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UEL: Nõmme Kalju vs. FC Aktobe (KAZ) 0-0 (0-1 agg), players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment

KALJU FC (4-2-3-1)


On 24’ minutes the first great save of the game as he denies Pizzelli the opener from distance. Before that nothing to be to worried about since the defence covered the box adequately. Another miracle made on 29’ minutes when he blocks a powerful shot by Danilo. On 52’ minutes he cannot do anything when the same Danilo hits the bar with a header, Goddess Fortuna helps him. On 64’ minutes he makes a real miracle on Captain Logvinenko short-range header. Same story against Korobkin (70’). Under pressure for 90’ minutes plus added time. MOTM.

MÖÖL 6,5
Always attemptive when Aktobe’s attacks come in his way (often in first half due Brazilian Neco being very active on Aktobe’s left side). He is also keen in restarting the build-up as he was an attacking midfielder.

Very focused in first half, stops a cross from the left side and with the help of Kallaste walls an attempt by De Oliveira in the box.

The defence leader doesn’t lose his composure even when a teammate makes a mistake on a counter and he needs to track back and put a patch. As usual, he never gives up.

A more defensive game for the Estonian international, but it was worth. Aktobe’s right side was never an issue and even compelled Gazzaev to rest Danilo and give a chance to Zhamulkan with no avail. The cross for Dmitrjev in first half was the best thing seen in the attacking phase.

E. PURI 6,5
If you need a workdog to defend the score, call Eino Puri. Lacked brilliance in the counters, but that is normal.

A lot of dirty work in front of the defence to protect the back line. In second half Terehhov replaces him with Reginald in order to bring fresh energies for the battle.

A couple of interesting initiatives in first half, however he disappears as Kalju are prone to defend rather than control. He always gives the impression he could hurt on one-on-one’s and Aktobe defenders are keen in double-teaming or committing fouls on him.

Generous game as usual. The task is defending and he obeys like a soldier albeit leaving Dmitrijev isolated.

Useful in the defensive phase when a blanket is needed on Atkobe’s counters. In second half he exceeds and ends up in the referee’s notepad (60’). On 66’ minutes he has Kalju’s best chance of the game that far, however his shot at Bekbayev is weak for the Kazakh shot stopper to stretch and block on the floor.

He was a striker but his old position doesn’t seem to fit him any longer. Starts confused and drops onto the midfield line leaving a hole up front. On 28’ minutes he is late when Kallaste’s puts a perfect cross to be tapped in. In second half he is replaced with Neemelo as Terehhov wants to gain weight and experience up front.