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Focus on Estonian internationals: Ken Kallaste

Angelo PalmeriComment

Originally appeared on, the Estonia FA website, we present you here a short interview with Estonia's left full-back, Ken Kallaste.

This is a series of presentations of the Estonian internationals about to take a new challenge in qualifiers. 'Rumori' will offer you an English version for each protagonist speaking to the official website.

Ken is the son of legendary Estonian full-back of the 90's, Risto Kallaste. A full interview with Risto you can find it here.

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

(Priit Mürk/EJL)

Name: Ken Kallaste
Role: Left full-back
Club: Nõmme Kalju FC (EST, Premium Liiga)
Caps: 10
Debut in national team: Oman-Estonia 1-2 (8.11.2012) ‘I remember we came back from 1-0, it was a good feeling to debut in the national team. I had been waiting for this call already for a long time and finally came. The atmosphere was very pleasant and I was welcomed very well. Luckily it was also a successful debut!

What is your best memory connected with the home crowd?
I think the game against Tadjkistan (on the 7th of June this year –edit) when we won the game at the very last minute. At the end of the game I had cramps, but I managed to deliver the assist for the goal. When we walked off the pitch, we got a very warm salute from the crowd.

What do you expect from the new qualification campaign?
I’d say the same that Raku (Ragnar Klavan –edit) said: we want to manage in the first three. I believe thatn England and Switzerland are a different level compared to us, however we can fight for the third place together with Lithuania and Slovenia.