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'World Soccer' magazine does not like small countries

Angelo PalmeriComment

With a rather shocking piece of journalism (?) the eminent 'World Soccer' magazine (on sale also in Estonia) has made a strong statement about the minnows of international football, ahead of the draw on Sunday for the Euro 2016 (click to enlarge and read the full article on the right).

The main target of the journalistic rant is Gibraltar, recently admitted by UEFA as the 54th member and forthcoming opponent of Estonia on the 5th of March.

According to WS (the author of the piece is anonymous) countries like Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Faroe, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova and Azerbaijan form a 'hopeless crew'.

They are 'teams that should not be competing at a level far beyond their capability and wasting everybody's time'

Just today, ahead of the draw, has made a top 10 of the 'biggest shocks in EURO qualifying 'answering' to WS. The top 10 could be enriched with Serbia-Estonia 1-3 in October 2010 and Estonia-Holland 2-2 in October 2013, however the list itself it is quite telling on how those games have been 'wasting everybody's time'

Liechtenstein-Holland 2-1 (1963)
Albania - West Germany 0-0 (1967)
Iceland - East Germany 2-1 (1975)
Malta - West Germany 0-0 (1979)
Faroe Islands - Austria 1-0 (1990)
Wales - Germany 1-0 (1991)
Italy - Lithuania 1-1 (2006)
Nothern Ireland - Spain 3-2 (2006)
Liechtenstein - Iceland 3-0 (2007)
France - Belarus 0-1 (2010)

A few from the 'hopeless crew' are featuring and certainly we cannot describe Lithuania, Iceland. Wales and Albania as football superpowers. However 'useless and pointless minnow' does not seem quite like.

Try it again WS!