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Preseason: a focus on Flora (2)

Angelo PalmeriComment

When at final whistle the score was fixed on a 3-0 for the Danish guests, no one could have argued that the score was unfair.

Brondby had controlled the game for all the 90’ minutes plus injury time assigned by referee Eiko Saar.

The more experienced and physically overwhelming XI fielded by Thomas Frank imposed their tempo to the match. A young Flora (21,5 the average age) had to adapt themselves and take advantage of the pauses taken by Brondby.

Hurt’s side managed also two produce few chances, however Prosa was not surgical to finish them.

The gap between the two sides was evident throughout the duration of the game. The early lead scored by Norgaard (7’) who tapped in from close distance a corner-kick assist, did not help the ‘florakad’ to build their confidence for the rest of the game.

If Flora new callings are ball possession and quick circulation, the display given by the 10-time Danish champions was a perfect lecture. The ‘Boys from the Western Outskirts’ (this is how they are known in Denmark) have been holding the ball for most of the time managing to arrive into the box with quick one-two’s and rapid exchanges.

Compared to the game against HJK Helsinki, Markus Jürgenson had much more work this time on the right flank to cover the duo Hasani-Da Silva overlapping each other with Ornskov and Norgaard assistance. Sappinen and Luigend tried to help, however the physical gap was evident also in this portion of the field.

On the left, Aloe also had troubles when the Argentine Szymanovsky came forward with Danish midfield picking out long passes for him. Gussev tried to support as much as he could, however he looks most often concerned about the offensive phase.

With the start of the second half, also Taavi Rähn had entered the pitch to replace Jürgenson and take Baranov’s position in the center of the defend. Baranov was moved to his natural full-back position. Just a rotation of men as Flora went on with a 4-1-4-1 until 69’.

Before that, another great chance for Prosa (68’) receiving a great through ball into the box. The Tartu born nr.99 was too slow in finishing allowing the defender to recover and slide from behind to avoid the worst. Prosa himself was unwilling to believe he could not finish that.

Before and after, only Brondby IF and few quick attempts by people with the likes of Sappinen and Sobchenko (the latter squandered a chance on 80’ minutes).

If the test match was not very proving for Flora’s season (they will not clash with any side playing at this level), it was certainly good to bring the young side back to Earth after beating HJK Helsinki.