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2013 Best Player: Rimo Hunt

Angelo PalmeriComment

We met Rimo in the framework of a sponsor event to deliver him the prize offered by RdS in collaboration with Pulcinella, Italian restaurant in Tallinn Old Town.

Rimo was very glad to receive this prize awarded exclusively by the readers who preferred him to other 9 contestants with the 39% of the votes. In our poll, he managed to beat Vladimir ‘Vosko’ Voskoboinikov who classified second (18%).

We chatted with Rimo after giving him the deserved prize.

Pictures by Francesco Antonio de Caprariis (

Pictures by Francesco Antonio de Caprariis (

Rimo, RdS is an English speaking website about Estonian football and our readers have voted you as the best player of 2013 season, how do you feel about that?

It is a great feeling. Talking about the season in general, I could not imagine even in my best dreams, that I would have become the best player of the season. Maybe my individual target was just to become the topscorer, I got close to it but in the end I was awarded also as Best Player.

The topscorer fight was very tight indeed. On the last matchday you scored 3 goals and Vosko did too. Were you deluded when you saw the result in Elva (Kalju played in Elva away to Tammeka – A.P.) ?

Yeah, and we played in Saaremaa (the game started 15 minutes earlier than Elva – A.P.) and I knew I was already one behind before the last game. I scored three goals so I thought this was a big chance for me to win. However as soon as Vosko made an hattrick too, I was behind again. However I don’t have regrets, I got the best player prize here and I am very glad about that.


Did you bet something with Vosko like, ‘who wins, pays a dinner’ ?

(Laughs – A.P.) No, no, no…I told him: ‘it doesn’t matter who win, you’re very nice guy’ I know him very well as we trained together so it was not an issue between us.

Talking about your future. On Levadia webpage, it is written that there might be a chance you leave the club to go abroad, are there any concrete offers at the moment?

(Sighs – A.P.) At the moment no concrete offers. If they will come, I will think about it. It will be a very big decision for me to take. At the moment I have no idea whether, how and when I am going to play elsewhere outside Estonia.

Do you have a preference for a foreign country?

Not really…well, of course I’d like to play in a World top league but honestly talking, I am a bit too old for that (Rimo is 28-years-old – A.P.). Let’s see what happens, the conditions will be very important for my move.

I understood you know Tere Italia and our Estonian football column, ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’, what do you think about it?

I got acquainted via Facebook as I noticed something was advertized there and I was in competition with Vosko…and I won this as well, it’s great, thank you!

You have to thank RdS readers, as they exclusively chose you as the Best Player of Premium Liiga 2013.

I have to say big ‘thanks’ to the readers for choosing me as the best player, it is very important for me and it’s very nice, I will enjoy a dinner in Pulcinella now!

Thank you Rimo and ‘in bocca al lupo!’.