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Focus on Estonian internationals: Igor Morozov

Angelo PalmeriComment

Originally appeared on, the Estonia FA website, we present you here a short interview with Estonia's central defender, Igor Morozov.

This is a series of presentations of the Estonian internationals about to take a new challenge in qualifiers. 'Rumori' will offer you an English version for each protagonist speaking to the official website.

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

Name: Igor Morozov
Role: Central defender
Club: Debreceni VSC (HUN, OTP Bank Liga)
Caps: 26
Debut in national team: at the Baltic Cup on the 31st of May 2008, Lithuania-Estonia held in Jurmala, Latvia (1-0). 'I managed to deliver even if I was nervous, thanks to the great support of my teammate Andrei Stepanov (who now has become his agent -edit). For every footballer, playing for the national team is a honour'

What is your best memory connected with the home crowd?
Recently, when we won 1-0 with Slovenia (Euro 2016 qualifier -edit) our fans helped us a lot. The game with Poland (August 2012) was also a great feeling as we managed to win at the very last moment. I cannot forget the game against Holland either (2-2 in October 2013) even though I could not take part to due to injury. Always, when we play home, the fans are helping us and we shall show them good football. With a good game, people are happy and also proud.

What do you expect from the new qualification campaign?
We would like to gain the access to the final tournament, at least through the play-off tie. Of course we shall dream and given we won with Slovenia it's like a first step is done, however there are still 9 games. We will try to win as many games we can. At the end of the campaign, we will see how did it go for us.