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Frank Liivak, great debut but he wants more

Angelo PalmeriComment

If you were a 17-year-old and you just had your debut with the national team of your own country, you could legitimately feel happy with it, regardless the performance.

However, Frank Liivak, wants to be better than he was last night against Gibraltar. And we can assure you that he was really good for a debutant (check RdS evaluation of his performance here).

He had an important impact on the game with everyone quite pleased for his performance.

Including, most important thing, Magnus Pehrsson, his coach: ‘’it was great to see him’’ told the Swedish coach who just turned 36 on Sunday ‘’and he showed some qualities. You can see that in the future he has the potential to be a good player, even better one. He really wanted to show something and that was positive as he was not afraid to do it’’

But what Frank thinks about his debut with the ‘Eesti Koondis’?

Rumori asked him in a short interview after the game: ‘’No, I am not really happy’’ answered Frank in his good Italian ‘’because I didn’t score the goal (Frank had a chance against the Gibraltar goalkeeper – edit) it was a great chance. Obviously, I am happy to have debuted with the National A-Team. Now I want more, I want to play better’’.

How would you explain the fact that today you had a great performance but in Napoli you have been a substitute?

For me it’s a bit a difficult story…I don’t want to speak about it.

When you entered the pitch (he replaced Enar Jääger during the first half), which was the first person you thought about?

No, there was not a person only, but my family. My family is important for me, it’s all. So I thought about them.

Now you will also travel to Iceland (game on the 4th of June in Reykjavik) what is your next target?

My next target is scoring a goal!

You were the most dangerous striker in second half compared to others with more experience. However, do you like to play in the right flank position where Magnus Pehrsson fielded you? Would you prefer to play rather as a centre forward?

Yeah, I prefer to play as a centre forward however I play a lot as flanker so it is not a big issue for me.

Estonia will now travel to Latvia for the ‘Baltic Cup’, Europe’s oldest international tournament. They will take on Latvia in the semifinal and, if they will made it to the final, the winner of Lithuania-Finland.

Frank will not be part of the mission as he will re-join the national team  for the games in Reykjavik and Tallinn (vs. Tadjikistan on the 7th of June)