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Fram Reykjavik, the opponents of Nõmme Kalju FC

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Fram Reykjavik is one of the most successful teams in Iceland, 18 times icelandic champions and 8 times cup winners.

They qualified for Europa League by beating Stjarnan Gardabaer after penalties in 2013 cup final.


They're playing their home games at Laugardalsvöllur which nearly holds 10,000 spectators and is also the Icelandic national stadium.



Before this season Fram begun a new era by selling all of their foreign players like Lennon, Lowing, Halsman, Hewson and also topscorer Fridjönsson (10 goals), which were the key players of the team, and adding mostly young players to the squad that played either no role in other Pepsi-deild teams or joined from lower division teams.

Right now they have no foreign player in the squad.

Still, the young lads like Traustason (18), Atlason (20), Jonsson (19), Marteinsson (19) or Albertsson (17) are motivated and very talented. Currently Fram is in a good 8th place with 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. Their modest aim for this season is the 7th place and looking at the latest performances this seems very doable.



Fram is usually playing in a 4-2-3-1. 
Captain and key man Kristinsson in goal. The back four is made, from left to right by Traustason, Omarsson, Bjarnason and Arnarsson.
Defensive midfielders are usually Hafsteinn Briem (3 goals) and Gudjonsson who is a very good fighter and probably the most experienced player. The offensive line usually consists of Atlason (2 goals), Baldvinsson and Marteinsson (3 goals) who often switch positions inplay.
Since striker Hafsteinsson is injured, in front of goal we could see Takefusa who is also more a good teamplayer than a stone-cold scorer. Fram is good at counterattacks and can score from all midfield positions. Though, like many other icelandic teams, they don't care too much about defense and are having problems when a team has fast forwards.


Streak in Europe

Back in the 70s and 80s, when they had their most successfull times, Fram was a frequent participant in European football.

Though, they never came further than 2nd round and their last appearance was 5 years ago when they also failed in 2nd round against Sigma Olomouc (losing 1-3 on aggregate).

Even though Fram is not a very new name in Europe, none of the current players has any experience playing in Europe.

By Chris (Twitter @esticelandonia)

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Curiosities (by The Stig)

·        In Iceland PEPSI-Deildin are playing 12 teams, 6 of them are from Reykjavik.

·        Fram Reykjavik consists of Football, Handball, basketball, taekwondo and skiing.


·        Fram’s ex central defender Sam Hewson was raised by Manchester United, ex left flanker Sam Tillen was a Chelsea youngster.

·        Fram’s former defender Fróði Benjaminsen has scored a goal to Estonian national team in 2011, when Estonia lost to Faroe Islands 2-0.

·        Fram’s manager Bjarni Guðjónsson, was a former player of Stoke City, Newcastle United, Genk and Coventry City.

·        Their former manager Ríkharður Daðason was also a former player of Stoke City, and scored 14 goals in Iceland national team. Rikhardur was a product of Fram academy.

·        Product from Fram academy Pétur Marteinsson and goalkeeper Birkir Kristinsson played in Stoke City. They both played together at Stoke with present-day manager Bjarni Guðjónsson and former Ríkharður Daðason (season 2000-01). 

      Ögmundur Kristinsson, Fram's goalkeeper, made his national team debut against Estonia on the 4th of June 2014

·        Andrzej Strejlau was a manager from Poland in 1982-1983, he also managed Legia Warsawa, Larissa and Shangai Shenua, clubs where have played at least one Estonian footballer