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Pehrsson about the results in the next six months

Angelo PalmeriComment

Magnus Pehrsson was asked regarding the results for the next 6 months that will bring to the Euro 2016 qualification campaign that will start in September (first game against Slovenia in Tallinn on the 8th of September).

Before that, Estonia will take on Gibraltar twice (5th of March and 26th of May) and will participate into the Baltic Cup at the end of May (a tournament including Finland and the Baltic neighbours, Latvia and Lithuania). A friendly game should also be organized at the start of June (03 - 07.06)

We report the exact wording:

''These 6 months from now it's about a process of building the team, looking at the individual tasks, the team tasks, off and on the pitch. Results are always important in that way ,that if you have good results everybody will be more positive and the development of the team will go faster. But still, I don't care so much about the results in these first six months because it's about the way we're gonna play and work together. That's the most important thing. We should really be ready when we play in September our first game against Slovenia.''