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Premium Liiga, Matchday 3: Flora vs. Tammeka 3-0

Angelo PalmeriComment

It took 81 minutes for Flora to do the most obvious thing of a one-way game as the one against Tammeka: scoring another goal.

When Prosa opened on 5’ minutes, Flora fans were exchanging complaisant looks foreshadowing another night of goals bonanza.

Instead Flora managed to lose themselves in a prolonged ball possession also thanks to Tammeka compact lines of the 4-4-1-1 that mostly worked as 4-5-1 to control the space in the middle and three-quarters of the pitch.

Tammeka never had any attempt at Flora’s goal in first half, neither on-target nor off-target ones. The only attempt was made on 18’ minutes when Śabanov tried to shoot from the edge of the box but his attempt was walled from close distance. And that was pretty it.

Prosa’s early opener was similar to Lipin’s goal a week ago. Quick attack on the left side with Gussev running almost to the bottom and serving an assist in the middle. A Tammeka defender sketches a clearance however, the ball slips through onto Prosa feet. The 23-yeat-old Tartuvian punished his former club with an easy tap-in move from close distance.

Looking at how Tammeka resisted until 86’ minutes when Prosa punished them again, it is evident that Koser’s XI has a problem in focusing in the initial minutes of the game.

Norbert Hurt presented the usual 4-1-4-1 with Luigend in front of the defence line and Prosa up front. Alliku and Gussev were the wingers (swapped in second half with Logua and Sappinen) and captaincy armband entrusted to Taavi Rähn.

Koser placed Martin Jõgi as right full back in a 4-man defence lining up from right to left Anderson, captain Lorenz and Naggel. Tekko and Paju should have guaranteed adequate protection and possibly quick transitions with Naal and Śabanov on the wings busy with Flora’s full backs (Jürgenson and Aloe) pushing forward. Debut for Reio Laabus placed behind Suurpere.
The theme of the game was clear as Flora earned their first corner on 6’ minutes and two minutes earlier Luigend picked out a pass for Prosa however his long ball was too long for the 99 to reach it before Tammeka’s shot stopper.

After Prosa put his side one goal ahead of the visitors, Flora tried to increase the score in the same fashion as they did a week earlier against Paide. Gussev had an easy night on the left as Naal was unable to provide sufficient assistant to Martin Jõgi on the right flank. As a result, the home team pushed quite often on that side to bring danger to Tammeka’s box. The time did not even get into the quarter of an hour that Flora was already in total control of the game. The white-greens earned corners in series however, no relevant development followed.

After twenty minutes of play it looked like Flora was enjoying the prolonged ball possession, as a beautiful lady would gaze herself in the mirror. On 23’ minutes, Alliku lost a ball in the midfield line allowing Tammeka’s very first break since the whistle. Naal received the ball in Flora’s half and tried to go towards the box only to be barred by the Flora’s attentive rear-guard. An hard-earned ball went lost in few seconds and Tammeka disappeared from the rest of the first half.

On 24’ minutes Beglarashvili tried one of his ballistic feat, however his attempt was well over the bar. One minute after, Alliku finds himself in the right-hand corner of the box after a quick action from his side supported by Prosa moving on the forward line’s width. Kütt, one of the most positive of Tammeka, was quick in coming out, however so quick he lost catch of the ball. After regaining possession, Alliku was unable to exploit the situation eventually losing the ball. Another great chance happened on Prosa’s feet: he had all the time to stop and shoot, however his take was slightly over the bar among crowd’s amazement at the miss.

Flora had other four good chances to round up the score before half-time whistle, however either Karli Kütt skills on set-pieces or Alliku inaccuracy, prevented Flora to go to changing rooms with a better score.

In second half Koser decided to bring more weight in his forward line by switching Suurpere with the veteran Mikk Valtna (who entered the pitch in place of Śabanov). A choice that probably should have been done since the beginning considering that Suurpere was not able to give any headache to Flora’s defence as Valtna first and Ivanov later did.

A Tartuvian and former Tammeka player, Albert Prosa condemned his old club by scoring a brace ( Kõrtsmik)

A Tartuvian and former Tammeka player, Albert Prosa condemned his old club by scoring a brace ( Kõrtsmik)

In second half it was again Alliku to have a good chance on 49’ minutes, however his close tap-in was off target. Three minutes later, Begla had another go at Kütt with well-curled shot, however the Tammeka shot-stopper guessed and narrowed the angle for the catch.

Having Tammeka midfield and defence lines compact to create density, Hurt commanded Alliku and Gussev to converge centrally. The nr.9 and 20 alternated themselves in making space for either Jürgenson or Aloe in order to make numerical superiority in Tammeka’s half. Considering the visitors barycentre was quite far from the midfield line, neither Aloe nor Jürgenson would have risked something in going forward.

The move was quite witty as both Gussev and Alliku found themselves between the lines for quick one-two’s with Prosa, Beglarashvili and Frolov, giving headache with their speed.

On 15’ Tammeka had another break, however a cross sent from the bottom of the pitch on the right side was just another easy catch for the idle Toom. On 18’ minutes Koser decided to send in the giant Georgi Ivanov and removed Paju, Valtna went behind the 197cm-tall striker.

Six minutes later the 21-year-old is protagonist of a controversial episode. On a long ball, Taavi Rähn was physically overwhelming compared to Ivanov who tried to reach the ball as well. Upon falling, the two end up hitting each other with Rähn falling on Ivanov, unable to free himself from Rähn’s legs. The young striker got upset and pushed Rähn legs violently away. Jürgenson, upon witnessing the scene, went for confrontation with Ivanov before he could stand up (a 17 cm gap between the twos in height ). Ivanov did not appreciate Jürgenson interest in the issue and fired back with a elbow-punch. According to the video replay (see below), Jürgenson seemed to emphasize the fall. However, the referee, Martin Salong, let the game continue until another foul was committed to assign a free-kick to Flora. Meanwhile, his second assistant (Rando Kesküla) talked to him via the radio system.
Before the set-piece was taken, Salong showed a yellow card to Ivanov for what was probably a red card situation. Most of all, the game continued leading to another situation that could have brought some advantage to Tammeka

In fact, on the free-kick take, Tammeka nearly and surprising equalized. The long ball thrown in the box. A Tammeka player headed lightly enough to make change direction to the ball towards Toom bottom right side. The Flora nr.73, till then almost totally idles, outdid himself with a great deflection that probably saved his side’s night.

After the great scare, Flora pushed even harder to close the game. Hurt brought in Sappinen for fresh energies, however a real impact to the game was brought by Logua on the left flank.

Another great night for Zaxara Beglarashvili, three goals in four appearances ( Kõrtsmik)

Another great night for Zaxara Beglarashvili, three goals in four appearances ( Kõrtsmik)

The greatest chance when it was nine minutes to time, happened to Albert Prosa. The nr.99 latched onto a through ball on the edge of the box. He was faster than Kütt in catching the ball and pushing it towards the open goal. The volley shot looked like just about to cross the goal line until a powerful sprint by Kevin Anderson managed to clear it. On the developments another attempt from Alliku to push it in from very close distance. It was not clear whether the ball had really crossed the line or not. In this situation the experimental box referee could have solved the mystery.

It was just the anticipation of what would have happened five minutes later (86’) when Prosa solved a complicated situation by smashing it on the back of the net after repeated attempts. Before that, Frolov (83’) was put alone in front of Kütt who once again outdid himself with a great save.

On the 2-0, Tammeka’s residual resistance vanished and Beglarashvili (89’) could place his third goal in official game, another pearl of skills and ballistics which we will leave a nice video from TV Flora to comment.

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