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Matchday 19, FC Flora vs. Sillamäe

Angelo PalmeriComment

 An Alliku goal on set-piece situation was enough for Flora to grab the three points and keep the lead of the table. Sillamäe's form went down in second half and they were not able to recover the disadvantage. Flora can rest for another week, Sillamäe will start to prepare the home game in Europa League against FC Krasnodar.

The first 15 minutes of game were surprisingly showing more initiative from Sillamäe who were basically fielding the typical XI especially up front where Kabaev was supported by Ratnikov, Murikhin and Maśitśev. It was indeed Kabaev to have couple of chances in Prins’ surroundings. Flora’s typical XI was shaken by Andre Frolov’s absence (apparently a broken toe which will sideline him until September). However nothing compared to the chance Ratnikov had on 21’ minutes when he basically left Baranov behind and challenged Prins with shot from close distance within the box.  The Flora shot stopper rebounded the blast and the danger was avoided. Three minutes later, Flora answered. A long ball for Alliku found Starodubtsev unprepared in coming out of the box. The Flora’s nr.9 managed to go past him however wasted time in keeping the control of the ball allowing Sillamäe’s goalkeeper to recover and neutralize any attempt.

On 27’ minutes, Logua had an attempt from distance on the developments of a corner kick, however is attempt was well of the target.

During this phase Sillamäe released the pressure to allow Flora build-up in their half. Alliku manage to send in a nice cross on 28’ minutes, however it was too close to Starodubtsev who confidently grabbed the ball on the floor.

However the biggest chance was on Kabaev’s feet on 41’ minutes. In a one-on-one against Prins, he managed somehow to go past the nr.33 who overall covered the goal well. Meanwhile, Mets was recovering the position behind Prins and managed to deflect Kabaev’s attempt into corner. A heaven-sent save from Flora’s defender that was worth a goal.

It was the last emotion before departing from first half.

On the resume, it was again Kabaev to have the best chance (48’) when Ratnikov picked him in the box and the nr.99 blasted it at Prins. Once and again Prins was very reactive in parrying.

Another Ratnikov-Kabaev combination on 50’ minutes found the latter sending a cross in although for anyone.

Eight minutes later, great chance for Prosa. The nr.99 with Flora strip was well set up by Logua leaving being Dudarev in a one-on-one, however could not find the successful tap-in.

On 60’ minutes, in the developments of a corner kick, Beglarishvili picked deliciously for Prosa whose attempt at Starodubtsev was walled by the goalkeeper.

It was just the prelude to Alliku’s 10th seasonal goal. Corner kick taken by Luigend towards the second post where the nr.19 is ready to tap in undisturbed. Rather lousy marking on set piece by Sillamäe. Flora managed to concretize a discrete pressure exerted close to the hour.

On 71’ minutes Flora had the great chance to make it 2-0, however Prosa header set up by Alliku did not hit the target.

The remaining twenty minutes were about Sillamäe trying to pull level, however all their attempts lacked aim, precision and purpose. It was quite evident that Frantsev’s side was in the red under the physical point of view.

After three minutes of injury time, Eiko Saar whistled the end after a satisfying direction and two yellow cards each shown.

Flora take back the top of the table whereas Sillamäe loses a place behind Infonet.

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Goals: 60. Rauno Alliku
Yellow cards: 64. Markus Jürgenson, 82. Albert Prosa - 39. Nikolay Mashichev, 56. Igor Cheminava
FC Flora (4-2-3-1): 33-Prins, 29-Rähn, 6-Mets, 16-Jürgenson, 22-Baranov, 10-Lepistu, 38-Luigend (87. 2-Post), 7-Beglarišvili, 9-Alliku, 99-Prosa (82. 14-Kase), 8-Logua (77. 20-Gussev).
Subs: 1-Karofeld, 17-Sobtšenko, 20-Gussev, 15-Junolainen, 11-Sappinen, 2-Post, 14-Kase.

JK Sillamäe Kalev (4-2-3-1): 1-Starodubtsev, 5-Cheminava, 26-Bagužis, 3-Dudarev, 4-Sidorenkov, 18-Tjapkin, 6-Vnukov, 33-Murikhin, 11-Mashichev, 10-Ratnikov (56. 17-Kvasov), 99-Kabaev (72. 9-Silich).
Subs: 16-Lavrentjev, 17-Kvasov, 9-Silich, 15-Volkov, 14-Novikov.

Game conditions: +21, sunny weather; pitch in very good conditions
Audience: 379
Match director: Eiko Saar
Assistants: Hannes Reinvald, Maikel Mikson
Fourth official: Neeme Neemlaid
Penalty box assistants: Kristo Tohver, Juri Frischer