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Matchday 4, Kalju-Flora 1-1: le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment

Teleś 8
Gigantic. He outdoes himself opposing Prosa and Logua one-on-one attempts. For the remainder, he is always very safe and confident in what he does. Considering Pareiko turned 37, we wonder if Pehrsson was impressed by him.

Śiśov 6
A lot of struggle against Logua first and Gussev later, good for him Prins has placed Prates in front and order Vunk to have a look around.

Bärengrub 6
In the aerial game he is always there, especially on the corner kicks. Half a point less for squandering a chance in front of Toom on set-piece situation.

Reintam 6,5
The entente with Bärengrub is growing game after game. He compels Prosa to roam around in order to receive a good ball.


Kallaste 6
A good offensive game with several interesting overlappings. He is probably mentally tired after the disciplined defensive work against Alliku and he lets Prosa go for the equalizer. It could have happened to anyone else, in his case he was probably also injured.

Reginald 6
A good performance stained with leaving 15 meters to Luigend to organize a perfect long ball for Prosa.

Vunk 6,5
On Flora’s goal he is in good position blocking the way to Lepistu and compelling the number 10 to release for Luigend.
A great game for the international under Magnus Pehrsson’s eyes.

Fabrio Prates 6
He is also very disciplined in limiting Aloe.  <- Mööl S.V. 
As Reginald, he is too far from Luigend on the goal’s situation

Wakui 7,5
He is the MOTM on field as Teleś plays his own game in the box. The goal was well prepared as the coldest poacher. The celebration will become famous.

Kimbaloula 6
A good first half followed by an opaque second one. Few good initiatives however, he was instructed to help Kallaste in controlling Alliku and he does it well.

Neemelo 7
He doesn’t score this time either, however the dirty work done for the midfield is priceless. Perfect assist for Wakui on a complicated long ball.

Prins 6,5
Probably Bärengrub is right in criticizing his choice of not doing any change earlier. However, tactically, he had prepared the game very well giving up to either Mööl or Toomet in order to keep more balance with Prates. Each and every task was assigned correctly and the result was that Flora could not develop their game as they wanted. If an injury-time goal would have not brought Flora the equalizer, he would have certainly won the game on the tactical chessboard.

Toom 6,5
Confident throughout the game. Kalju help him with rare shots on target. Confident in the air, cannot do anything when he finds himself in front of Wakui.

Jürgenson 5
Huge mistake on Wakui’s goal as he’s watching the ball and does not realize the Japanese Wizard is about to go. A few times has to let Kimbaloula go.

Mets 6,5
As usual elegant in his movements as he tries to come out of Flora’s half and find the right solution. A desperate attempt on Wakui without luck.

Rähn 6
Good duel with Neemelo. He does what he is expected to and the Bison has to roam elsewhere. Half a vote less as he lets Neemelo go on the goal situation. Why he did not shout his teammates to quickly leave the box? In the dying minutes of the game Hurt sends him in the box to fight on long balls and crosses.

Aloe 6
Fabio Prates is aimed at him to prevent his push. However, the nr.4 is willing not to be intimidated and fights fiercely on every ball. Great long ball for Prosa in first half. He seems restored after the Supercup.

Luigend 6,5
The perfect assist earns him an extra point as till that moment he suffered a lot from Wakui constant pressure. With Lepistu in a 4-2-3-1 he seems to be more at his ease.

Alliku 6
He is not as sharp as usual. Kallaste and Kimbaloula are doing a lot of work on that side to curb his attempts. He rarely manages to find the way to the goal but contributes in tiring Kalju’s resistance up. <- Kase 6 sent in for critical mass, manages to give some worry to Reintam when comes to aerial game.

Beglarashvili 6
A better second half as he grows with Flora’s overall performance growth. When moved trequartista in the 4-2-3-1 he immediately gives headaches.

Frolov 5
Last season, when squaring up with Levadia, he was suffering from Dmitrijev. Now, he suffers from Vunk. Definitely the Estonian internationals are not his favourite cup of tea.
<- Lepistu 6 Brings order in front of the defence with a suitable 4-2-3-1. Being more confident in the role, he gives help to Luigend.

Logua 6,5
One of the most lively in first half. He gets a surprising start and shows to deserve it. On the one-on-one situation he should have probably tried to shoot on the second post.
<- Gussev 6,5 He gives continuity to the job started by Logua and creates a lot of troubles to Śiśov.

Prosa 7,5
A lot of movement on all the forward line. He is showing that he can do that alone and well. 5 goals in 4 games with the header past Teleś worth a point. Shows Luigend where he has to put the ball.

Hurt 6,5
He could have made his life easier if he had opted for the 4-2-3-1 earlier before the resume. However, when he understands that Flora are not able to go through, he is flexible to change formation before it's too late. Ends the game with 4-2-4 and playing on long balls. Tiki-Taka is not a religion when you need to turn a game on its head or at least bring a point back home.