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Nõmme Kalju vs. FC Vaduz: all precedents of Estonian clubs with Liechtenstein

Angelo PalmeriComment

As against FC Aktobe from Kazakhstan, Nõmme Kalju will set the first precedent ever against FC Vaduz from Liechtenstein since the two nations never clashed at club level.

We can count instead on five precedents at national team level, all after restored independence (1991).

The first one dates back to October 1993 in Balzers (LIE) when Estonia earned their second win ever after regained independence. That would have been Estonia’s ultimate win for three long years (2-0 the full-time score for Estonia).

With a 11-year leap, we reach August 2004 when in Vaduz, Estonia bag the second win in a row against the microstate. 2-1 win with winner goal scored by present-day Kalju player, Joel Lindpere.
It was a WC 2006 qualifier and Estonia hosted Liechtenstein almost a year after (June 2005) in Tallinn for the return game, bagging another win for 2-0.

The most recent precedents date back to 2010 (1-1 in Tallinn in a friendly game) and in 2013 (3-0 for Estonia in Vaduz for another friendly).

At the same time, we shall consider that FC Vaduz play in the Swiss Super League having accessed the Europa League via the ‘Prince Cup’, the only competitive tournament in Liechtenstein (there is no league).

Taking into account the precedents against Swiss teams, it does not look as rosy.

The very first precedent dates back to UEFA Cup season 1996-97 when now-defuncty club, Lantana Tallinn, lost 2-4 on aggregate to FC Aarau. Lantana managed to win 2-0 at home setting the only win of Estonian clubs against Swiss ones.

The second precedent dates back to 1998 when Viljandi Tulevik was eliminated 3-9 on aggregate by San Gallen in the Intertoto Cup first round.

In 2002, and again in the Intertoto Cup (second round), FC Levadia lost 0-1 on aggregate to FC Zürich.

A penalty for FC Basel in Tallinn against FC Flora (You Tube)

A penalty for FC Basel in Tallinn against FC Flora (You Tube)

The most recent clash dates back to 2012-13 Champions League as FC Flora conceded 5 goals on aggregate to FC Basel in the second qualifying round of the main continental competition.

1 win, 1 draw and 6 losses the final sheet against Swiss top-flight clubs.