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Focus on the Estonian internationals: Karol Mets

Angelo PalmeriComment

Originally appeared on, the Estonia FA website, we present you here a short interview with Estonia's central defender employed as defensive midfielder, Karol Mets.

It is a series of presentations of the Estonian internationals about to take a new challenge in qualifiers. 'Rumori' will offer you an English version for each protagonist speaking to the official website.

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

Name: Karol Mets
Role: central defender
Club: FC Flora (EST, Premium Liiga)
Caps: 7
Debut in National Team: 19th of October 2013, Liechtenstein-Estonia 0-3


What is your best memory connected with the home crowd?
Considering I haven’t played so much yet in front of the home crowd, the best memory is certainly connected with Estonia vs. Northern-Ireland 4-1 (2011). Everyone sung loudly the national anthem and you could feel the shivers running down the stands. Playing at the A.LeCoq Arena is always very good and there’s always a great atmosphere.

What do you expect from the new qualification campaign?
I hope our game will be good. I’d like that it would be evident both the will and the fighting spirit. If they both are, the results will come. We can play at home against any opposition. However, we need to get good results also away, then everything is possible.