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Matchday 11, Sillamäe Kalev vs Narva Trans 1-0, match report

Deni DelevComment

Sunny windy weather in Sillamäe as the protagonists were making their way to the pitch for the Ida-Virumaa derby between Sillamäe Kalev and Trans Narva. Both teams entered the match with positive thoughts, Sillamäe was in a 3 games winning streak while Narva beat the leaders Kalju in the previous round. The best attack against the second worse attack in the league sounds like a magnet for goals, but let’s see how it all went.

The match started with a mild possession control from the hosts, but it was Narva who looked more dangerous in the final third. In the 13th minute Tanel Tamberg got the first attempt with a nice shot from 18 meters, but his shot went over Starodubtsev’s goal. In the 31st minute Dmitri Barkov sent a nice header towards the goal, however Starodubtsev reacted accordingly and punched the ball in corner kick. As the time was passing by the hosts regained control on the pitch and pressed Narva in their half. In the 40th minute Sidorenkov sent a nice ball inside the box, but Nesterovski with an excellent reaction prevented Sillamäe from scoring. Just 2 minutes later Sidorenkov with a new ball in the box, this time Dudarev managed to get a shot, but his shot was cleared off the line. In the last minute Ratnikov nicely headed a ball in the box towards Smiško’s goal, but it went just over the bar. Soon after that referee Marting Salong blew the whistle to mark the end of the first half.

There certainly would be a lot of things the coaches would like to tell their players as the game is still very open and every outcome is possible, but a win in the derby definitely tastes better.

At the beginning of the second half, coach Yagudin pulled the first move by introducing Smirnov instead of Protasov. However, Sillamäe tried to pick up from where they left and pushed for an opening goal. In the 55th minute Šišov found Ratnikov in the box, he passed it towards the middle where Silich fell down. His protests towards the referee were to no avail as he was shown yellow card for simulation. 3 minutes later Dubõkin’s header was deflected by Jakovlev, but Smiško was careful and sent the ball in corner. In the 64th minute Sidorenkov’s free kick went way over the goal. In the 75th minute Ratnikov finally broke the deadlock with his header after a big mess in Smiško’s box. Narva were punished for letting their opponent push so high. In the 80th minute excellent chance for Kvassov, but he fell inside the box after a minimal contact with Fjodorov. In the 85th minute straight red card for Vnukov who was introduced in the 60th minute after a silly challenge on Tamberg. However, even the extra player on the pitch wasn’t enough for the guests from Narva to create a more serious chance to beat Starodubtsev. In the 93rd minute referee Salong marked the end of the Ida-Virumaa derby that ended with a new win for Sillamäe Kalev and it extended their pursuit for the top positions. They will stay on the second place for at least one day as Flora play their game against Paide tomorrow. As for Narva, they couldn’t add to the win against Kalju and remain with 10 points after 11 matches on the 7th position.