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Levadia-Flora 1-1, players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment


Few good saves kept the danger away from his goals. He has to work more than usual since Flora’s forward line is hot and spicy compared to the minnows visiting Kadriorg every now and then. Additionally, the Levadia’s defence is not any longer a fortress since a few matchdays. He understands where the penalty kick goes, however his generous stretch is not enough. The way he launches the counterattack in the dying seconds of the game is moving and belongs more to a futsal game than a 11-a-side kick-about. However it was the most intelligent think to do and did perfectly. If Toni Tipuric’s shot had not been saved by Prins, that was technically a flawless assist. When Rohtla misses on the rebound, he is desperately hitting his fists on the floor. Hero and Captain’s heart.

With Artur Pikk being the full-back pushing more, he is the one keeping the position more. However, once he realizes Logua is not in his best day, he allows himself a few runs compelling double-teaming from Flora’s midfield. In the distance Jürgenson was more effective than him.

If he scores the winner on the counterattack kicked by Śmiśko dressed like Neuer, he would get a 7. However the chance to wash the penalty mistake off was curbed by Prins’ save. Beglarishvili stuns him with his quick movements and he goes ‘all-in’ with a sliding tackle that finds Begla’s leg. A step back compared to the previous performances since he was signed.

Had he been the one causing the penalty, it would have been the icing on the cake of his negative period. Instead this derby might be the first sign of recovery as we could admire the usual Artjunin: solid and confident, also when the tall Post was placed in his surroundings to disturb him on the long balls. Comforting.

PIKK 6.5
He pushes a lot down the left flank thanks to the spaces created by El-Hussieny moving keenly through the lines. Reaches the bottom line several times giving an headache to the young Junolainen replacing Baranov out for inury before the half an hour. Several good cross sent in the box with Prins reading most of the times.

He was the best in the game against Infonet pushing his side to the comeback, however last night he did not leave his mark on the derby as he did some months ago in Sportland Arena. He is the first to leave the pitch for Heiko Tamm -> TAMM S.V.  about ten minutes of games, not enough to judge his performance.

A lot of work between Beglarishvili zone and Luigend one trying always to put his leg between one of them and any build-up attempt. A lot of quantity.

Not one of his best evenings. The midfield engine has not remarkably got into almost any of Levadia’s chances. Quite unusual for an effective player as he is. A good explanation might only be he is more concerned about defending than supporting the attacking build-up.

His wide position up on the left it’s another matter of concern for Junolainen and Alliku. The overlapping with Pikk works well. He picks up several passes for the front line with clinical precision. He also tries the finishing, however he is not lucky enough to find the way to the goal, always surrounded by the Flora double-teaming.

Works a lot to help Ivanov especially as the midfield pair is less supportive. Dirty job but someone has to do it.

He could have scored another one already in first half, however his opener on the game resume was a perfect start of the second half. He showed he can still score in important games -> ROHTLA S.V. he misses the tap-in for what would have been an epic winner and first Premium Liiga goal. We really feel bad at assigning him a (bad) rating for that. Few sleepless nights seeing that sequence over and over again will be already enough. Chin up boy!

The approach to the game is correct as he orders his side to start with an high tempo and don’t let Flora breath and have space for their deadly counters. When the heat and the fatigue kicks in, he is in very uneasy on the bench especially when he notices his side withdrawing in their half after the lead. Probably he could have changed formation on the run letting Penic in for Teever (no special guilt from the nr.11, however Ivanov had scored the goal) and placing El-Hussieny behind Ivanov in a 4-2-3-1 copycat of Flora. He sticks to 4-4-2 however there might be space for trying something else in the quest for the title.



A couple of saves that are as worth as goals. Probably the most important one is the one-on-one with Tipuric. He is lucky when Rohtla misses the tap-in and doesn’t ruin his hard work. A great performance from the goalkeeper formerly known as Pedõk.

Just 15 minutes circa before being subbed for injury. JUNOLAINEN 5.5 He tries to resist to Pikk-El Hussieny axis however it’s quite awkward for him and needs the help of double-teaming quite often. Probably he didn’t expect to play a full Tallinn Derby.

Always guiding the defense with experience and simplicity. The aerial dangers are almost all rebounded and when they aren’t, Prins is there in the back. He tries also the header in Levadia’s box on corner kick with no luck.

Few mistakes in the heat of the moment makes him appear unsecure. However, he is quite confident in stopping Subbotin several times when the Levadia nr. Tries to break in.

Up and down the flank like a piston. He has also time to take care of Subbotin after giving troubles to Podholjuzin. Great added value in a derby game. He is stone cold on the penalty that gives Flora the away point.

Not much into the game as the rest of the midfield however he compels Levadia’s men to commit foul when he tries the build-up on his own. Sometimes it’s enough like this.

He is growing game after game and offers a good performance in the most important one. He tries both the difficult play and doesn’t disdain the tackle when needed. He can become all-rounder midfielder for Flora in the near future.

He did not score or serve an assist but he was constant thorn on the right flank with his dynamism, pace and ability to go on one-on-one. The goal chance was just a pity since he went past the whole Levadia’s defense.

Less wits than usual, however a couple of spurts were enough to give troubles. His great merit is to earn a penalty in a position of the box where someone should not be fouled so easily. Cunning.

Not his best evening and Hurt understands it in second half when he sends in Sander Post to create mass up front. The multifunctional Prosa took his position. POST 6 -> he had to keep busy Artjunin and he did, however no real threat brought to Śmiśko.

Another dry derby for him after his late equalizer back in spring against Kalju. However he does a lot of movement helping his teammates to find precious spaces. On the left flank he is more consistent than Logua. GUSSEV S.V. -> little time to play for the Flora nr.20

He wanted a point, and he gets a point. Probably he imagined just an easy 0-0, however Flora gave up to play almost for all the first half. Only after Ivanov's opener, with Levadia withdrawing in their half, Flora comes forward. Not the attitude of a table leader. Against FC Infonet they need to make the game if they don't want to conced the thirs loss to Puśtov side. The speculative attitude might not always work.