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Friendly: Latvia U-19 vs. Estonia U-19
12:00 am00:00

Friendly: Latvia U-19 vs. Estonia U-19

Friendly games for the U-19 boys in Latvia (time and location not fixed yet).

Among the call-ups, many Premium Liiga young prospects: FC Infonet's goalkeeper Matvei Igonen, Flora midfielders Rauno Sappinen Herol Riiberg and German Ślein, FC Infonet striker Eduard Golovljov, Narva Trans' attacking duo Artjon Śkinjov and German-Guri Lvov, Nõmme Kalju's forward Andre Järva. From abroad, Vladimir Tśvertko who plays at London All Nations Academy (ENG).

Baltic Cup - Latvia 2014
May 31

Baltic Cup - Latvia 2014


Preview of Latvia by Graham Williams
Preview of Estonia by Angelo Palmeri
Preview of Finland by Rich Nelson
Preview of Lithuania by Justas Kontrimas

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland (second time) will challenge in this regional tournament. The competition was not disputed in 2012.

The tournament is recognized by FIFA and will earn participants points for the ranking.

Latvia are the defending Champions and national team with most titles (11).

The tournament will be held in Liepaja and Ventspils.

It was played also during Soviet times with a couple of participations of Belarus SSR.

The tournament has a new logo, chosen after a contest. Full story by One Nil Up here

Estonian fans are organizing a trip to Latvia for this event, more info here

The semifinals were:

Finland vs. Lithuania 0-1
Latvia vs. Estonia 4-2 (AP, 0-0 FT)

Final is Lithuania vs. Latvia on 31st of May, 19:00h EEST in Liepaja.
Earlier on the same day, Finland and Estonia will challenge for the third place.

Challenge Trophy, U-23: Estonia vs. Slovakia
7:00 pm19:00

Challenge Trophy, U-23: Estonia vs. Slovakia

International tournament with: 
England C
Estonia U-23
Italy Lega Pro U-21
Republic of Ireland U-23
Northern Ireland U-23
Turkey A2
Wales Semi Pro

Previous and next fixtures here.

The game takes place in Estonian town of Rakvere. Entrance 2€
List of call-ups for both sides here

Premium Liiga - weekend 12
May 13

Premium Liiga - weekend 12

FC Infonet vs. FC Levadia 
Narva Trans vs. Flora (match preview available soon)
Lokomotiv Jõhvi vs. Tammeka Tartu (match preview available soon)
Kalev - Nõmme Kalju (match preview available soon)
Sillamäe Kalev - Paide Linnameeskond (match preview available soon)

UEFA U-17 friendly tournament (women)
May 5

UEFA U-17 friendly tournament (women)

The U-17 girls take on same age from Finland, Sweden and Russia.

Estonia U-17 program (all times EEST)
Friday, 2nd of May 17:00h  Estonia-Sweden (Sportland Arena)
Saturday, 3rd of May 17:00h Estonia-Finland (Sportland Arena)
Monday, 5th of May 13:00h Russia-Estonia (Sportland Arena)

Other games (all times EEST)
Friday, 2nd of May 14:00h Russia - Finland (Nike Arena)
Saturday, 3rd of May 14:00h Sweden-Russia (Nike Arena)
Monday, 5th of May 11:00h Finland - Sweden (Nike Arena)

UEFA U-17 friendly tournament (men)
Apr 30

UEFA U-17 friendly tournament (men)

A friendly tournament will oppose Estonia U-17 against same age from Finland, Sweden and neighbouring Russia. A chance to watch the talent of tomorrow.

Estonia U-17 program (all times EEST)
Sunday, 27th of April 17:00h  Estonia-Sweden (Sportland Arena)  1-4
Monday, 28th of April 17:00h Estonia-Finland (Sportland Arena) 2-3
Wednesday, 30th of April 13:00h Russia-Estonia (Sportland Arena)

Other games (all times EEST)
Sunday, 27th of April 14:00h Russia - Finland (Nike Arena) 2-3
Monday, 28th of April 14:00h Sweden-Russia (Nike Arena) 2-0
Wednesday, 30th of April 11:00h Finland - Sweden (Nike Arena)