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Flora-Infonet 2-2, players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment


The goals are objectively not his fault: Manucho goes up in the air undisturbed on the opener and on the fantastic overhead kick by the Ivorian striker, he was put off by a Mets' header deflection. On the other chances Infonet creates, he is very attentive as on 5’ minutes when Semakhin tests his skill from the edge of the box. Not guilty.

Back into the starting XI since a while due to Baranov being knocked at the Tallinn Derby, the young nr.4 has struggled a bit during the whole 90’ minutes. First he had Semakhin to take care of and later on Harin also gave him a couple of headaches. His contribution in the build-up was little with several long ball thrown away in front. Logua did not help him much on the defensive side and this is a mitigating circumstance.

Compared to Manucho, he is slow and predictable. When the Ivorian is not around and goes to disturb Mets, he can breathe a bit without even thinking about starting the build-up from the back line. Guilty on the opener as Manucho leaves him on the place. Hurt replaces him with a striker for a final all-in, logical solution. KASE 6 -> Fair impact on the game as he contributed in putting FC Infonet defence under stress with his dynamism. He loses it a bit when he gets at Kassantsuk for assumingly wasting time on the floor. Gussev’s goal comes from his shot rebounded by Kassantsuk. A great chance on header squandered in the dying minutes.

He is the one to put off Prins and serving Manucho a comfortable assist. The Ivorian makes him go nuts both in the box and outside as he’s the one going after him for double-teaming when the striker roams from left to right. In the long run he spends a lot of energies and must thank the fact that Infonet have already retreated in their half leaving the only and lonely Lipin up front.

He is the one who performed better in Flora back line as Elhi and Valov found enough opposition. Another reason is that Alliku is keen in helping him more than Logua does with Aloe. He tried to score a couple of times to confirm being one of the most dangerous full-backs of the Premium Liiga after Ken Kallaste.

The good rating is earned most in the second half as he cuts into Infonet midfield and tries to distribute the ball rationally. In first half he is mostly concerned in controlling Aidara to limit the movements of the French and cut supplies to Manucho. He has still troubles in finding space when he’s got none, however his dribbling skills award him the usual tally of free-kicks.

He also earns his good rating mostly in the second half and especially in the last fifteen minutes when he plays with courage and a bit of excessive competitiveness bordering a fouling behaviour the match director is lenient with. Several interesting cutting passes and a few mistakes when he tries to pass the ball horizontally, but he is young and can improve.

The best of the 3-man line behind Prosa. He is always the most dangerous on the flank and doesn’t forget to help Jürgenson. He is growing as a player and staying away from injuries can only help him. Never too late to impress Magnus Pehrsson.

In first half he does the same tricks as he did against Levadia, however 40 meters behind. He tries to float as usual but this time he was more cut off from the build-up thanks to Nahk hard work in first half. Hurt does not hesitate to pull him out and replace him with Sappinen as first Flora’s change of the evening SAPPINEN 6 -> Definitely more lively than the Georgian trequartista as the young Rauno immediately brings fresh energies behind Prosa and gives more concerns to Nahk compelled to retreat to control him.

Opposite game of Alliku. Exception made for a (pretentious) shot from distance in first half transformed into a chance by Kassantsuk indecision, he slips away from the game little by little under Malov’s control. Gussev takes his place, probably even too late than was expectable. GUSSEV 7 -> Flora-Infonet it’s his game. Few months ago he gifted the greens with the three points in the dying minutes of the injury time with a screamer, tonight he opened the comeback with a poacher’s goal. Apart from the episodes of the game (and he’s always there where he has to be, not a lesser quality) he brings more vivacity and he is a tougher bite for Malov, especially after eighty minutes of fatigue on the shoulders of the veteran. Hurt should have brought him in earlier.

He doesn’t get any good ball in first half. When several long balls are sent in his zone during first half, he probably thinks his teammates have taken him for Sander Post, who instead is watching the game from the stands. In second half, with keener teammates (Sappinen first and Gussev later) he is more into it and manages to get several chances. Also his poacher’s goal is to be praised and is worth Flora being unbeaten for the 18th time running.

A sufficient rating for bringing in the right changes. Probably he could have brought Gussev for Logua much earlier, however he managed to turn this game on his head and he is right. Flora in first half has the same attitude as against Levadia, however this time Manucho was much sharper than Ivanov and Teever showing the latters how to do it against Flora. Was he really thinking about a speculative game against Infonet too? Next week it’s Kalju, and probably the same attitude will continue as the 2013 runners-up have more problems with the finishing part than Infonet. However the risk is to instill in his players the belief that one way or the other, Flora will make it. The poacher’s goals are a sign of good luck as well, and luck accounts for a good part when running for the title.


He appeared insecure in many situations however on the goals he actually made great saves on the first attempts shot by Kase and Sappinen. On the first goal, the defence falls asleep and lets Gussev to come from behind; on the second one, his parry doesn’t go over the bottom line and allows Prosa to push it past him. Co-responsible.

Great control of Logua who immediately falls under his grasp until the Russian talent is substituted. He suffers more with Gussev and in the end of the game, drained and tired, he basically loses control of Prosa letting him push the ball into the goal undisturbed. A good performance ruined in the last fifteen minutes. Puśtov had to use Gurtsioglujants to replace Valov and could not give a breath to the veteran.

Horrible markings on Kase and Sappinen that allow them to shoot undisturbed and create the situations exploited by Gussev and Prosa. He manages to annihilate his good performance in first half, in only five minutes. Self-destructive.

He sinks with Kalimullin however, he has his own faults when on Gussev goal he’s basically in a no-where zone where he is not helping Elhi facing Prosa and he is not taking a look at the Flora men ready to storm on the rebound. On the second goal he tries a desperate sliding tackle on Sappinen with no result as Kassantchuk had to be immediately reactive.

ELHI 5,5
With Jürgenson and Alliku constantly overlapping on his side, he has to be very prudent. Hence, less contribution into the build-up however he did not disdain the overlapping with Valov in several chances to try and break the opposition good resistance on that side. On Gussev’s goal he leaves Prosa a lot of space for the nr.99 to flip the ball to Kase.

NAHK 5,5
The old veteran starts very well and accompanies each and every initiative from Melts. He’s got the task to control and limit Beglarishvili and he does well. With Sappinen is a different story as the young player brings in more dynamism and he starts to suffer. On Gussev’s goal he sleeps in and allows Gussev to come from behind and score.

He is always there where competition is getting going picking out passes for anyone and inventing the perfect trajectory finding Manucho’s header. Constantly added value for the Infonet’s build-up, Melts has become a fundamental player for this side. In fact, when Puśtov replaces him with Lipin and sends Aidara in the midfield line to build a wall in front of the defence, FC Infonet loses the initiative. On 2-0 lead, Puśtov giggles at the idea he can resist until the end of the game without his most inspired player in the middle of the park. LIPIN 5,5 -> The number 20 confirms his negative season with a normal performance. Probably the trequartista position is not the one he fancies most and neither the lonely striker is. However, apart from running up and down, he doesn’t move in the correct way. What’s going on with one of the most interesting youngsters?

Another inspired player last night. A right full-back, convinces Puśtov to give him a starter as a right flanker and he pulls out a great performance in first half with two attempts, one on and the other off target. Prematurely substituted for Harin. HARIN 6 -> Not a bad performance, however, as soon as Infonet goes two nil up, he remains slightly isolated with Manucho. They have a good entente thanks to the Ivorian being inspired and playing all over the field.

Nothing remarkable, especially in second half when he is moved a 10 meters behind to pair with Nahk. In first half Luigend exerted a good marking on him cutting off all the initiatives and supplies. When the referee blows the end of the game, the impression is that he lived through the game without any high note.

He works better in giving depth to Infonet build-up on the left than Elhi does, giving the impression he can always hurt. However, at the end of the game, very few concrete attempts. He is compelled to leave the pitch just before Flora’s comeback GURTSIOGLUJANTS S.V. -> There are not many elements to judge his performance, however he is able to read several plays by Flora and in once chance manages to start a promising counterattack stopped by an offside position.

No need of any explanation to award him with the MOTM prize. Apart from the two goals, both a perfect example of how physically and athletically overwhelming he is compared to Flora’s defence, he makes a lot of work when not in possession. On long balls, he runs as if they were the last passes he would see. In the long run, the Flora defence is tired by his dynamism and continuous challenge. He has finally proven that he can be decisive in big games as last night it was a confirmation of what seen in Kadriorg. He can seriously battle for the top-scorer title and join Cekulajevs to be among the few foreigners who have topped the table in Premium Liiga.

We cannot give less than a sufficient rating considering the great attitude he managed to instil in his XI in first half. However, except for Valov being replaced for injury, the substitutions of Semakhin and, most of all, Melts are the moves that give Flora more space. Unless there were some minor injuries that went unnoticed. There is a lot of work to do when comes to be able to keep the lead as it’s the second game against Flora they managed to throw points out of the window. Add those five missing points to Infonet and detract four from Flora, and Infonet would top the table with the greens on even level. Eating his hat.