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Matchday 4, Sillamäe Kalev vs Kalju Nõmme 2-3, match report

Deni DelevComment

- Nõmme Kalju extends the winning streak

- Voskoboinikov might be out for a while, blames it on the pitch

- Sillamäe running out of ideas in attack

In surprisingly (or not) bad conditions for April, the team of Kalev hosted the joint leaders (with Flora), the team of Kalju Nõmme. The already mentioned weather conditions were an obstacle for people to show up at Sillamäe Kalevi kunstmuruväljak (only 198 spectators). However, it wasn’t a problem for the actors on the pitch to put on a lively performance. Let’s see how did it all go.

Coach Frantcev decided to go with the already tried 4-2-3-1 formation with Starodubtsev on the goal, Sidorenkov and Cinikas on the full-back positions and Dudarev was paired with Bagužis in the heart of the defense. Miceika and Tjapkin were deployed in central midfield, Leliuga took on the left flank, Dubõkin the right and Ratnikov played behind Kvasov in attack.

Coach Terehhov also decided to go with similar formation with captain Teleš on the goal, Galpin and Mööl were used as full-backs and the standard Jorge Rodrigues was accompanied by Kallaste in central defense. In midfield we could see and interesting combination of Wakui and Puri, Dmitrijev played in front of them, Kimbaloula took on the left wing, Erik Listmann finally got a chance from the start on the right wing (he was used as a home-grown player) and Voskoboinikov was alone in the central forward position.

(screenshot: ERR)

(screenshot: ERR)

The match started with a somewhat slow pace and both teams were trying to establish control in the central of the pitch in an attempt to press the opposition on their own half. However, in one seemingly dangerousless attack that started from Ken Kallaste in defense, the ball came to Wakui on the left flank, he passed it to Voskoboinikov who had enough time to calm the ball and see where his players are and then found Dmitrijev with a very nice ball in the box and the midfielder with a nice shot managed to beat Starodubtsev in his low right corner. 0-1 for the guests and shock for the home team in the 5th minute of the match. In the following 20 minutes even though they enjoyed more possession, the hosts didn’t manage to create chances that would endanger Teleš. Most of the attacks came through the right side where Dubõkin and Ratnikov were causing all kinds of trouble to the Frenchman Galpin. With a few half-chances, there was nothing really worth mentioning till the end of the first half when in the 44th minute after one air duel, Voskoboinikov fell down and injured his right knee after which he was stretchered off the pitch and Ats Purje took his position.

Even though Kalju got the lead early in the game, coach Terehhov couldn’t be satisfied with his team’s performance and decided to make a change. The experiment with Kallaste in central defense could have been costly to him so he introduced Bärengrub in the place of Galpin which enabled Kallaste to go back to his left full-back position. At the beginning of the second half the advice from coach Frantcev seemed to be very beneficial for his players as they had 2 massive chances in the 46th and 50th minute and it was a matter of time when the goals will come. Unfortunatelly for them, the goal came on the other side as Allan-Axel Kimbaloula made a solo breakthrough down the left flank, dribbled the whole Sillamäe defense and passed the ball to Erik Listmann who tapped it inside the goal. Another counter attack for Kalju Nõmme that caught Sillamäe Kalev’s defense napping to double their lead and show why they are on the top of the table.

Listmann doubles Kalju's lead (screenshot: ERR)

Listmann doubles Kalju's lead (screenshot: ERR)

But things just got more interesting from there. In the 67th minute the referee Tohver showed on the white spot for the home team after Mööl brought Leliuga down in the box. Captain Sidorenkov with a wisely taken penalty sent Teleš on the wrong side to lower their lead and give more chances to his team to get away without a loss from this match. Only two minutes later, however, Kalju Nõmme with the best play of the match again got two goals advantage with the strike from Ats Purje. With only 20 minutes to go everyone would think that it was game over for the hosts, but in the 85th minute the former Nõmme player Janar Toomet nicely entered the box from the left side, went past Bärengrub and passed the ball to Ratnikov who didn’t have trouble scoring. However, until the end of the match, the players of Kalju Nõmme routinely kept the ball in their possession and fought a nicely earned win and precious three points from Eastern Estonia.

You can see all the goals courtesy of ERR Sport here

By Deni Delev