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'Special service' for fans close to Luzern stadium?

Angelo PalmeriComment

In March Estonia will resume their Euro 2016 qualification campaign in Lucerne, Switzerland. The venue of the game will be Swissporarena.

Completed in 2011, the multipurpose venue is the home stadium of FC Luzern as it replaced the old stadium, Allmend and it’s a 16,800 seater.

However, it’s not on the Swissporarena we’re focusing right now, but the surroundings.

In the adjacent part to the south stand, there are two ‘twin towers’ which rise above the arena and factually would give a chance to watch the game for free. Or to have sex for 100 francs.

Please forgive the language in the next sentence.

"My tight pussy pulsates with pleasure and already can not wait to welcome your little buddy," as it’s the literal advertisement set up by a certain Alexandra (20 year old) offering sex services in one of the apartment located in one of the ‘Hoch Zwei’ (The Tall Duo - picture on the right). They are respectively 88 and 77 meters tall and overlook the entire city of Lucerne.

The connection of the two towers with football is endorsed with former national team coach Paul Wolfisberg (81) living there. ‘‘The view is fantastic. We can see the Pilatus (mountain overlooking Lucerne –edit) and the Central Swiss Alps, the view of the stadium is excellent,’’ admitted the octogenarian former coach unaware a neighbour was offering her services elsewhere in the same building, however, he was kind of realizing that. 

Paul Wolfisberg

Paul Wolfisberg

In fact he is annoyed by that as much as another resident, Renate K., who admitted to have been disturbed by the continuous coming and going of strangers who are mostly foreigners.

No comment came from the owner and the management of the ‘Hoch Zwei’.

(source and photos: Blick)