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Matchday 5, FC Flora vs Nõmme Kalju 0-2 match report

Deni DelevComment

By Deni Delev

- Nõmme Kalju promote themselves as the early favourites for the title
- Toom beaten after 4 games
- Terehhov won the tactical battle against Hurt

Both teams' starting XI (foto: RdS)

Both teams' starting XI (foto: RdS)

Sunny Saturday afternoon and perfect playing conditions at the A. Le Coq Arena as the two teams with perfect score after 4 rounds clashed against each other in which might be (even though too early to say) a season changing game. The battle on the pitch was enhanced by the battle on the stands where the fans of both teams showed in numbers to support their teams to a fifth win in a row. But let’s see how the match developed.

Coach Norbert Hurt didn’t make any changes to the team that won the previous 4 games without a single goal conceded. Sergei Terehhov, on the other hand, had to improvise a bit since the injury of Voskoboinikov left him only with Neemelo as a classical central forward. An interesting set-up by the gaffer which suggests pressure up field and densed midfield.

From the very first minute this formation was obvious as Kalju’s midfield pressed higher in Flora’s midfield and did not allow them space to move the ball around freely. In the 10th minute we could see the first chance for the away team after Jääger’s mistake was almost punished by Dmitrijev, whose shot was blocked in the last moment. 5 minutes later Lindpere went down in the box, but the referee just waved his hand. FC Flora had their first chance in the 20th minute when Logua passed the ball nicely to Saliste, but his shot was blocked into corner. In the 26th minute we witnessed the first goal of the game. High ball in the box from Kallaste, it somehow reached Kimbaloula who was forgotten on the far post and didn’t have trouble beating Toom with a nicely taken half-volley shot. 0-1 for Kalju and first conceded goal this season for Flora. In the 30 minute Logua tried his luck from outside the box, but his shot went wide. Until the end of the first half although Flora managed to sustain balance in midfield, they didn’t manage to create any chances and went on break with one goal deficit.

The tactical battle in the first half was definitely won by Terehhov who completely cut out Flora’s attack and didn’t give them any space to breathe.

The second half started in a similar way with Kalju creating chance after chance. In the first 5 minutes Allan, Ken Kallaste and Dmitrjev had their chances and there was a feeling that their failure to score would be punished by the hosts. However, FC Flora continued with the anemic game, not being able to press harder to eliminate the goal deficit. Nõmme was very active, especially from the left side where FC Flora’s captain, Gert Kams had all sorts of trouble containing his opposition’s attacks. In the 65th minute new shock for the home team as Kallaste and Lindpere took a short corner. The latter saw that Beglarashvili wasn’t marking him closely so took his time and passed the ball inside the box where Bärengrub smashed it with a header to double Kalju Nõmme’s lead. 2 minutes later a big mess in front of Teleš’s goal, but Kalju’s goalie managed to get hold of the ball. In the 75th minute Beglarashvili sent a nice high pass in the box, but Sakari was just a bit too short to catch it. As the time passed by Flora’s players became more nervous and at the same time opened more space for the guests to create counter attacks. Luckily for them, Purje’s shot in the 86th minute hit the net but only from the outside. In the 94th minute referee Tarajev blew the whistle for the end of the first derby of the season after which Kalju is sole leader on the table with maximum effect of 5 wins in 5 matches.

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