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Meeting Sander Puri, next York City FC midfielder

Angelo PalmeriComment

Sander´s second friendly game of three (next and last will be on Tuesday against Kyrgysztan) starts at 57´ when he replaces nr. 6 Dmitrijev and goes to play on the left flank.

As highlighted previously Sander Puri can play each of the flanks and, when needed, he has also played as central midfielder.

As soon as Tarmo Kink (former  ´Boro player) leaves the pitch and the right flank, Sander goes back on his usual position.

Thirty intense minutes for the Estonian nr.7: as usual a lot of running back and forth, pressuring and trying to kick off counterattacks.

At the end of the positive game for his national side (1-0) he answered our questions on his future at Bootham Crescent: expectations and also amazement at the enthusiasm around him.