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Welco Elekter, a calendar to make your days electric

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Have you ever wondered what your wife or girlfriend has been doing when one fine evening she returned home quite late?

The man’s mind start to travel into the lands of jealousy and suspicion and the direst scenarios start to sketch when, upon being asked, our sweet halves explain very vaguely what they have been up to.

However, sometimes, there is a good cause when your woman is out until late.

She is making you a surprise.

Kadi appears herself as Miss September  - click to enlarge (Welco Elekter, photo by Laur Kaarna)


It is probably what happened to five of the Welco Elekter JK footballers.

‘Welco’, as it’s commonly known among their fans and football followers in Estonia, are a small club from the Tartu city competing in the 4th tier of the Estonian football pyramid.

They hit the headlines inside and outside Estonia when the video of their amazing fans choreography reached a weekly Top10 by The Guardian (video here) following a Twitter hype started by ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ (the YouTube video got a 122,000 hits!)

What were exactly doing the ‘wags’?

We asked Kadi Parts, member of the board at Welco, a journalist at and the mastermind behind the Welco Elekter girls (hence nicknamed by RdS ‘elektricettes’) calendar: ‘Last year the boys didn’t have any clue of what we were doing and the girls were supposed not to speak about it. The hardest part was to get all the girls together for the shooting day as it takes up a whole day. This year we started the day almost at 10 o’clock and finished after 23

A whole-day absence that demanded some excuses to be brought unless revealing the secret: ‘the girls who were dating our players had to come up with a little lie where they were going and what they were doing the whole day’.

Why the ‘elektricettes’ were keeping the project hidden from the players?
The idea of doing a calendar actually had two different inputs’ explained Kadi, herself Miss September in 2014 calendar. ‘First, some years ago, when I was just a regular Welco fan, I told the boys who were running the club that it would be awesome to make a calendar with pictures of Welco’s players’ however the lads did not show much enthusiasm at the idea which was soon neglected.

Don’t ever try to neglect a woman’s plan as she will come back with a more ambitious one.

Later on’ added Kadi ‘in the autumn of 2012 the idea of a cool calendar came up once again and since some other girls thought it would be a great idea too, we decided to make a surprise to the boys’ hence the secrecy around the very first calendar published in 2013 and given out at Welco annual Christmas party. ‘They found out about the calendars only some days before the party where we gave the calendars out as presents’.

Initially, the idea of the calendar did not have any club fund-raising purpose: ‘we just wanted to give our contribution to Welco and involve more the club girls in the club’s activities and of course it was a way of thanking our good players for their efforts’.

Miss August, Elisabeth Markus - a Welco elekter fan and arts student in everyday's life - click to enlarge (Welco Elekter, photo by Laur Kaarna)


The path to use the calendar as a promotional vehicle was very short: ‘we didn’t actually want to raise some large sums of money but instead to promote Welco and let the public know about our club and our female fans as well’ explains Kadi, herself a Welco fan ‘you can be sure that if you come to see our games you can find at least one calendar-girl on the stands’ reassured Kadi with a smile.

What was the players’ reaction to the calendar? ‘This year it went more smoothly
revealed Kadi ‘because the boys were already suspecting that we were doing it and therefore everybody had more or less the chance to consult with their boyfriends. So, as far as I know, nobody has actually complained about the fact that his girlfriend is in the calendar because all the boys have liked both our calendars’.

The idea was so successful that Kadi revealed us that a project for 2015 is already under progress: ‘it should be even better than the previous ones’ confessed Kadi ‘probably next year we will try to raise a decent sum for our club as well’.

The quality of the pictures and of the models speaks per se as you can see from the teasers we have published here. However, RdS asked Kadi to promote the calendar also with her own words: ‘if one likes football and pretty girls there is actually no reason why one shouldn’t buy our calendar’ said smiling, we could not agree the less.


Talking with Kadi gave us a chance to get a ‘behind the scenes’ to the making of the ‘elektricettes’ calendar.

This year we had only ten girls posing for the calendar’ explained Kadi, as two months (January and July) are filled with collective pictures ‘the reason behind it was the time factor’. ‘We had planned 11 girls and one group photo’ explained Kadi who added one girl quit at the very last moment. ‘If we had had more time we surely could have found someone else because this year we actually had some troubles in appointing the girls for it – there were just too few months and too many girls!’ explained as we both laughed at the fact that she would extend the year to 24 months just to fit in all the club girls.

Kadi explained also how the months were assigned and why she picked up September: ‘everybody had the chance to pick a month for themselves and if anybody had a very specific wish for a certain month, everybody waswilling to swap’ explained Kadi describing the friendly atmosphere among the girls behind the project. For instance, she was Miss May in 2013, however she was happy to give her birthday month to another girl who asked for: ‘my choice of September was very pragmatic because nobody else had picked it’.

Five of the ten girls depicted are girlfriends of the Welco players however, none of the girls play football actively: ‘some girls have been with Welco almost since the creation of our club in 2008, some have joined later’.

Miss March, Gerda Sidla - a welco fan and a college student in everyday's life - click to enlarge (Welco Elekter, photo by Laur Kaarna)

Kadi talks to RdS about a charity project which is in the works for the summer: ‘we are planning to celebrate the International’s Childrens Day on the 1st of June with a big festival before our home game’ reveals Kadi. ‘Considering our funds are limited and we don’t get any support from Tartu city (how comes dear Tartu city government? – A.P.), we have to operate only with the money from our sponsors. We are hoping that by making a good event for the children, it will convince new possible sponsors (and the Tartu city government – A.P.)  that we are a club that is worth investing in’ said Kadi full of hope.

 ‘We are trying to give a good day for the children of Southern-Estonian orphanages and for the kids of Tartu as well

Like and check their Facebook page for updates on the initiative:

Has Kadi abandoned the hope to see also their club’s men releasing a calendar? Never engage a woman in stubbornness: ‘as a female fan, I am hoping that one day our players will surprise us with a similar calendar but it’s all up to the boys, who knows’ meaning, ‘boys, surprise us!’.


‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ is the very first English speaking media about The Game in Estonia and the first one who turned to Welco for asking about their calendar.

We asked Kadi what she thinks about RdS as a football fan and as a journalist herself: ‘I get a lot of information from there and therefore I find it very useful’ revealed Kadi about her everyday job at

‘Furthermore, since all the biggest newspapers have to cover all sports, there may be some things that can’t be investigated immediately and can be missed out. Since ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ is focused on football, it is a good place to keep oneself updated with news. I think it is a very useful and necessary webportal for anybody who is interested in The Game

You can purchase Welco Elekter calendar (5€ including postage fees) by writing to Kadi directly: providing your home address and agreeing upon payment method.

Win one for yourself!

Win one for yourself!


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