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Open letter from Uwe Erkenbrecher to Tartu and Tammeka

Angelo PalmeriComment

Back in November 2013, RdS elected Uwe Erkenbrecher as the 2013 personage of Estonian football.

A series of colourful and witty sentences collected throughout the football season was our gift for him after his 59th birthday.

Erkenbrecher personality broke into Estonian football in the aftermath of a game lost to Levadia under a snowstorm. ‘’I don’t get shocked at anything’’ said the man who would have managed to beat the Estonian Champions only five months later in a sunny and warm Tartu. He does not indeed.

He led Tammeka till the bottom of a very long and consuming season with the phlegm of the experienced general who has seen everything and its contrary on the battlefield.

We met him on the eve of the final game in Valga and he confessed to RdS all his worries about season 2014. He was aware that the destiny of Tartu’s top flight football and Tammeka was not depending only upon that game which, quite confidently probably, he knew he was going to have in his pocket.

He told us that he had a list of ’21 things to do’ – a list of conditions to make his work and his staff work better for the upcoming football season. Conditions that probably were not satisfied, as he never returned to Estonia after his contract expired (31st of December 2013).

In a two-hour interview, all his feelings and attachment to the work he had done for the club surfaced. He expressed all the praise he could for the men who had given more than everything that they could. However, cool-blooded, he knew his future in Tammeka did not depend only on the positive result of the last game against Rakvere Tarvas.

Following all the events that took place over the past 10-15 days around Tammeka, Uwe has decided to step back and have his say in a situation that is throwing the work of many good people in the dustbin. He is not pointing the finger at anybody, however he is trying to call all the best wills of Tartuensis and Tammeka football and non-football scene to act and save the work done in a year. Work done among a sea of financial and structural difficulties that gave unhoped-for results.

Uwe has decided to reach out to Tartu and Tammeka via ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’, we are more than happy to voice his feelings on our web portal.

Dear Friends in Tartu and at Tammeka,

Tartu is a good place for football and JK Tammeka is a good club to represent Estonian and Tartuensis football in a right way.

-JK Tammeka has had the most spectators on average last season in premium liiga (357 the home game best average – A.P.).
- The most prominent teams in the club (Premium Liiga, Esiliiga and U17-Eliteliiga) made good rankings and played a good, attractive football with many good talented young players.
- The first team managed to retain the Premium Liiga and not in an easy way.
- In the relegation games against Rakvere we ensured to play in Premium Liiga with a good performance (6-2 win on aggregate – A.P.).
- The critical financial situation created problems for us in our daily work and the team spirit at last was the guarantee for our success.
- Most of the times we played with a very young XI and many Tammeka talents (7 or 8) made a debut last season.

I was looking full of hope and with a realistic optimism for the season 2014!

I have also noticed, that many of our players are on the list of the Estonian FA now and they are being called up for the National Teams!

I have planned with with a better professional staff around the team because, in 2013, we worked without assistant coach and goalkeeper coach. I got good support by other club coaches, but for the future, there is necessary need of more professional support and more than just one head coach for the first team! 

Tartu, in the South-East of Estonia, with its enthusiasm, it is a good location and should be a base camp - also for the Estonian FA-  for football education and training on a high and professional level. Football in Tartu needs more support to have better training conditions, especially in winter. Last season all coaches, staff and club members made a fantastic work to have foundations for the coming years.

I'm convinced of the football potential of Tammeka and Tartu and I would like to continue my work to stabilize the teams with their players and to go on with the professional development of the talent potential in Tartu!

The club was and is also currently in a critical financial situation, however there should be ways to find solutions to help and support: from sponsors, from the city government and the Estonian FA - Tartu and the players need football on highest level and Estonia needs football on highest level in Tartu!

Hopefully somebody will find a way out of the crisis for the talents and the football commune of Tartu!

Normally....GO ON TAMMEKA...!  

Best Regards,

Yours in soccer
Headcoach of JK Tammeka 2013

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