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Matchday 1, Kalju-Infonet 1-0: le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment

Nõmme Kalju FC

Teleś 7,5

Few saves needed but key ones. He saved the house twice from close distance on Lipin and Semakhin. He dominated the aerial game in the box showing the same confidence we admired in the second part of last season.

Śiśov 6
More concerned about defending than attacking as Harin brought danger from that side, he does his job overall well with no exploits though. Few times he tried to send a long ball in the box however with poor results in terms of precision.

Bärengrub 6,5
Great performance by the Kalju captain. He was very focused, especially in first half. In second half he made a couple of blunders however there were no relevant consequences. The entent with Reintam seems to work already as they switch positions a few times to allow Reintam to control the taller Martõnov.

Reintam 6,5
Great debut for the Estonian international who conceded nothing both to Manucho and Martõnov compelling them to drop back several times. Notwithstanding his negative experience in Finland, his addition to Kalju’s squad will certainly be important for the rest of the season.

Prates 6
Better in second half as he grows confidence playing alongside Reginald. Some mistakes in first half account for Infonet’s breaks and danger brought into the Kalju’s half. Not really sharp on set-pieces.

Reginald 7,5
Using a French word, ‘L’autorite’, the authority in the middle of the park. He made Nahk suffer and eventually disappear as Melts emotional return to Hiiu had not any impact. Great impact on the debut. He is both able to break the opposition initiative and start the build-up. Great physical work and great ideas when it’s needed to offload pressure. He helped Prates gaining confidence throughout the game. Only a great save by Igonen denied him the joy of his first goal in Premium Liiga. Definitely a better addition than Ceesay was.

Toomet 6
Unusually shy on the right flank, especially in first half. In second half, and when Infonet are one man light, he gained confidence. He suffers a bit being left between Elhi and Harin. Supported quite often by Karl Mööl dynamism. <– Papaz 6: good impact on the game bringing a couple of chances when Infonet is one man light.


Mööl 6
In first half he did not shine as we were used to see at FC Kuressaare. Contrary to when he was the star at the Vikings, at Kalju the ball goes quite often on the left flank. He is quite keen in moving from left to right to give support, especially to Toomet. His sprint compelled Avilov to a red-card last-man foul.

Kimbaloula 7,5
He produced, as usual, the most dangerous situations. He did not have too much space to shoot when travelling towards the box, however made Mones suffer a few times when freeing himself on the right flank. He served the assist to Neemelo for the winning goal. A bit nervous in some situations. The yellow card is probably the effect of the nerve-braking control from Mones.

Neemelo 8
With a three-point worth goal he is the man of the match for Kalju. However it was not only about that. ‘The Bison’ from Paide was tightly marked by Avilov however he was always able to grab the ball and make Kalju go up field. A lot of work with the midfield and the flanks always offering quick one-two’s and interchanges. His great physical work tires off the Infonet defence throughout the 90’ minutes. Net of injuries, Neemelo can still make the difference for Kalju.

Prins 6,5
He fielded Kalju in the best possible way however he is right in not being totally happy with his team performance. However, three points are three points and being ahead of his friend Kristal it is not a bad start. A good move to change Toomet with Papaz when Infonet are one man light. Notwithstanding the many changes to the squad (4/11 were new at start with Papaz and Järva bringing it to 6/11 in last part of the game) it seems that he has managed to put the pieces well together.

FC Infonet

Igonen 8

Man of the match for Infonet as offered countless saves that prevented the score too be larger for Kalju. The save on Reginald’s close range shot was pure class. Very confident when coming out of the box to close space and visual to Papaz and Kallaste. Solid performance.

Mones 5,5
He marked Kimbaloula tight for almost all the game however he had to give up to the French’s better skills on one-to-one situations. He is there Allan freed himself to cross for Neemelo header

Avilov 5,5
A positive first half and negative second half concluded earlier than time when Tohver showed him a righteous red card. The 18-year-old from Maardu resorts to a last-man foul without counting that Igonen can be effective upon exiting the box. Ingenuous mistake.

Semakhin 6
More positive than Avilov, probably because he has a lighter task having to occasionally drop to follow Mööl. A good chance in the box found a great save by Teleś

Elhi 6
If Toomet was less productive than usual, it was thanks to his work.

Lipin 6,5
One of the most positive of his sides bringing constantly danger to Kalju’s half on the break. He helps Mones pressuring Kimbaloula when the French collects the ball in Kalju’s half. A great chance denied by Teleś
<- Golovljov SV: sent in for the last assault.

Nahk 5
He initially suffered Kalju’s midfield dynamism to eventually surrender and disappear from the game. He did not have great chances to bring danger with shots from distance.

Melts 5
Probably emotions upon returning to his home stadium against his previous team took over and Tanel did not offer a convincing performance in the midfield as he did take initiative very little.

Harin 6,5
Counterpart of Lipin in the left-flank, compelled Śiśov on the watch for almost all the game. <- Malov 6: Puśtov sent him in to add experience to the young side. He replace Elhi as the left full-back was sent up front on right flank where Lipin left to replace Harin on the left. He contained Toomet well as Elhi did.

Manucho 5
One good chance in the final part of second half squandered. Reintam first and Bärengrub later deny him any chance to produce something remarkable.

Martõnov 5
A lot of physical work and keen in dropping down, however no remarkable chances produced. Obviously we should mention he was playing off position as he is a central midfielder.
<- Aidara 5: brought past the hour in by Puśtov, he’s got the only good chance on 90’ minutes when his shot well past the post. Too few.

Puśtov 5
The 49-year-old coach did not make any vital mistake in fielding his XI. Compelled to reshape the defence due to Kalimullin suspension, he also had to give up to Valov offensive skills as additional striker when in possession. Probably a too prudent attitude considering the quality his side possess as decides to start Martõnov rather than Aidara.