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Pehrsson: 'Zlatan is special, we have to be ready for him' - Klavan enthused to mark him

Angelo PalmeriComment
Magnus Pehrsson (left) in a festive moment of the event with Estonia Tele2 CEO Argo Virkebau (EJL)

Magnus Pehrsson (left) in a festive moment of the event with Estonia Tele2 CEO Argo Virkebau (EJL)

During an event that took place at the A.LeCoq Arena presenting the Estonian FA’s new sponsor (mobile phone company Tele2) ‘Rumori’ had the chance to approach Magnus Pehrsson and ask him some questions about the upcoming game against Sweden, his home country.

After ‘Rumori’ showed the three great goals scored by Zlatan during the weekend against St.Etienne, it was natural to ask him whether he was preparing something special to control Ibrahimovic on Thursday.

Zlatan is a special player therefore we have to be ready for him’ told Magnus ‘during trainings we will try different (defensive) variations. However, even if they have Zlatan, and we have to find a way to take care of him, still we will not totally change our way of playing against Sweden as our main focus is the game against Slovenia (Euro 2016 qualifiers debut –edit).’

Zlatan celebrating a goal in Paris yesterday

Zlatan celebrating a goal in Paris yesterday

The most important thing for Pehrsson is to prepare a structure that would work in the home game against Katanec’s side.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be the main concern for central defender and team captain, Ragnar Klavan: ‘every defender is worried about him’ admitted ‘Raku’ ‘he is one of the best in the World, you can only improve by playing against him. He can either score hattricks as it is a normal thing or score goals from unbelievable angles. You have always to be ready. It will be a great experience for me to mark him.

Is Ragnar personally preparing for that? And how? ‘Yes, with video analysis in nowadays football is much easier, there are amazing Zlatan’s goals every week uploaded in YouTube getting two million clicks (smiles –edit). However, considering this will be a friendly game, I think it will be a little bit different as it’s the last test before the qualifier. If it were a qualifier, it would be more intense.

Following Konstantin Vassiljev’s injury, Magnus Pehrsson was compelled to make a new call-up including Kaimar Saag (a striker) in the list.

We asked Magnus, who’s been following Premium Liiga games and has spent good words for FC Infonet, whether he’s been keeping an eye on Daniil Ratnikov from Sillamäe as possible replacement of Vassiljev in future.

I know Daniil, we’ve been keeping an eye on him and he has performed well at Sillamäe (25 caps, 9 goals and 12 assists according to – edit). However, I didn’t choose him for this selection. If he keeps on playing well, he might get a chance for the next one. It’s impossible to tell it right now but definitely he is a Premium Liiga player we look at.

The message to Sillamäe has been sent.