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Information for Gibraltar visiting fans in May

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How is the A.LeCoq Arena looking like?

The A.LeCoq Arena (aka 'Lilleküla Stadium' during the UEFA fixtures) is developed on two floors: all B sectors are on the first floor, the C ones are on the upper floor.

The A sectors (visible in the map below) are made of removable stands which are added only to expand the venue capacity to over 10,000 (standard capacity is 9,600). 
Sale is not yet available as usually these stands are added at the last minute if there is a greater demand than the stadium capacity.

All other sectors are available for sale online (if made available) and it is quite common to have fans mixed there (click picture to enlarge stadium map).

Visiting fans stand viewed from opposite corner (click to enlarge)

Which sector shall you choose?

Even though Estonian fans are peaceful and hospitable, we are sure you would prefer not to be seated where the bulk of the Estonian fans gather to support the 'Eesti Koondis' during the 90 minutes.

Therefore, we would suggest avoiding buying the following sectors ('TREPP' means 'stairs', it's the entrance gate to the venue; 'sektor' it's quite clear itself):

3.TREPP B4 sektor
3.TREPP B5 sektor
4.TREPP B7 sektor
4.TREPP B8 sektor
4.TREPP B9 sektor

The opposite side stand (click above picture), it is usually reserved to visiting fans and is not available for online purchase.

These places are allocated to fans buying a package or requesting tickets in bulk via the football associations (sectors are B/C 14, B/C 15, B/C 16 and B/C 17).

This is the only uncovered stand of the venue.

Official poster of the game, click to enlarge


- Fans' stands: 10€ (upper and lower floors)

- Touchlines' stands: 12€ (upper and lower floors)

- Discounted tickets: 8€ for all sectors (children born between 1996 and 2007; senior people born in 1952 or earlier - it will be necessary to show a document).

- Children born from 2008 onwards get in for free and seat on the adults' lap.

- No students discounts available

- If you buy the ticket on the spot, it will cost 12€ regardless the sector.

Ticket purchase process and info

Tickets are available at online seller, click here

After hitting the 'Buy' button you can simply buy without registering by using the 'Enter express purchase environment' option.

Once into the next page, a countdown timer shows you how much time you have to book and confirm your tickets. The timer starts from 15 minutes. If you fail to purchase within that time, your ticket reservation will be cancelled (click below picture to enlarge). You will be warned with a pop-up when the time is expiring.

Now you are ready to select the sector (mind what we mentioned above about sectors) of the stadium where you want to enjoy the game from.

Once selected the sector, you are brought onto next page where you will be able to choose the seats.

Under 'Price type selection' you can choose the amount of tickets you want to buy (you can buy up to 10 in one transaction).

Once selected, go on the map and pick up the seats.

The list of seats selected will appear under 'Seats offered'.

Once completed the selection, choose the ticket type: full price or discounted, from the curtain menus for each seat

'Confirm all' and you will be taken to check-out page.

You can pay with credit card however you are not able to receive the ticket via e-mail.

The following option: ZebraTicket - print your ticket at home! (in PDF)0.00 €  , is available only if you pay with wire transfer via the enlisted banks: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Danske Bank, Nordea, Krediidipank. These are ordinary online transfers for people in Estonia with a bank account at those banking institutions.

For people purchasing from abroad with credit card, the options available are:

- Collect your tickets from the sales point 1.50 € (Piletilevi sale centers in Tallinn, usually in shopping malls - you can collect once in Tallinn, sales centers list click here - most central in shopping mall 'Viru Keskus')
- International registered mail across the world 7.00 €

Make sure to give your post details correctly for the mail delivery.

If any problem, contact Piletitlevi: or phone to +372 61 01 444
(business hours: 09:00 - 21:00 all times GMT +2)


How to reach the A.LeCoq Arena on the day of the game

The A.LeCoq Arena is reachable from the Tallinn city center with buses (nr.5 - 'Männiku' bound and 18 - 'Laagri' bound) and with trams (nr. 3 and 4, both 'Tondi' bound). 
The stop is 'Tallinn Väike' for all the above-mentioned means of transport.

Once at the stop, there is a 10-15 minutes walk from there to the stadium.

Reaching the stadium by taxi is cheap (about 3€ for a ride from the very city center).

Quick travel guide to Tallinn, click here