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Gibraltar vs. Estonia 0-2, le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment

Pareiko 6,5
He is there on the first on-target shot. A small mistake in the throw gifts Gibraltar a chance (Walker curled over the bar). In second he was compelled by Chipolina to outdo himself and save the score, decisive save on the ballistic attempt on the run.

Jääger 6
In the 4-2-3-1 designed by Pehrsson, he is asked to push on the right flank. He does that fairly overlapping with Kruglov running towards central position. <- Podholjuzin s.v. a date to celebrate for the young Levadia full-back who debuted with the Eesti Koondis.

Morozov 5,5
Back after a long-term injury and few minutes at Debrecen VSC, we couldn’t expect more than trying to keep up in the back. There will be better days. <- Reintam s.v. a bit more than 10 minutes to mark his 11th cap.

Klavan 6
Pehrsson has understood his qualities of rearward regista and asked him to start the build-up from the back line especially as Gibraltar leaves 20-25m free to run in their half.

Teniste 6
Same task as Jääger, the formation enhances his offensive qualities and the defensive distractions went in the background. However most of the dangers come from his side.

Kruglov 6,5
Convincing performance even if Pehrsson fields him on the opposite flanks. You can see he wanted to play a competitive game so bad. Good news for Marko Kristal and Levadia.
The entente with Vassiljev is like the one of two old friends who have been playing football together since they were kids, which is their case. When Puri is in, he is moved back to his flank.
<- Kallaste s.v. just few minutes for ‘Iron Man’ to get his third cap ever.

Mośnikov 5
Not a brilliant performance for the former Gornik Zarbrze midfielder. Several mistakes in ball possession, either made the wrong pass or lost the ball. <- Antonov 6 impressive run on Hunt’s goal as he was the one to bring the danger in the box and compelled the Gibraltar defence to open up. He can overcome Mośnikov in the hierarchy despite the young age and little experience.

Mets 6
Overall positive performance considering it was not his position. Sometimes he had the impulse to go backwards almost on the defense line.

Vassiljev 7
The man of the match for Estonia, tell me something new. Served the perfect assist for Kruglov cutting in the box and then produced some attempts from set-piece and from distance. The position in the 4-2-3-1 compelled him to move wide on the left, not his favourable one as he likes to storm from the middle. The ‘new’ Estonia start from him.

Kink 4
Ugly performance. He is picky about coming back to Estonia however he is not able to offer a decent performance on international level against Gibraltar, a team of semi-pros. The worst way to introduce yourself to the new coach. Tried a series of irritating dribblings and ended up losing the ball regularly. <- Puri 6
He served the assist for Hunt to score his first international goal. Not bad for someone not playing since a while. Certainly more effective and humble than Kink.

Hunt 6,5
Hallelujah! I mean, it did not take long as it was only his 5th game, however, considering he is 28, his international biological clock has been ticking faster than others. He had the best chance of the game in the box and finished it. Certainly has earned a call-up also in May for the ‘return’ game against Gibraltar. Marko Kristal will miss him even more at Levadia. Postcard from Gibraltar to his saddened former coach.

Pehrsson 6
It was the first game, we should have not expected wonders. He had to win and he won. There is time for a better game and hopefully enough friendly games until September. With many internationals missing, he made go with an experimental XI. The offensive 4-2-3-1 was like a message to the squad: we’re the favourites here, let’s take responsibilities. A win that will boost morale and help to continue the work that has just started.