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Matchday 3, Flora-Tammeka 3-0: le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment


Toom 7

Idle for all the game as Tammeka are never around his properties, he makes the save of the night when dives on his right side to push a poisonous header away. It could have been psychologically dramatic for Flora to suffer an equalizer after a total supremacy. Prins can keep sitting on the bench for a while.

Jürgenson 6,5
Alliku attracts all the attention of Tammeka flankers, he takes advantage to come forward and give help with his speed. Runs to the bottom several times offering interesting assists as usual. On the episode with Ivanov, probably emphasizes the fall when the Tammeka giant elbows him.

Rähn 6,5
He doesn’t have to do much until Valtna first and Ivanov later are sent on the pitch to give more weight to the forward line. He has to put a bit more effort but manages well.

Mets 6,5
He moves and talks like a leader from the back line. Maybe some passes are inaccurate, but he doesn’t give up in inspiring the team from the rear-guard. Not a mystery why Pehrsson tried him as midfielder in front of the defense, he could really try and succeed in there.

Aloe 6,5
Since the Supercup game the boy has improved e gained self-confidence. With Tammeka sitting back he obviously got an easier life, however he interpreted the attacking them well in partnership with Gussev first and Logua later.

Luigend 6,5
Less attempts to slalom among the opponents and more will to be the connection point between defense and midfield. Some interesting through balls.

Alliku 6,5
A constant thorn on Tammeka left side. This time it was harder for him to find the way to the goal though <- Sappinen s.v. plays about 20 minutes without having an impact on the game

Beglarashvili 7
As usual, a lot of movements through the lines. You see him floating around and then suddenly he is in the middle of the action. On the 3-0, if you have watched enough football in your life, you understand that he is going to shoot exactly in that way to put it past Kütt.

Frolov 6,5
Growing as the rest of the team. As Tammeka’s midfield is very shy, he is more at ease with participating into the offensive part. Squanders a chance in front of Kütt, or maybe Kütt was too good for him on that piece.

Gussev 7
Great performance that would cheer up the U-21 coach, Martin Reim. He puts the assist for Prosa’s opener. As his teammate in the national team, Bogdan Vastchuk, said, keep an eye on this lad <- Logua 6,5 the Georgian-Abkhazian-Russian entered the pitch in second half to continue the work offered by Gussev. He served the assist for Prosa’s second goal and gave a lot of troubles to Martin Jõgi.

Prosa 8
The MOTM for Flora. Brace apart, in those 81 minutes he works a lot for his teammates creating spaces and going in quick exchanges with Alliku, Begla, Frolov and Gussev. He could have scored earlier in second half if Kevin Anderson hadn’t saved on the line (?) <- Kase s.v.

Hurt 6,5

He would have probably made changes earlier to rest a few men ahead of the clash with Kalju next week, however his XI gets its life complicated on the way to the second goal. He helps his side to gain numerical superiority in Tammeka’s half when realizes he can release the full-backs as Tammeka are inoffensive there. He has got rid of all the minnows met so far scoring 11 goals and suffering a mere one in the opening game. Now he is awaited by an exam against the 2013 runners-up. If Flora are bidding for the title, we can tell in a week time.


Kütt 7,5
Can a goalkeeper be the man of the match even when suffering three goals? Yes he can. Looking at the three goals, he has very little fault. On the other situations he denied Flora the goal pretty well.

Martin Jõgi 5
He suffers a lot from Gussev speed and Naal is not providing the adequate assistance.

Anderson 6,5
He is the last stronghold of Tammeka XI. When Flora seem to be meters away from the goal, he is there opposing his body, leg, knee to stop the man in possession. If Kiidron wears the jersey and steps on the pitch, moving him to midfielder could help the cause.

Lorenz 6
Overall a good performance for the young captain, clean in the libero role. Maybe he suffers a bit on the aerial game on set-pieces and when supplies come from the flanks.

Naggel 5
Alliku is a nightmare for him. When the ‘curly devil’ switch centrally he has to deal also with Jürgenson.

Naal 4
Not enough stinging when attacking and not enough disciplined when defending, he leaves Jõgi to deal alone with Gussev first and Logua later.

Paju and Tekko 4
We evaluate them together as they didn’t work as a team efficiently enough. They probably suffered from the better dynamism of the likes of Frolov and Beglarashvili, however, the fact Koser subbed both of them is quite telling about the delusion they provided.
<- Ivanov 5,5 We would even give an higher evaluation, however the nervous reaction against Rähn first and Jürgenson later could have cost dear to Tammeka. Salong is merciful in not showing him a card with another colour. For the remainder, he gives more troubles in front than Suurpere did. He should have been given a start.
<- Markus Jõgi s.v. he gets onto the pitch when Flora has considerably increased the pressure to close the game, very hard for him to develop his game as he tries mostly to help the back line  

Śabanov 5

He obviously suffers from Tammeka lines being considerably moved back, however he is the only one who has a chance to shoot on goal, walled. <- Valtna 6 he brings a lot of experience on the pitch and obviously his physical work helps Tammeka to take a break.

Laabus 6
A good performance for the nr.10 in front of his former employer. When Valtna and Ivanov get in, he helps in the midfield line with Markus Jõgi.

Suurpere 4
He never brought real danger to the Flora rearguard and probably he should have not been fielded as a start.

Koser 5
If he wants to play 4
-5-1, as Laabus flats on the midfield line, he needs an heavy striker, either Ivanov or Valtna, otherwise it will be really hard to handle the transitions with basically a lack of build-up.