blackpool right now -> (80’) OJAMAA s.v. he didn’t get any message from Scotland to England and nothing remarkable to bring back to the Highlands on his return.

This time it was harder with the likes of Cahill and Jagielka, Premier League acts. However, Henri fought fiercely on each and every ball as usual. As once Hernan Crespo said, the striker is the thermometer of XI meaning that if a forward has little chances, mostly depends on how his team assists him. Estonia produced very little up front, therefore it’s not his fault if he cannot have a decent chance to play. Instead, he served a great assist to Zenjov on 1’. Bravo.

Sufficient rating just because he has shown that the loss against Lithuania was put behind the back and the next game was duly prepared. However, it is easy to motivate Estonia when facing a big football country, the motivation comes per se and goes beyond the qualifier itself. With Slovenia winning in Lithuania (0-2) the table after three matchdays looks dire. The three points came from a game in which Estonia sat behind the ball line and scored with a substitution. Speculative football can pay back once, maybe twice, but not always. Especially if you are Estonia and you don’t have those players who can solve the game any time (one would be, Vassiljev, but it will take time for him). Against San Marino next month there’s not so much to talk, they are amateurs and Estonia can only win. Levadia gave a 7-0 to La Fiorita in Tallinn during the Summer (Champions League preliminaries) after suffering in San Marino and winning in injury time (1-0). We really hope not to see the same film. Estonia has to make the game, at least with San Marino. At least. The Estonian FA asked for a different game when Pehrsson was hired, with ball possession and more organized build-up than in the past. It's a long and winding road, however we agree defence solidity it's important. Just two goals conceded in three games it's a good start.
Too early to talk about chances for the third place being compromised, however Lithusnia and Slovenia are travelling together with 6 points. A shame, as the other powerhouse (Switzerland) had zero points so far and will face San Marino tomorrow.