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Matchday 9, Nõmme Kalju vs. Tammeka Tartu 6-0

Angelo PalmeriComment

With Flora and Sillamäe sharing the spoils on Saturday, it was the great chance for Kalju to jump on top and lead the table, something that did not happen since last Summer. Prins band did not miss it easily going past Tammeka at the debut in Kadriorg Park Stadium.

Igor Prins confirmed the same XI that got rid of Sillamäe last week meaning that Karl Mööl was maintained in his left-flank position with Kimbaloula moved on the right. Wakui behind Neemelo to bring danger to the Tartuensis defence protecting Kütt.

Koser could recover Anderson at the center of the defence, even if the 20-year-old midfielder adapted to centre-back was wearing a special mask to protect his face.

Prins opted for the 4-2-3-1 whereas Koser fielded Tammeka with 4-1-4-1

First corner of the game for Kalju on 8’, however nothing relevant from the developments with Tammeka trying a counterattack with Tiirik and Tauts, soon turned off by Kalju’s back line.

Set-piece situation on 10’ for Tammeka, very first attack brought to Kalju’s box, however Tiirik’s attempt is wide the post with Teleś just following the ball dying o verthe touchline.

Koser tried to find the best set-up as in the first ten minutes both Rääbis and Tauts switched position going from left to right and viceversa.

On Kalju’s side Kallaste as usual was the one coming up most on left flank overlapping with Mööl to give Tenno and Tauts most of the work. Kimbaloula was running the distance on the right flank.

On 15’ Allan went from left to right ball on foot and after a quick exchange with Kallaste, the left full back was bringing the ball into the box for Mööl whose control was unfortunate resulting in Tammeka’s clearing up.

On 18’ good offside call by Jaanus Mutli as Kimbaloula was beyond the Tammeka’s defence line in the very moment a long bal was thrown to the right side.

Another set-piece situation in favour of Tammeka occurred at 19’ as Tiirik sent a long ball in the box: Teleś was overwhelming in the air preventing Anderson to do anything dangerous.

On the developments of the throw, a long ball sent in the box is controlled by Neemelo. He tried to go past Kütt, but the Tammeka shot stopper was quick in catching the ball on the floor.

On 21’ Kimbaloula already started to put his sign on the game as he earned a free-kick from 25mt as compelled Lorenz to hold him. Tammeka’s captain was not the last man and Külljastinen opted for a yellow. Prates take was well off Kütt’s left post.

It’s just the prelude of what would have happened on 26’ when on another set-piece sent from the left side, Kallaste found the right deflection in the goal with a perfect header going over Kütt’s head. The Tammeka’s goalkeeper was not flawless in coming out of the box.

After the goal Prins switched side for Kimbaloula and Mööl bringing Allan back on the left side. Immediate the positive effects for that flank as the French sends a cross for Neemelo whose header was over the post for a matter of centimeters (30’).

On 32’ Kallaste overlapped Allan and put a good ball in the box for Neemelo whose control was not perfect. Kalju has already started increasing the pressure to bring the score to 2-0.

The ball is already in the air (circle) when Mööl is still behind Anderson. Lineman, Jaanus Mutli (square), is meters behind the line and flags the offside. In the first sequence, Anderson is out of visual field of the camera, which probably means was keeping Mööl onside.

On 33’ minutes Mööl scored after coming from behind, however, Muutli’s flag was already up. Offside? The replay doesn’t clarify, however the live footage would suggest Mööl was behind the line at the moment of the pass.

It was just a matter of time as Mööl, on 35’ minutes sent a ball in for Neemelo. Great towering work by the ‘Bison’ serving Wakui free to head it past Kütt. On the goal situation, a small injury occurred to Jürgen Lorenz compelled the Tammeka defender to receive cures and re-enter the pitch from the midfield line.

Chance for Bärengrub on corner kick on 38’, however the Kalju’s former captain volley shot from the right side of the box went past the further post.

It took three more minutes for Wakui to score a brace served in the box by Neemelo. Here was all Neemelo hard work as he went to fight for ball until the bottom line against Naggel. The Tammeka nr.16 surrendered to the ‘Bison’ overwhelming physical strength and the nr.99 could go undisturbed  along the line to pass to Wakui at his 5th seasonal goal.

In second half Koser tried a bit of makeover bringing in Valtna for Rääbis and placing the veteran as lonely striker in front with Tiirik on the left flank. Marku Jõgi replaced Paju. The other Jõgi accounted for first Tammeka’s attempt on target, howeve the shot was neutralized by Teleś (53’)

On 57’ minutes Kimbaloula tried to score his 4th seasonal goal as his take on set-piece is a rocket Kütt can only deflect into corner to avoid the worst.

A great brace for Wakui in Kadriorg (RdS)

A great brace for Wakui in Kadriorg (RdS)

Three minutes later it’s just incredible how first Neemelo and then Kimbaloula squandered a chance each to bring the score to 4-0 as they both missed an easy goal from close distance.

Tammeka’s second attempt on target was on 66’ as Valtna tried to catch Teleś unprepared. Very unlikely as the less-beaten goalkeeper of the Premium Liiga covered well his right post.

Kütt redeemed himself after the first-half blunder as he denied Wakui a hattrick (73’). The Japanese Wizard found himself with the ball as Anderson missed the control in a very clumsy way. The sharp dribbling didn’t put off the young goalkeeper who had a great reaction in opposing himself to Wakui’s shot.
One minute later, another great save on Kallaste’s shot from distance.

There was also glory for Jevdokimov who, soon after replacing Mööl, scored the 4-0 tapping in a cross by Kallaste (78’).

Notwithstanding the gap, Tammeka was close to score the 4-1 (79’) however, on the developments of another free-kick for the white-blues, they hit the further post. It was the third attempt on target.

Neemelo missed only to score a goal to crown a great and generous performance (RdS)

Neemelo missed only to score a goal to crown a great and generous performance (RdS)

Instead, it was Kalju to round it up to 5-0 when a free-kick inside the box was granted by Külljastinen for what seemed like a back pass to the referee. Looking at the replay, it seems more like Tammeka’s defender trying to control the ball with both feet and Kütt just popping in to collect. Probably a pedant decision by the Estonian referee at his 17th game.

The cherry on top came from Robert Kirss (Kirss means cherry in Estonian…) with a perfect drive from right side going past Kütt: a great volley shot by the U-21 talent.

Kalju supremacy was never in doubt during the 90’.
Prins side allowed Tammeka to play a bit at the start of the second period, however Kalju was playing cat and mouse with Tammeka.

In the upcoming weekend, Kalju will pay back the visit in Tamme stadium as tableleader. Can they increase the advantage with Flora and Levadia travelling east?