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FC Flora vs. Nõmme Kalju 0-2 , match stats and players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment

by Angelo Palmeri

- MOTM Ken Kallaste
- Worst on the pitch, Zakaria Beglarishvili
- Sergei Terehhov won the tactical game against Norbert Hurt

FC FLORA vs. NÕMME KALJU  0-2  (0-1)
Goals: Kimbaloula (K, 26'), Bärengrub (K, 65')
Yellow cards: Jääger (F, 52') Kallaste (K, 56'), Baranov (F, 90+4')
Match report by Deni Delev here

Match statistics
Shots on target:
0 - 4 (0 - 2)
Shots off target: 2 - 5  (1 - 2)
Corners: 3 - 4 (1 - 3)
Fouls: 7 - 11 (3 - 7)


In first half he was very cool on Dmitrijev’s chance. He dives well on Kimbaloula’s shot, however the deflection puts him off. Clean sheet over. Confident on corner kicks taken by Wakui and Lindpere but cannot do nothing when the defence doesn’t react on short corners.

A lot of troubles in trying to stop the MOTM Ken Kallaste travelling on his side. He is not much helped by either Logua or Saliste.

Where is he when Bärengrub heads it in undisturbed? All his game is there. Additionally, he collect a silly yellow card.

Big mistake in first half letting Dmitrijev snatching a ball that was under his control. Kalju’s striker is too slow and he manages to recover and make him waste time. In second half he has to stop his old mate, Lindpere, with a foul and collect the first yellow card of the game. Several times in trouble against the dynamic striking line of Kalju.

Very unlucky on the deflection, however, on that frame he is leaving plenty of space to Kimbaloula. Generally, he shows the usual insecurity in the defensive phase.

These should be his games, instead he almost vanishes in the crowded midfield prepared by Terehhov. Put him alongside Reginald and you understand what kind of personality he is missing in the middle of the pitch.

Not much help given to Kams suffering from Kallaste’s initiatives and the several overlappings. In second half he is the first to be subbed by Hurt. Tukiainen gets in his place.

His merit is Flora’s only shot (off-target) in second half. In second half he doesn’t mark Lindpere letting him stop, turn and put a perfect ball for Bärengrub. Ectoplasmatic.

’Sappi’ great start of season is not having consistency, especially in such a big fixture. Obviously, he suffers from playing against the likes of Joel Lindpere and Hidetoshi Wakui. Replaced with Andre Frolov as Hurt tries to bring in a more experienced lad.

Flora’s most dangerous man in first half when he sends Mööl crazy on Kalju’s right flank with a series of ‘sombreros’. Flora’s first off-target it’s his (30’) However, it’s his mistake in losing the ball and letting Kallaste cut a cross in for Kimbaloula’s great finish.

In first half it’s not his game since he is compelled to play far from the box as Flora are pressed against a wall by Kalju’s high pressing. In second half, Hurt brings in Tukiainen and moves the Curly Devil back to his beloved right flank. Not even a minute, and he’s almost going one on one against Teleś on the box touchline. However, other than that, he got lost until being replaced by Maksim Gussev.


Coach HURT 5
Norbert loses the tactical confrontation with his older rival (but with less experience on the dug-out in Premium Liiga). Flora reveal the good old problem: when put under pressure, they are not able to develop their game which becomes slow and predictable. Additionally, some key-men seem not to be on the same level with the likes of Reginald, Lindpere, Kimbaloula and Wakui. Flora are still a competitor for the title, however, the title will be at stake during the next derbies. For now, Flora have shown that some steps behind Nõmme Kalju. Next chance in Hiiu Stadium on the 2nd of June. Plenty of time to correct the mistakes and demand his men what they didn’t give today.

TELEŚ s.v.
Basically unemployed in first half. In second half he almost messes up with a ball from corner. Apart from that, Flora never shot on target. Quiet afternoon of work.

Better in the offensive phase when he overlaps either with Kimbaloula or Listmann. However, since Flora doesn’t attack much, he suffers only from Logua’s isolated initiatives.

Confident and clean side by side Rodrigues. A good performance embellished with a goal. The long break from his starting role has probably made him focus more on correcting his flaws rather than thinking about getting sooner back into the XI. A positive return in an important game.

As usual he leads the defence with authority and continuous vocal support. In first half he keeps the line very high to support the packed midfield pressing and closing all the spaces to Flora. He is not the captain, but he acts like one.

There’s no game on Kalju’s left flank, Kams&Co. cannot resist to the ‘Iron Man’s initiatives. Brought back into his natural role, Ken gives his best contribution to the build-up. If he goes abroad in June, it will be impossible to replace him. MOTM.

The owner of the midfield. He is really all over in the middle of the park with constant pressure and being the first to kick off the build-up. Kalju’s Yaya Touré.

Good return for ‘Juki’ on his old home turf since he plays for the first time against his old club. Lindpere is able in slotting into Flora’s midfield and creating numerical superiority with good support for the flanks. Juki gets his standing ovation on 79’ minutes as he is being replaced by Eino Puri.

The Japanese wizard has a bit of a nervous start showing in his blatant reactions against the referee’s decisions a couple of times. However, Tarajev was right in both. Other than that, Toshi does a lot of work up and down the lines to secure a good blanket. He is the first to press when the ball is lost. He’s probably playing on a small injury, but the Samurai is always the last to give up.

This could be really his season, finally. He really puts Flora’s defence in trouble during the first half. The goal is a pearl of ballistic skills and coordination although helped by Jürgenson’s deflection. Overall, he spends a lot also in the defensive phase. That’s why his battery gets empty faster compelling Terehhov to replace him earlier during the second half with Ats Purje.

Good work in both halves, Listmann plays with a lot of personality and by switching flanks with Kimbaloula several times. Creates troubles on both sides with quick one-twos. One to count upon during the season for Terehhov.

A lot of work in his ‘falso nueve’ position, he doesn’t give any benchmark to Flora’s defence. Misses one great chance to open the score as he’s too slow in deciding when to shoot.
Overall a good game. Replaced by Andre Järva.

JÄRVA s.v.

The perfect game. Very intelligent line-up and formation at kick-off. With Voskoboinikov injured and Purje at half service, he shows that he believes in his project of a better game and decides to move Dmitrijev up front as striker (his old role) and give the keys of midfield to Lindpere. He sets Dmitrjev in a way not to give any benchmark to Flora’s defence. The tactics works along with a very high pressing in first half that makes Flora do a lot of mistakes.
Igor Prins might have fielded Neemelo and ask the team to kick the ball long for the Bison. Fresh air.
During the break, he probably tells his side not to give up and rest on the lead’s laurels as Kalju take on the pitch with the same sporting rage and wish to subjugate the opposition on his own pitch. ‘Terja’ is showing that, notwithstanding a lack of experience in his role, he has talent in the dug-out.