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Matchday 1, Flora-Paide 5-0: le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment


Toom 6
Should be a ‘s.v.’ because he is basically unoccupied for all the game. On the only serious attempt on target, he is ready to catch. A quiet afternoon.

Aloe 6,5
A diligent defensive performance. The mistakes made in the Supercup final are quite behind. Keep up the good work.

Rähn 7
He gets the captaincy armband thanks to his veteran status however he really shows to deserve it on the pitch. Commands the defence guiding Karol Mets and he is like a on-field coach for all the team shouting suggestions for 90’. Write ‘Rähn’ read defence stability.

Mets 6,5
After being employed as a defensive midfielder by Magnus Pehrsson in Gibraltar, Karol returns to his natural role showing composure and good timing.

Jürgenson 6,5
Another great performance for the right full-back engine. Alliku opens him an highway and he doesn’t refrain from overlapping. Another goal for the nr.16

Luigend 6
His defensive midfielder performance is on the mend. He tried to free from Ustaal several times, hence the many slaloms among the Paide’s legs. However he tends to lose the ball easily in those situations. He should look for teammates help more often. Surgical on corner kicks to find Prosa and Jürgenson headers.

Alliku 7
Not only the goal, but the overall performance was convincing. Net of injuries and moods, he is one of the best attacking flankers of the Premium Liiga. He could reach an important tally in terms of goals.

Beglarashvili 7,5
He opens the game with another superb goal. This time less ballistic and more witty. He knew he had little time and space before the Paide defenders would be on him and he pulled out a futsal shot from the edge of the box. The rest of the game he proved to be the added value of Flora making the difference with Paide. His moves across the lines are the key-solution to any build-up problems.

Frolov 6,5
He lost the captaincy armband but not the self-confidence. Convincing performance with several good intuitions (like when he let the ball go for Begla on the opener). He worked a lot with Gussev for quick combinations creating problems to Paide’s right flank.

Gussev 7
He was more diligent in the defensive phase but when released to offend, he created a lot of troubles to Kovtunovitś. A lot of good exchanges and two assists (1-0 and 4-0).

Prosa 7,5
Last week he did not enter in the scorecard, this week he christened his third seasonal game with a brace. Constant thorn in Paide’s (slow) defence.

Hurt 7
The squad was well motivated, however still some problems with developing the ball possession. Flora won rather with sudden changes of pace than with a texture of passages. His squad qualities are more adapt to the former than the latter



Niinepuu 4
He shall put this terrible week behind his back very soon.
Shocked by the Danish sauna, he played the culprit for Paide’s heavy defeat when he tried three times (!) to play as sweeper. Not confident in the air. From riches (last week) to rags.

Kovtunovitś 5
Completely slotted in between Gussev, Frolov and sometimes Prosa he lost the orientation. Two of the 5 goals came from there.

Palatu 5
The emotion of playing against his former club should not have played a role for a veteran like him. He is probably behind in the season preparation compared to the younger prospects.

Mägi 5
He has probably a better entente with Indermitte, his defence partner during all the season preparation.

Kaldoja 5
A ‘curly devil’ names Alliku made his afternoon a nightmare. Valmas help was not enough to stop the flanker storming on his side. On Alliku’s goal he is late in closing the space.

Rõivassepp 5
He could not organize a valid resistance together with Kovtunovitś.

Reinsoo 5
He was one of the most positive against Levadia however this time could not help controlling Flora’s quick breaks.

Kõll 5
Frolov, Beglarashvili, Luigend, too many coming on his way and he got lost.

Valmas 5,5
He played off position and tried his best. Very diligent in withdrawing to defend. On breaks, you can see he is a centre forward as he was trying more to hold the ball rather then going into one on one.

Ustaal 6
The most positive of his side as marked very well Luigend and he also tried to bring danger to Toom. Probably he was following Rooba’s command to stay more close to the midfield line. As a consequence he left Said completely alone.

Said 5
His function would be to finalize counterattacks, however Paide were able to produce none. He is left isolated to fight with Rähn and Mets and little by little disappears.

Rooba 5
The victory against Levadia pulled out in injury time had probably boosted his optimism. He should have been more prudent with his words and more brave with his squad’s attitude on the pitch. In the end the final score was big anyway, why not trying a 4-2-3-1 and stand a chance? Back to reality.