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Estonia's XI: Rumori's prediction

Angelo PalmeriComment

We ‘stole’ the board of the Estonian national team meeting room at the Radisson Hotel to draw Rumori’s prediction of what the starting XI could look like tonight.

Walking in a coach’s feet it is always hard. Will he be conservative and rely to the same line-up as last time? Or will he try something new?

Rumori tried to guess looking at the situation with injuries and necessary rotation implied. After all, England is ahead on Sunday and the eyes of Europe will be pointed towards Tallinn. No one wants to make a bad impression.

Let’s check our starting XI (click to enlarge the board's picture)

Pareiko is never in discussion. He is one of the veterans, and notwithstanding his delicate situation at the club (he has been emarginated from the squad due to contractual disagreements) he’s been training as a professional usually does. Pehrsson knows that and trusts the Estonian nr.1 without shadow of doubt. The performance in Tallinn was outstanding.

Morozov yes or no?
We say no. The risk of picking up a longer injury on the artificial grass is high, Pehrsson might want to give him a break and field him against England. Matulevicius is not Zlatan or Rooney, Alo Bärengrub might be enough. We see him ahead of Artjunin as the young Levadia’s defender has had only three international caps and his season has been rather deluding despite Levadia being the best defence of Premium Liiga. Jääger for Teniste it’s the natural choice since Tajo was left out for injury. Additionally, Anier told to the press he’s been briefing Enar about Novikovas skills on the left wing. Kallaste and Klavan will be confirmed of course.

Considering we think Pehrsson shall opt for a more bold attitude compared to the game against Slovenia, it’s likely that, in order to go for that, he shall opt for a 4-2-3-1. With Kruglov back in form, he might regain the left-wing place so far given to Antonov (out of role) and move the latter as central midfielder together with Vunk. However, he might just opt for keeping Antonov on the left and field Mets close to Vunk. Notwithstanding his great performance against Slovenia, he might want to opt for a bit of rotation and preserve the young Flora player for the game against England when a more prudent attitude is requested and he will be additional defender in the 5-4-1 (4-1-4-1 when in possession) in front of Klavan&Co. It’s not only about physical strengths, but mental especially. Lindpere will be confirmed for the vice-Vassiljev role and Ats Purje might get a start after scoring the winner against Slovenia and following Zenjov being emarginated to a substitution role at Blackpool FC.

Henri Anier. Because he has shown good things both against Slovenia and Sweden earlier. The choice is probably between him and Ojamaa, however the latter has never scored a goal in the national team. Pehrsson would not want to have a player on the field with additional pressure to deliver at personal level.

Angelo Palmeri from Vilnius

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