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Meeting Toldo and Di Biagio

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For all our English speaking readers who requested it, here are the full text versions of the video interviews available here

Di Biagio

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What type of coach are you?
My way of interpreting football is to let kids learn how to play football, how to lead the game, how to bring forward their own game without speculating. It is important to have clear ideas when starting a maneuver. I want a team able to play their own football.

Which coach from your footballer career has been influential for you?
I have had so many coaches that certainly you need to pick up positive things from each of them. Zeman, Lippi, Mazzone…these are certainly the most important ones for me, those I picked up the most for my own knowledge. However I think it´s possible to get something also from those that might have given less. Certainly Zdenek Zeman he is a promoter of attacking football, and I like attacking football, so definitely I have been influence by him a lot.

Talking about Zeman, what didn´t work in his second spell at AS Roma under the US ownership?
The thing is that when you sign Zeman, either you sign him accepting everything, both the virtues and the flaws, or you don´t sign him at all. You cannot sign Zeman and demand to change his way of thinking and way of implementing football. They tried to change this, but it was not possible. If club and players don´t rely upon Zeman´s mentality, then it´s pointless to sign him

Did you talk to Francesco Totti about this?
No, I didn´t.

How this Toldo-Di Biagio coaching staff couple was born?
All happened by chance. Last year they offered me to coach the U-20 national team, we´re actually coaching there. We´re here as an emergency situation as the U-16 head coach, Zoratto, is busy with the U-17 finals and we were asked to replace him. When they offered me this job, there was a chance also for Francesco to be the goalkeepers coach. It all started as a fun thing, and we´re still having fun in doing this together. We´re also professionally growing, we´re studying, we´re learning and maybe, who knows, some day we will coach a club. For now our professional path is here within the football federation and this is very gratifying.

France ´98. Do you still have nightmares about that penalty?
Oh, so much time has passed…and anyway I am used to always look forward. Of course I was very sorry for that, as I missed the chance to become World Champion, so it hurt me a lot. However I don´t look back so much. I am very glad about how it did go. Obviously, if that penalty got in, it was much better.



Do you remember what date is today?
Hesitates and I have to re-ask ask until  I suggest him it´s 22.5.2013

Do you remember where you were 3 years ago?
…… Madrid (Champions League final Inter-Bayern Munich)

What memories you have from that day?
Wonderful ones. We achieved a dream and ended up a cycle of fantastic years. This was possible thanks to the team, the coach, the club that made all that possible. It was a great award for all Inter supporters.

Now, after 3 years, what is going wrong at Inter?
This is not about something going wrong. Here all depends upon planning. Nothing happens unexpectedly. You have to set up a plan, a strategy, and you have to be good at signing in those players that can make the difference.

Let´s rewind memories about 2010. You certainly remember when Balotelli threw the Inter jersey after the game with Barcelona (Inter won 3-1 in the semifinal at San Siro). Materazzi has been recounting that he ran after Mario, mad at him, till the dressing room. What was your reaction?
Mario is very good guy. I would forget about these past controversies. Mistakes can be done, what is important is to understand and not make them anymore. I think Mario is more mature now, and his future will very bright.

Tell me about your coaching career. Gigi said that this Di Biagio-Toldo coaching pair was born a bit by chance. Is it so?
Yes, Gigi asked me if I wanted to be the goalkeepers coach for the U-20 national team and I told him ´why not?´ Why not, because I know him, I know what kind of person he is. Passion for this work it’s what makes the difference. I try to teach the boys what has been taught to me when I was younger.

I cannot avoid asking about some painful events in your career: Euro 2000 and the 5th of May (when Inter lost scudetto at last matchday)?
I wouldn´t say it was painful…I´d look at it by considering that in Euro 2000 we placed ourselves in second place. In football, ending up second or third, it turns into a drama. In athletics and other sports, it´s an award…for me it´s not a tragedy to reach a final and lose it. Well, of course, one is sorry about that, but it´s still a silver medal! We also get a medal in football, however from mass media point of view, it is described like a total loss.

I wouldn´t really talk more about the 5th of May, many years have passed and Inter were able to deliver 5 scudetto in 5 years…

So you agree with Inter owner, Massimo Moratti, when he says that the scudetto taken from Juventus it is a real title and kind of moral compensation for what happened?

I don´t go into controversies, I look forward.