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Sander Puri: me and the game

Angelo PalmeriComment

Courtesy of Phil Howden, Programme Editor at York City FC and author, we have receieved a copy of an interview to Sander Puri appeared on YCFC vs. Plymouth Argyle (16th of November 2013, 1-1 the final result) match programme (‘The Citizen’) and we offer it to our readers in Estonia as an exclusive.

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It’s 1,810 miles by road from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, to the capital of the Yorkshire. Yet despite this long distance, Estonian international winger Sander Puri has made York City Football Club his home after joining in the summer. To find out how he is enjoying life here in North Yorkshire, The Citizen chatted to Sander at the Wigginton Road Training Ground

Sander, how have you found life at York City?

Good! It’s a nice old lovely place. As for the club, I love the stadium (Bootham Crescent – A.P.) because it’s a traditional English stadium. I like the Training Ground too as it’s a little bit outside of the city and it’s a lovely place here. I enjoy the facilities and the fact we can use places like Roko (a chain of health clubs in York – A.P.) even though the weather means the pitches are not so good.

What do you think of York as a place?

I have walked around the city and it’s lovely. Before you had the big wheel and I was there. It wasn’t like the London eye, but it was still something. I don’t know, I just love the city because it’s not so big and it’s not so small and you can see a lot of people from other countries, that’s nice.

Having played in a few different countries, what do you think about English football and League 2?

I know it’s called League 2 but the way the competition is organised and the way the media are and the fans are – it’s only League 2 but all the things are like the top level in other countries. For example, I played in Hungary and Finland and the top divisions there and here it’s even better. I think it’s because of the English football culture. It’s different and it’s great.

Which do you prefer, playing international football or playing domestic club football?

I have always said I don’t want to compare internationals to club football. It’s two different things. Obviously the club is where you get your money and reputation but internationally you play for your country. So for me it’s two completely different things.

Sander in action at Bristol Rovers (

Sander in action at Bristol Rovers (

You played in the FA Cup for the first time at Bristol Rovers (the game ended with a 2-2 draw in Bristol which brought to a replay in York – A.P.) what was the experience like?

It was the first time I played in the oldest Cup so it was good to be a part of it. And of course it was good to be in the team.

Finally, what do you hope to achieve this season?

Maybe two things. If we can manage to get to the Play-Offs I think that would be fantastic. That’s the target. At the moment we are a little bit behind that but I think we still have a chance And also the FA Cup – to get through this round, then the next one then the big teams come in. It would be great to play against one of the big teams ( unfortunately Sander’s dream was crushed in the replay at Bootham Crescent as The Citizens lost 2-3 vs. Bristol Rovers in the replay – A.P.)

Phil Howden