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***LIVE*** Europa League: Sillamäe Kalev vs. Hajduk Split (CRO) 1-1 (FT)

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Live coverage of this game from Rakvere City Stadium in Rakvere (EST) is over.
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And it's all over here in Rakvere! Just before the final whistle, Tjapkin walled with his body an attempt from distance.

The draw is obviously good for Hajduk who will play home next week. Sillamäe collects their first draw in European campaigns. They scored one goal with four clear attempts on target and generally showed a better form than Hajduk, who played better in first half and left a lot of empty spaces in the second half.

The live commentary from Rakvere is over, have a good evening!

The fourth official shows 3 minutes of injury time.

The first booking of the game was for Sisov, fouling Ohandza ready to run free on the edge of the touchline from Sillamäe left side.

Sillamäe are now finding space for quick counters. With 7 minutes to go and injury time, everything could happen.

82' CHANGE Hajduk removes Balic and brings in Maglica, another striker for the final siege.

It's eighty minutes of play and Sillamäe are still holding Hajduk on 1-1. In the second half they added value to their achievement of first half with another couple of chances. Hajduk look tired now as they cannot keep their side short and put pressure on Sillamäe. Spaces are often available in the middle for forays.

Ohandza had a go with a overhead kick on the change of front, but the ball did not hit the back of  the net.

76' It's Janar Toomet's Sillamäe fourth best attempt as the former Kalju shoots from inside the box and Kalinic has to make another great save. On the developments of the corner, a scrumble ended with an assuming foul in the box, Munuera did not judge it as a penalty. 

74' CHANGE Hajduk removes Rogulijc, one of the most positives and bring in Bilyy

There are between 80 and 100 fans who made their way from Croatia according to the information we received. Sillamäe fans are about 100 (two fans from Sillamäe, 100km from Rakvere).

71' Supersave by Kalinic!
Ratnikov received a ball from outside the box on the development of a corner and shot upwards. Kalinic deflected above the bar for a matter of centimeters. Sillamäe's third best attempt of the game.
69' Silich tried a header assist in the box, but the giant, Milovic headed it out.

68' Russo's foray is well controlled by Mikanovic who helps himself with the hands. Russo complaied about shirt-pulling, Munuera was not impressed.

67' Hajduk almost there since a goal is scored when Munuera had already whistled an offside.

65' CHANGE Sillamäe pulls Vnukov off and puts in Ratnikov.

On the take, the ball is full of spin and power towards the second post, no one managed to head it.

ocals fans are now making themselves heard in the stand behind our improvised press area in Rakvere City Stadium.

61' Giorgio Russo by far the best player. Creates trouble and disturbance whenever the ball is in his zone. Earned a freekick now and about to take.

60' Dudarev in trouble with Ohandza. The Camerun striker gets free and shoots from inside the box, but not danger for Starodubtsev catching on the floor.

59' Off the target attempt by Rogulijc

58' CHANGE: Radchenko in, Maloku out. First sub used by the guests.

The ball has been flying in the midfield in the past minutes with each team trying to grab possession. Hajduk are preparing the first change.

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan...Ats Purje put Kalju ahead (72') and now FC Aktobe have lost their goalkeeper for a red card. Flora still leading 1-0 against Rabotnicki.
So far, a fantastic night for Estonian clubs.

Quick counter by Sillamäe, but the Hajduk defence managed to keep Kvasov and Silich away.

It is evident that the draw is too tight for Hajduk, already two good chances in less than 5 minutes with the same Ohandza who caused the penalty in first half.

Chance for Ohandza (HAJ), his foray in the box is finished with a shot towards the far post, but Starodubtchev deflects into corner. On the take, the same Camerun striker heads off the post from good position.

48' Harsh challenge by Mikanovic on Russo. The Italian winger has now moved to the left, the same position from where he assisted Silich.

47' Free-kick attempt for Hajduk from distance, well over the bar.

SECOND HALF ON! No changes and Sillamäe attacking from right to left.

Half-time whistle by the Spanish referee Juan Martinez Munuera. In the final minutes Hajduk tried to exploit once and again Sillamäe left side where Cinikas has been in troubles.
The only emotions of the first half were the goals. Sillamäe very pragmatic: 2 shots on target, 1 goal. In both situations Giorgio Russo's footprint, so far Sillamäe's best man. Hajduk have had more of the ball and the game, although they did not manage to kill the game. Their season preparation fatigue is evident when comes to be bright on the finishing piece.
Other results:

Flora - Rabotnicki 1-0 - Gussev scored the opener on 59'! (63')
FC Aktobe - Nõmme Kalju 0-0 (64')

The fourth official shows 2 minutes of injury time.

43' Now Sillamäe take a bit courage and push Hajduk in their half for the final minutes of the first half. Cheminava was fouled on the midfield line, Dudarev will take the free-kick.

It was a quick counter brought forward by Giorgio Russo who crossed perfectly in the middle of the box where both Silich and Kvasov were ready to head. Silich was faster and punished Kalinic. 1-1

40' GOOOOOOOL!!!! Sillamäe pulls level!

39' Nice foray by Balic, on the cross, Cheminava puts into corner but Starodubtchev was about to come out and pick it. They didn't talk each other, another corner for Hajduk.

37' On the developments, again Rogulijc shooting at Starodubtchev. The Sillamäe goalie saved into corner from the closer post with his fists.

36' Caktas had a take on free-kick, deflected by the wall into corner.

35' Rogulijc received a good ball in the box but, disturbed by Śiśov, could not shoot properly at Starodubtchev.

32' Nikola Vlasic made Sillamäe's rear go crazy with a series of dribblings. He released to Maloku, whose shot was waled outside of the box.

30' Russo's take on a free-kick earned a minute earlier from the left side is on Kalinic face! The Croatian goalkeeper, disturbed by the sun, can only push it away with his fists. Best attempt of the game for Sillamäe, Russo is the most dangerous player for Sillamäe, placed on the left wing of the 4-2-3-1 prepared by Deniss Ugarov.

28' Corner kick for Sillamäe, Russo on the take. Right foot from the left side, the ball obviously curls out. 

27' Nizic receives medical care as had a collision with Kvasov in the box.

26' Maloku curls from outside the box, but it's slow and easy for Starodubtchev.

24' Repeated attempts to shoot on goal from inside the box by Hajduk, but Sillamäe's defence walls all of them.

23' Silich attempts in the box, but his attempt to head the ball was affected by fouling.

22' Sillamäe have not yet produced any danger in the Croatian half.

Meanwhile in Kruoja, Lithuania, Kostantin Vassiljev's club scored what will probably be the winner, in injury time. Kostja played 64'.
Flora-Rabotnicki 0-0 (45')
Aktobe-Kalju 0-0 (45')

Hajduk are now letting ball and initiative to Sillamäe trying to handle their energies considering they are in pre-season.

15' Giorgio Russo, Italian midfielder of Sillamäe, caused an injury to Hajduk's goalkeeper Kalinic and the game was suspended for one minute. Was was trying to latch onto a long ball sent from the midfield line from set-piece.

14' Hajduk have no hurry whatsoever. A while ago a ball danced in the box but the Croatians where not effective in shooting at Starodubtchev from favourable position. 

11' Sillamäe have tried to re-organize themselves after the shock. The penalty foul was actually caused by the same Vnukov who miscontrolled the ball in the box.

9' It's an uphill game for Sillamäe wearing the traditional Uhlsport white kit. The guests are in their away red-and-blue striped Macron kit.

6' GOOOOOOL! Caktas transforms the penalty with a delicious 'panenka'. Apparently the Hajduk nr.18 he is quite accustomed with this type of take, refers to Rumori a Croatian radio commentator. The Hajduk fans are singing without a break. We have seen some cars from Croatia in the parking lot.

Vnukov lost a ball in the box and in the developments, Ohandza was too quick for Cinakas who fouled him.

PENALTY! Ohandza fouled in the box, Spanish ref had no doubt in assigning the penalty.

4' Dudarev's take found accidentally Kvasov head but the flicked ball comfortably in Kalinic hands

3' Kvasov earned a freekick in Hajduk's half, probably first chance for Sillamäe in the box.

2' Sillamäe are keen to let the ball to Hajduk and wait in their half in compact lines.

1' Kick off weas taken by Hajduk.


- Team have completed all the preliminaries and are now about to line up on the field and kick this game off!

- It's a nice and sunny evening, almost clearly sky and 24'C, we're entering the Estonian summer in full mood. That's when the European Cups hit town, tonight it's the town of Rakvere, 100km from the capital, Tallinn.
Sillamäe (4-2-3-1)

Starodubtchev; Śiśov, Cheminava, Dudarev, Cinikas; Tjapkin, Vnukov; Toomet, Silich, Russo; Kvasov
Hajduk (4-2-3-1)
Kalinic; Mikanovic, Milovic, Nizic, Vlasic; Caktas, Tudor; Rogulijc, Balic, Maloku.

- We're live from Sillamäe now! Both teams have completed the warm-ups and are now in the changing rooms to wear their match clothes on. We will give the line-ups in one minute.

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