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Sander Puri: a dream to play in Wembley

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Puri nr.7 was chosen for presenting the new logo and the hedgehog logo on the back of the shirt -click to enlarge (

Puri fighting with the Eesti Koondis shirt (

Puri fighting with the Eesti Koondis shirt ( (online media of ‘The Press’) has published an interview to Sander Puri made by Dave Fleet.

‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ offers you the highlights as Sander talked about the group draw that took place at the end of February and lined up England and Estonia in the same group and his expectation for the qualifying campaign.

About England:

They are the biggest side but we have beaten big teams in the past so why shouldn’t we take points off England? We will be looking to make progress during our friendlies this summer and, while playing England will be tough, we will be ready for it.

About England’s generational change:
There is talk of a lot of England’s young players getting their chance in this group but, maybe, that will make the team even stronger. I think the young Liverpool players - Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge - are in top form at the moment and you have good strikers. Everyone knows England have to improve but they are still England and are one of the best teams in the world.

About the draw in general:

It’s an okay draw for us. England are the favourites, of course. Then, you have got Switzerland and Slovenia, who we have beaten in a previous group so we know we can do it again. Lithuania is a derby for us and San Marino are the smallest team who you have to take six points off. I think we have a chance of getting in those top three places and, realistically, third position would be very good for us. If somebody offered us that now, we would take it.

About the chance to play in Wembley:
Wembley is a big stadium and there will be a massive crowd. It’s one of those dreams you have to play against England at Wembley. Both matches should be great occasions because Estonian people love coming to England and English people love coming to Estonia, so I don’t think you can get a bigger game in my country.

About his season at York City FC (League Two):
I haven’t played here for a while but I am still working hard and want to get my chance to prove myself. I want to still be in that squad for when Estonia play England.’’

About the game in Gibraltar:
I got some playing time, we won and I got an assist, so it was good. They are a very small country but they were great. They played for their fans and it’s a lovely place. I don’t see that they have a chance of getting through but their first championship will be a good experience for them and I wish them all the best.