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Riccardo D'Agnese, RdS cartoonist

Angelo PalmeriComment
Riccardo in real life...

Riccardo in real life...

Starting from this week, the RdS team enlarges with a new member: Riccardo D’Agnese.

From Montesilvano, province of Pescara, Riccardo is a 23-year-old Biology graduate.

He has two great passions among others: football and drawing.

Riccardo drew RdS attention when FC Flora presented some special caricature cards depicting Flora players.

How the collaboration with Flora was born?
Riccardo recounts: ‘’I have always known Flora by their reputation’’ told Riccardo upon joining RdS team ‘’as they are the main club in Estonia and in Tallinn. I have this dream of coming to visit Baltic countries some day’’ confesses the young man.

‘’I started gathering information about Flora present squad and the most prominent players – I fancy strikers the most and it’s not a mystery that my favourite player is Premium Liiga topscorer Albert Prosa’’ – Prosa’s card debuted on FC Flora 24-page match program in the game against FC Infonet.

‘’Albert wears nr.99, my favourite one! I have contacted Flora in order to purchase the topscorer's jersey’’.

...and Riccardo seen by his own pencil.

...and Riccardo seen by his own pencil.

Riccardo is an all-rounder football passionate.
He follows with interest other European leagues.
His bedroom walls are carpeted with clubs’ scarves from all over Europe: Norway, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania etc. ‘’I always visit a local stadium when I am on a trip abroad’’ reveals Riccardo about his greatest passion ‘’and I also end up buying a jersey as I’ve been collecting them for 10 years already’’.
Riccardo tells us that he had also a crush for Ojamaa’s playground at Legia Warsaw.

RdS has decided to enroll Riccardo for a complete collection of caricature stickers for all the 10 Premium Liiga clubs.

If Flora fans have the chance to discover little by little those of their white-green heroes, RdS readers will have the possibilities to enjoy how Riccardo sees all the other protagonists of the Estonian top-flight.

How this passion for drawing footballers caricatures was born?
‘’I draw those since many years already’’ explains the young Italian ‘’I try to improve always my style by getting inspiration from other artists. I started to depict the most representative players of the less popular clubs. I started with South-American clubs and now I am dealing with Eastern European ones’’ explains Riccardo who confesses to have a passion for Argentine football.

You can find the first ‘bag’ of stickers of two Levadia players in ‘Riccardo's stickers collection’ first chapter, ‘Levadia 1’.

Next week, we will check Nõmme Kalju first stickers.