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Betting scandal: the names missing

Angelo PalmeriComment

Following the revelations made by Eesti Ekspress last week and reprised by ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’, our Editor-in-Chief has worked hard to bring you all the remaining names the Estonian FA might be investigating upon and shall be officially revealed in the half of June.

We bring them to you earlier and the range of countries touched by the 'Golova Mob' was not limited to Estonia.

Lithuania: fixing an A-Lyga game with Dmitri Śiśkin

Within Narva Trans squad, goalkeeper Sergei Ussoltsev (UKR) and left full-back Dmitri Śiśkin (LTU) were in cahoots to fix games.

However, Valeri ‘Golova’ Mihhailov was not happy with Śiśkin and did not want to share the money of the profit offered by ‘Sergei’ from Moscow to fix a Sillamäe-Narva Trans game.
He tried to exclude Śiśkin from fixing this game in favour of Ussoltsev when he spoke with ‘Sergei’ from Moscow.  

The game ended 5-2 for Narva Trans (12th of July 2011).

Quite interesting the words spoken before the game by Sergei Leontovitsh, one of the Narva players involved in the matchfixing, to the Estonian FA official website (the usual words released before the game):

we are professionals and on the pitch we do our job with quality’.

However, notwithstanding this rivalry, Śiśkin was protagonist with another Lithuanian citizen (named Gidris) of fixing the A-Lyga fixture
FK Kruoja Pakruojis vs FBK Kaunas some months later (15th of October 2011).

After several conversations, it’s agreed that Kruoja shall lose at least 0-3 or equalize, there’s no way they were going to win this game. ‘They don’t have the right to win’ says categorically Ussoltsev to Śiśkin as they aim at exploiting the ‘live’ odds.

We shall mention that, in that moment, Kruoja were favourites as admitted by ‘Sergei’ from Moscow himself: they had 40 points against 19 of FBK Kaunas.

Did you understand everything?’ asks Ussoltsev to Śiśkin in a phone call occurred on the same day of the game ‘Everything’ replies the Lithuanian player ‘and now I will phone to the team (Kruoja, to explain the agreements’).

The matchfixing was successful as
Kruoja lost 4-0 home to FBK Kaunas and Gidris could receive 8000€ on his wife’s bank account. Mihhailov sent the money from his father Alexander’s bank account.

This money was for the Kruoja players involved in the fixing.

Śiśkin (middle) at his previous club in Klaipeda, Atlantas (

Śiśkin (middle) at his previous club in Klaipeda, Atlantas (

Dmitri Śiśkin today is a player at Granitas Klaipedas.

The players from Kruoja (here the squad from 2011) who took part to the matchfixing were never named by Śiśkin during the phone calls.

When comes to Lithuanian football, during other Skype conversations between Valeri Mihhailov and ‘Sergei’ from Moscow, FK Taura is mentioned as ‘our team’ to mean that they are working to fix games with the gang.

Estonia: Narva Trans Captain, Stanislav Kitto, was aware of what was going on in his team

In a conversation between Maksim Gruznov (all-time Estonian top-flight top-scorer) and Sergei Ussoltsev, a list of names is made.

The object of the conversation was the game Narva Trans vs. Nõmme Kalju (final result 1-2 on the 19th of May 2012) which took place in the afternoon (they chat via phone around 10pm).

Stanislav Kitto among the players with record of appearances in Estonian top-flight (

Stanislav Kitto among the players with record of appearances in Estonian top-flight (

Ussoltsev was doubtful about the organization of the matchfixing (by that time he was not playing any longer so he cannot control the things from inside the team).

Gruznov, who played almost all the game and got a yellow card, denied categorically and confirmed that no one would do anything without informing him.

He recounted that, initially, the players agreed with the conditions of the matchfixing, but later on, they quit.

At the same time, he could not exclude that something doubtful happened during the game, therefore, there might be some kind of agreement; however he was not informed about it.

He then made the list of players that have discussed the conditions with him before quitting: Sergei Leontovits, Aleksei Kulik, Erik Grigorjev, Aleksandr Abramenko, Vitali Gussev and Stanislav Kitto. ‘We all sat together in a pizza bar’ recounts Gruznov to Ussoltsev ‘me, Vital (Gussev) Stas (Stanislav Kitto) and Erik (Grigorjev) came with Abram (Abramenko)’

Gruznov did not exclude that Leontovitś might have had a separate agreement with a certain ‘Smirnov’.

Stanislav Kitto is still part of Narva Trans 2014 squad even though he has not played one single game in Premium Liiga this season being just a substitute.

More players from Levadia?

The object is the game Narva Trans vs. Levadia on the 22nd of October 2011.

Mihhailov asks how many from Levadia are in. Anton Sereda says he received a call from Levadia players and answers back to ‘Golova’: ‘one has quit, he is suspended, the striker agrees, tomorrow I phone to the defender and the goalkeeper…do we start working if I get 3?’
Names are never mentioned.

Folklore of the matchfixing: the meeting at Zanzibar bar

On the 11th of June 2012, Ussoltsev and Mihhailov agree that they have to meet before the 16th of June (when the game Tallinna Kalev vs Nõmme Kalju takes place) with the Kalev players. They agree to travel the day after (12th of June) to Tallinn to speak with them. They talk about some money to give in advance to the players (not sure whether it’s 350€ or 3500€ as in the phone conversation they talk about ‘3 and a half’).

One of the interiors of 'Zanzibar' where the 'Golova Mob' met - their movements were tracked by the police with cars registration numbers reported in the trial documents (

One of the interiors of 'Zanzibar' where the 'Golova Mob' met - their movements were tracked by the police with cars registration numbers reported in the trial documents (

Mihhailov assures Ussoltsev that Anton (Sereda) will refund the money: ‘let the lads be…understand?...that there would be a contact and it cannot get lost. The one who’s got the money, he orders the music (to be played) understand?’' Mihhailov hints at the fact that gaining the players trust is a priority as will help them in future to fix more games in future.

The meeting between Ussoltsev, Mihhailov and Deniss Jõgiste (Kalev player) happens in Zanzibar bar, located in Tallinn’s district of Lasnamäe, Punane Street 14

The Estonian FA will discover the match fixing.

Jõgiste (who did not play that game) and Tokarev (the goalkeeper) will be immediately dismissed from the squad by club’s president, Raimo Nõu.

Orders via Skype: the direct wire with Asia

Besides revealing the conversations between Anton Sereda and Alexei Jahhimovitś surfaced last week by Eesti Ekspress, the Skype conversation transcripts reveal us how Ussoltsev was receiving instructions from Asia.

Ussoltsev is in touch with a certain General Sam Jie (GSJ) – a made-up name, Ussoltsev will call him simply ‘Sam’ – telling him what he has to do and how.

At the same time, he is chatting with Valeri Mihhailov.

In one of these conversations, ‘Sam’ and Ussoltsev speak about an U-21 game held at A.LeCoq Arena on the 15.10.2012, 3rd  and 4th  place final Estonia-Latvia of the Baltic Tournament. Ussoltsev sends the link of the event to GSJ:

Skype user interface. The popular P2P program developed in Estonia has often been used for match fixing conversations (internet)

Skype user interface. The popular P2P program developed in Estonia has often been used for match fixing conversations (internet)

'Sam' talks about ‘3 goals after 30 minute signal’ – the conversation was originally in English. 

Ussoltsev speaks to Mihhailov and they agree on the terms.
He then reassures Sam: ‘everything is ok’ writes Ussoltsev ‘he will give the last information to the players

All the goals were scored after 30 minutes of play: Laabus, who later on scored the 2-1 for Estonia, leveled the opener on penalty scored by Latvian Rakels. 

Fixing games also in Finland

In a following talk on the 16th of October 2012, Ussoltsev and ‘Sam’ talk about another game to fix which will take place in Finland.

There are some controversies over the reliability of the players.

‘Sam’ is concerned whether they can close the deal or not. Ussoltsev tries to reassure him, ‘Sam’ wants to know how many players and even the jersey numbers.

A goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, all the numbers you will get before the game. Because one of them could play as a defender or midfielder’.

‘Sam’ is hesitant, Ussoltsev push him against the wall ‘if you don’t trust us, then we cannot discuss about this game. You must trust us’.

‘Sam’ is hesitant as he needs to report to his partner.
He mentions there were problems in a game the previous night so this has created concern in his partner. Ussoltsev admits ‘our players did not do a good job in Latvia’ referring to a game in the Baltic country, not specified though.

‘Sam’ doesn’t want to risk, the time is little to agree terms with the players ‘the job needs to be done soon’ confirms ‘Sam’ to Ussoltsev ‘and then we won’t put pressure (on you). Like (it happened with) FK Daugava Riga. Good job.’ 'Sam' refers to a previous game of FK Daugava Riga he was very satisfied with. Ussoltsev confirms that Daugava Riga works with Sergei from Moscow.

What game are they talking about?
‘Sam’: ‘if the players manage to score two goals early, then we won’t put pressure…if Jaro scores a goal in the end, there’s no problem. Still 1-2’ .

It’s a game of FF Jaro.

Ussoltsev: ‘now Sergei will talk with Finland to reassure you’. After two minutes, he replies to ‘Sam’: ‘Sergei said to the players if they have a change to do and they lose 0-2, then we are not worried and you and your partner aren’t’.

They speak again about this game, ‘Sam’ is not sure as in a betting agency in China, they are aware of what happens in Veikkausliiga ‘and I think Sergei knows this well (too), because he played and worked there (Finland)’ empathizes Ussoltsev hinting at a career as footballer for 'Sergei' from Moscow in the neighbouring Finland.

A minor figure: Yuri Fenin

If Jahhimovitś was a big name pulled out of the pages and pages of transcripts, there is one name that surface from the different conversations, Yuri Fenin, 37-year-old Ukrainian national who now plays in M.C. Tallinn (4th tier) and was at Levadia in 2004 after experiences in Moldova and Belarus.

There are many of our (men) there, before the game we maybe do something’ says Sereda to a certain ‘Dzonik’ in Skype.

Fenin’s name is mentioned to Sereda by ‘Dzonik’ himself  and regarding a cup fixture (round of sixteen) between
Narva Trans and lower league side FC Maardu (now FC Maardu Starbunker). ‘Dzonik’ advices Sereda to talk to Fenin: ‘talk to him and he will tell you everything you need to know about the team’. Sereda admits he doesn’t know Fenin though.

Logo of Ajax Lasnamäe. Their negative feats made it also to the Brazilian press, in Globoesporte 

Logo of Ajax Lasnamäe. Their negative feats made it also to the Brazilian press, in Globoesporte 

Several Skype conversations between Anton Sereda and Yaroslav Dmitrjev (June 2011) bring to surface names from Ajax Lasnamäe that, according to the two individuals, can be enrolled to fix a game of this club. Ajax Lasnamäe ended 2011 season with only 4 points and a lot of goals suffered (192).

These are the name mentioned in different conversations: Shamil Mussajev, Sergei Kondratenko, Alexander Starodub, Vladimir Ljahhovetski, Jevgeni Romanov, Sahrjar Abdullajev, Vladimir Gerassimov, Deniss Kovtun.

Sereda and Dmitrjev reasons about who to take on probably for the game Ajax Lasnamäe vs. Narva Trans

According to a conversation on 13th of June 2011, Dmitrjev is sure to start the game: ‘Yes, I think I will be (from start)’. They speak again in the morning of the game day (around 10:30am, the game was at 18:45).

Also Sergei Tasso name is made as a possible part of the match fixing.

They have a dilemma whether Shamil Mussajev will play or not (he will in the end).

Another problem, it is the goalkeeper (Maksim Mamutov, he was mentioned earlier in another conversation) as he is not a start. He would participate, however he is a substitute.

The conversation goes on until 2pm.

Some of the players mentioned in that conversation, today belong to
FC Maardu 

Ajax Lasnamäe lost 0-7 to Narva Trans and then equalized 2-2 with Kuressaare on the 18th of June.

Two days earlier, 16th of June, Sereda and Dmitrjev got back in touch: ‘we are preparing for the game against Sillamäe’ on the 21st of June, after the fixture against Kuressaare ‘it’s 100% sure we will let them score’.

The game will finish 7-0 for Sillamäe.

Summer break.
Sereda and Jaroslav get in touch again for a game on the 2nd of July,
Ajax Lasnamäe vs. Levadia. Later on Sereda will talk to Sergei from Moscow. Besides the men in Ajax, seems there is also one from Levadia ready.

Sergei: ‘how many of ours in Levadia?
Sereda: ‘there, only a striker

Later on (6th of July) Sereda wrote to Sergei with good news as, according to him, they called him from Levadia (squad) to ‘work’ together for the Europa League game (against Luxembourg club, Differdange). They spoke on the 15th of July again. Levadia lost 0-1 to Differdange on the 21st of July and it’s out of the cup.

An Estonian referee mentioned in the UEFA Fraud Detection report

Several games have been under the lens of Estonian FA supported by the UEFA BFDS, Betting Fraud Detection System .

Most of those games monitored by the authorities, have been the object of the EFA investigations and object of the charges from the Estonian Court.

Due to the confidentiality of the reports, we cannot disclose more information.

However, according to one of these reports, the behavior of one referee was hinted at as suspicious and reported in the conclusions as ‘questionable performance’.

It must be said that, in the lenghy phonecalls transcripts and Skype chats, it was never mentioned any name of any match official belonging to the Estonian FA, let alone any hint at the possibility to fix a game via a match director.

This would hint at the fact that the UEFA – BFDS simply flagged a performance as ‘questionable’ but there are no relevant follow-ups to that.

We can only assume the match director was discharged by any suspicion rose by the report.