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Sweden vs. Estonia 2-0, players' ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment

Angelo Palmeri from Stockholm


Pareiko 7

Ref whistle kick-off and immediately a lot of work for him. First he outdoes himself in deflecting a Zlatan’s set-piece (conceded by a foul committed on the Swedish captain by Mets) and then he tries to keep the ball out of the net on the developments of the corner. For the ref it’s goal, the tv picture doesn’t clarify as it seems he has saved on the line. Safe save on the 11’ minutes on a quick counter set up by Forsberg. He denies Bahoui a chance set-up by Zlatan. He is very cool when Zlatan is alone in front of him and saves his volley and in second half when Nahoui has a go at him after an overwhelming foray. Hard worker.

The picture by SportExpressen clearly shows the ball did not cross the line on Zlatan's first goal.

The picture by SportExpressen clearly shows the ball did not cross the line on Zlatan's first goal.

Teniste 5,5
Tajo suffers a lot when Olsson and Forsberg are overlapping. Zenjov tries to help him a bit even though he was reasonably focused on the offensive phase of his game. -> Jääger 6 with debutant Forsberg out, it was a bit easier to control the situation. Sweden's changes helped to cool down the situation in the back line.

Morozov 5,5
Obviously the form cannot be the one of the greatest days and he ends up suffering Zlatan more than Klavan does. The expert Swedish striker understands that and goes his way quite often.

Klavan 6
He was thrilled to challenge with one of the best strikers in the world and we can say that he did not embarass himself, but the contrary. Playing in the Bundesliga is an obious plus and the captain can grow in his role and become even greater than Piiroja.

Kallaste 5,5
Not one of the best nights. Ken realizes that there will not be so much time and space to offers his popular forays we see weekly in the Premium Liiga. Bahoui needs to be taken care of with the helpd of Antonov. Forget the overwhelming overlappings for one night.

Mets 5
Zlatan embarrasses him already on first minute of play when he is compelled to commit a foul. It will eventually cost the goal as coming from the following corner-kick. Being a full-time defender at FC Flora, he tends to be flat on the defensive line. He needs help several times in double-teaming to face the boogeyman Zlatan. He is not yet at the same level as the others, will it be worth to risk him against Slovenia in a 3-point game?

Zenjov 6
His form is improving and and this should comfort the Blackpool fans. In first half he accounts for nutmegging Forsberg (at his seconf cap) and for the second shot off-target. 
Replaced in second half by Kams, he was among the best. -> Kams 5  a different pace compared to Zenjov and Purje for a flanker role. 

Lindpere 6,5
Good performance from the former Chicago Fire midfielder. Even though embedded in a 4-man line behind the lone strikers (4-1-4-1 formation chosen by Pehrsson) he acts as a real trequartista in place of Vassiljev. It might have convinced the Swedish coach to go back to 4-2-3-1 and give the full role to him. -> Saag s.v. objectively little time to shine for the Estonian striker who plies his trade in Swedish second-flight. He has half a chance but doesn't find the target. If he hits the goal, finally Swedish fans would know there's an Estonian guy in Superettan.

Vunk 6
With Mets in trouble, Vunk had to had to help in the back a lot to cover the spaces and apply double-teaming. Worked well. -> Purje 6 Good performance for the guy who's making a good name for himself in Finland with KuPS. We previewed him as a start, but then the place was given to Zenjov on the opposite flank. He could aim at a place for the game against Slovenia.

Antonov 6,5
No fear. Even if fielded as left winger, he puts in the same grit managing to carve a ball out of Zlatan’s feet and restarting the Estonian build-up. -> Dmitrjev s.v. just in for the dying minutes of the game.

Henri Anier 6,5
In front of Her Majesty Zlatan, the lone Estonian striker is the one producing the first attempt on target. He could pull level with Sweden (it was 1-0) but Nordfeldt reaction his outstanding to deny the nr.8 his 6th goal. On 30’ minutes of first half, Vunk picks out a pass with a header, however his tap-in goes inches wide the post. Replaced by Ojamaa during the interval -> Ojamaa 6 good movement all over the field. Tries some trick but he is a bit slow, it is quite evident he is missing the game practice he didn't get at Legia and he is trying to get at Motherwell. Form will come and the best Ojamaa will be seen. For now he might be behind Anier for a place on Monday.

Pehrsson 5,5
He is insisting on Mets a lot, but it looks like the experiment is not going very well. Karol plays as a central defender in the Estonian Premium Liiga, and Ibrahimovic was a huge chunk for him to bite. He doesn't replace the young lad in order not to kill his morale, however against Slovenia something else is needed. Moving Lindpere behind the striker and giving Antonov his right place as central midfielder together with Vunk seems the most reasonable choice. Comforting signs from Zenjov and Purje, certainly ahead for a start on Monday against Slovenia.

Coach Magnus Pehrsson's XI

SWEDEN (ratings by Aftonbladet)

Sweden's ratings courtesy of Oskar Mansson from Aftonbladet (Twitter)

Sweden's ratings courtesy of Oskar Mansson from Aftonbladet (Twitter)

The ratings in Sweden are given from 1 to 5, we tried to 'translate' to 1-to-10 system

Starting XI

Nordfeldt 2 (6)

Great reaction save on the first chance for Estonia. Had then a right quiet evening. Calm and safe. 

Bengtsson 2 (6)
Takes part in the awesome build-up of the 2-0.

Granqvist 2 (6)

The way he mastered the defence could be heard far up in the stands.

Antonsson 2 (6)
Some small mistakes in the first half but the back line had generally a quiet evening.

Olsson 2 (6)
Gushed up nicely in their overlapping but it was also clean motorway.

Larsson 3 (6,5)

Ran a lot and gave the assist to Zlatan's historic goal. Good feet and solid on the clearance.

Källström 3 (6,5)

Retained role. Managed to handle the game fairly without pressure. Some fine cross balls.

Ekdal 2 (6)

Crowded against low Estonian back line. Found right in the close control, but he released himself defensively giving Estonia the attempt on target chance.

Forsberg 3 (6,5)

Started well with a few sprints, but lacked the last bit.

Ibrahimovic 4 (7,5)
Best of the XI. Mastered the game and scored two goals.

Bahoui 3 (6,5)
Flashed with breakthrough speed and force. Close to score twice.

Hrgota 2 (6)

Pretty modest in his game, some ingenuity sometimes, but not sufficiently distinct.
Toivonen 2 (6)

Did not get a grip on the game behind Ibrahimovic / Hrgota.
Durmaz 2 (6)
Hysen 2 (6)
Zengin 2 (6)

Coach Erik Hamren's XI